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Introducing GravityView + Extensions: Enhance GravityView with our premium Extensions

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What’s included in GravityView + Extensions?

GravityView + Extensions includes GravityView plus premium Extensions

Multiple Forms

Display entries across multiple forms. Connect multiple forms where field values match.

Ratings & Reviews

Allow visitors to rate, review & comment on your Gravity Forms entries.

A-Z Filers

Make it easy for users to view entries using a list of links from A-Z.

Features Entries

Highlight entries in your View by adding Featured Entries.

Social Sharing & SEO

Add social sharing buttons to Views and boost your SEO.

Advanced Filters

Gain finer control over which entries are displayed in a View.

Start Building with GravityView + Extensions

Hear from our existing customers

GravityView is trusted by web agencies, freelancers, developers, nonprofits, educational institutions, and other WordPress users

It’s very easy to get started with GravityView, and it’s really powerful for displaying data in a variety of ways. I haven’t needed support often, but when I did, GravityKit support professionals were responsive and very helpful.


Jeff Price

Marketing Director, JAXPORT

GravityView has also evolved. In the short time I’ve been using it, it just keeps getting better at a very rapid rate. Like I said, I can’t imagine not using GravityView on a WordPress site that collects any amount of data at all.

Dan Muhlenkamp, founder of Arena Success Group

Dan Muhlenkamp

Founder, Arena Success Group

GravityView is the most impressive plugin we’ve used by a long margin — we would recommend it without hesitation. This couldn’t be more genuine — any new website we build in the future, GravityView will be our go-to.


Emily Moore

Head of Production, Dragonfly Productions

I think there are a lot of mid-sized companies that don’t have a huge amount of IT resources or don’t have a need for an enterprise-level SaaS. In this case, GravityView is the perfect solution as it provides complete flexibility and total control over the data.

Nicolas Johansson, Digital Manager at Pieroth

Nicolas Johansson

Digital Manager, Pieroth

GravityView is saving us so many hours of development time! It’s tremendously worth the price.

Michael Kastler, Founder of 43Folders Technology Solutions

Michael Kastler

Founder, 43Folders Technology Solutions

GravityView is affordable, with great customer service. The plugin is also constantly improving. I am in awe of how easy it was to create a fully functioning system at the fraction of the cost of other SIS systems (Student Information Systems) on the market.

Rochelle Victor, web developer

Rochelle Victor

Web developer

Frequently asked questions

About GravityView + Extensions

What’s the difference between GravityView + Extensions and GravityView Pro?

GravityView Pro includes GravityView plus Extensions and Layouts. GravityView + Extensions does not include Layouts. If you want access to the Maps, DataTables or DIY Layouts, you will need GravityView Pro.

I have a GravityView license. Can I upgrade to GravityView + Extensions?

Yes, you can. However, you may want to look into GravityView Pro instead, which offers access to premium Layouts as well. If you only want Extensions, not Layouts, feel free to upgrade to this tier. To upgrade your license, ensure you’re logged in, then click the “Start Building with GravityView + Extensions” button on this page.

What’s the difference between Extensions and Layouts?

An “Extension” is a plugin that adds additional features to GravityView. For example, our Ratings & Reviews extension allows you to comment on and rate entries in a View. A “Layout” is a template for displaying your form entries on the front end. For example, the Maps layout allows you to display entries as markers on a Google Map.

I’m a developer. Can I add my own HTML/CSS/JS code?

You bet! Views include a settings panel for adding custom CSS/JS code.

Can I restrict entries to those created by the logged-in user?

Yes. You can accomplish this using the Advanced Filtering Extension.

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Enhance GravityView’s core capabilities

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The Gravity Forms Certified add-on badge, showing that GravityView is a Gravity Forms Certified add-on
100% money back guarantee