• Billed once per year until cancelled

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

Start building powerful web apps using Gravity Forms

GravityView takes the power and versatility of Gravity Forms and adds a customizable front end interface on top. Now you have a complete solution for building versatile web apps and information systems on WordPress. No code required.

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Gain the flexibility to build diverse applications

GravityView allows you to display, edit, export, search and filter Gravity Forms entries on the front end of your website; build dynamic, front-end applications (like directories or personal profiles) using data collected via Gravity Forms.

Get your app up and running in minutes!

GravityView’s drag and drop View builder is intuitive and easy to use. GravityView includes preset layout options and templates, allowing you to display your Gravity Forms data in a variety of ways. Build anything from smart spreadsheets to business directories.

Save time by editing entries on the front end

GravityView allows users to edit their own entries from the front end. You control which fields are editable. This powerful feature makes it easy to build membership sites or directories where users have the ability to update their own profiles. When users edit entries, you can choose to re-approve them first.

Collect data with Gravity Forms.
Bring it to life with GravityView.

Create directories, databases, job boards, anything!

Save time and money

Build sophisticated apps and websites without the need for custom development. GravityView is a reliable tool that integrates seamlessly with other WordPress plugins.

Make your clients happy

GravityView makes it easy to create tailor-made solutions that are easy to maintain, such as directory websites and information systems.

Streamline operations

GravityView accelerates the development process so you can spend your valuable time innovating, instead of bug fixing. Start your projects off on the right foot with this powerful framework.

No-code web apps

Don’t know how to code? No problem. You can take advantage of GravityView’s jaw-dropping functionality using the simple drag and drop interface.

Developer friendly

Don’t let the words “no-code” put you off if you’re a developer! GravityView includes hundreds of actions and filters for you to tap into—easily modify or override anything, including template files. 

Full control over the data

Easily edit, search for, filter, and delete submissions from the front end. You can also export View entries to CSV files.

Chris Badgett, founder of LifterLMS

Enhance GravityView with our powerful extensions.

GravityView Pro includes additional layouts and extensions, giving you more tools to create customized web applications and interfaces.

Maps Layout

Integrate your apps with Google Maps and build powerful geolocation directories similar to Zillow or Yelp.

DataTables Layout

Display Gravity Forms data in a live-updating table with extended sorting, filtering and exporting capabilities.

DIY Layout

Build your own layouts using HTML and CSS; you have full control over how your entries are displayed on the front end.

Multiple Forms

Display entries across multiple forms. Join data from multiple forms where field values match.

Ratings & Reviews

Allow visitors to rate, review & comment on your Gravity Forms entries.

Advanced Filtering

Apply advanced conditional logic filters to your Views; show data based on user role, and much more.

Highlight entries in a View by adding Featured Entries.

Social Sharing & SEO

Allow visitors to rate, review & comment on your Gravity Forms entries.

A-Z Filters

Make it easy for users to view entries using a list of links from A-Z.

Built with GravityView.

GravityView is trusted by thousands of organizations and website builders all over the world. GravityView powers membership sites, directories, user-generated content displays, and other form-based applications.

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You’re in good company.

GravityView is trusted by developers, nonprofits, web agencies, and other WordPress users.

It’s very easy to get started with GravityView, and it’s really powerful for displaying data in a variety of ways. I haven’t needed support often, but when I did, GravityKit support professionals were responsive and very helpful.

Jeff Price

Marketing Director, JAXPORT

In the short time I’ve been using GravityView, it just keeps getting better at a very rapid rate… I can’t imagine not using GravityView on a WordPress site that collects any amount of data at all.

Dan Muhlenkamp, founder of Arena Success Group

Dan Muhlenkamp

Founder, Arena Success Group

GravityView is a lifesaver for many of us creating membership/subscription sites that run off Gravity Forms. GravityView enables you to not only get form submits, but also display them on the front end for your members to see.

John Doherty


There are a lot of mid-sized companies that don’t have a huge amount of IT resources or don’t have a need for an enterprise-level SaaS. In this case, GravityView is the perfect solution as it provides complete flexibility and total control over the data.

Nicolas Johansson, Digital Manager at Pieroth

Nicolas Johansson

Digital Manager, Pieroth

GravityView is saving us so many hours of development time! It’s tremendously worth the price.

Michael Kastler, Founder of 43Folders Technology Solutions

Michael Kastler

Founder, 43Folders Technology Solutions

GravityView is affordable, with great customer service. The plugin is also constantly improving. I am in awe of how easy it was to create a fully functioning system at the fraction of the cost of other SIS systems (Student Information Systems) on the market.

Rochelle Victor, web developer

Rochelle Victor

Web developer

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Get the full Kit

Our full kit of essential tools for extending and enhancing Gravity Forms. Get the most bang for your buck with our most value-packed bundle!

Still have questions?

Here are a few common questions that help explain what is possible with the GravityView plugin.

Can you edit entries directly on the front end?

Yep! Designated users can edit or delete entries directly from the front end, without having to log in to the back end of your WordPress site.

Can I allow users to edit entries that they create?

Yes, GravityView gives you the option to allow logged-in users to edit entries they created. Administrators are able to edit entries regardless of this setting.

Can I approve entries before they show up on the site?

Yes, GravityView gives you the option to hold new entries for approval before they are displayed.

Can I limit entries to those created by the currently logged-in user?

Yes, this functionality is possible by using our Advanced Filtering extension, included with GravityView Pro.

Can I display my own, custom content alongside form entry content?

You bet! You can add custom content in the form of shortcodes, HTML, Gravity Forms merge tags, and more.

Can I use different layouts for multiple and single entries?

Yes. GravityView enables you to select different View types (layout presets) for multiple and single entries. This gives you a lot of flexibility when designing and building web applications.

Can you display entries with audio, video, or photos?

You can display any type of content that you like.

Does GravityView integrate with other Gravity Forms add-ons?

Yes! GravityView integrates with a range of popular Gravity Forms add-ons including Gravity PDF, Gravity Flow, and GP Nested Forms by Gravity Wiz.

Are Views responsive on mobile devices?

Yes. GravityView View layouts look great on any screen size.

Does GravityView work with workflows made with Gravity Flow?

It depends on what you’re trying to do. We always recommend our users talk to our friends over at Gravity Flow first to make sure GravityView will integrate nicely with their workflow setup. You can also check out our guides and tutorials to see what’s possible with Gravity Flow.

Can I display multiple Views on the same page?

Yes, you can! You can embed Views on a post or page using a shortcode or Gutenberg block.

Does GravityView work with WooCommerce?

GravityView has no direct integration with WooCommerce but the two plugins shouldn’t interfere with one another either. If you have a particular question about GravityView and WooCommerce please contact us directly and we’ll be happy to answer!

Is GravityView compatible with WordPress Multisite?

Yes! GravityView works flawlessly on multisite installations, whether the plugin is network-activated or site-activated.

Can I use GravityView to edit posts created using Gravity Forms?

Using GravityView’s Edit Entry Layout, you can edit posts created using Gravity Forms Post fields. However, you cannot edit posts created using the Gravity Forms Advanced Post Creation Add-On (yet). Read more about editing posts and custom post types in GravityView.

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Accomplish more with Gravity Forms, today

The Gravity Forms Certified add-on badge, showing that GravityView is a Gravity Forms Certified add-on
100% money back guarantee
  • Billed once per year until cancelled

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

  • Billed once per year until cancelled