Is GravityView for You?

We've got you covered.

It doesn't matter if you're a state university, a boutique marketing agency, or simply an individual developer - GravityView can solve your problem.

Schools, Universities, and Other Educational Institutions

With GravityView, you can build powerful applications for your students and staff. Dozens of educational institutions use our plugin every day.

  • Submit and display feedback
  • Create directories for academic advisors, students, and faculty
  • Create annual reports for university boards
  • Manage accreditations and licenses
  • Connect students and professors with research projects
  • Manage admissions for potential students
  • Manage job applications and feedback for potential employees
  • And hundreds of other use-cases!
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Gravity Forms and GravityViewย let you easily create powerful applications for your nonprofit with a drag-and-drop interface. No coding knowledge is required!

  • Keep track of staff, volunteers, donors, and board members
  • List and filter donations by amount, date, and other parameters
  • Manage fundraising campaigns
  • Edit and delete entries directly from the front end of your website
  • Only show entries within certain dates, like "This Week" or "This Month"
  • Plus, many more features!
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