GravityView is for Education

Are you a primary or secondary school, language school, college, university, or other educational institution? Looking for an easy solution to display and modify form submissions and entries? GravityView can help!

What Can GravityView Do?

  • Create staff and student directories
  • Manage student applications
  • Manage faculty and staff applications
  • Create student profiles
  • Connect researchers with students
  • Receive and display feedback
  • Create internship and job boards
  • Manage donations and alumni databases
  • Easily create custom applications via a drag-and-drop interface

Questions or Concerns?

Let us know! We'd be glad to help.

Who Uses GravityView?

Dozens of Schools and Universities Use GravityView Everyday

GravityView is used by an ever-growing list of universities, secondary schools, and other educational institutions for a variety of purposes. Needless to say, you're in good company.

Curious how they use the plugin? Check out our two university case studies. The first explores how New Mexico State University uses GravityView for nearly 10 different applications. In the second, we examine how the Indiana University School of Medicine uses GravityView.


Benefits and Features

No Technical Skills or Programming Knowledge Required

GravityView doesn’t require any coding knowledge. Rest assured: you won’t have to write a single line of code. Everything is as simple as point-and-click!

Easy-to-Use Interface

Everything in GravityView is simple and straightforward. You won’t need a training seminar to use it!

GravityView is in Your Language

GravityView is available in English and 12 other languages: Turkish, Bengali, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Hungarian, Portuguese, Bosnian, Iranian, Canadian French, and Romanian.

Don’t see your language? The plugin is set up and ready for you to translate it to your local language. No matter where your university or school is located, we’ve got you covered.

Easily Scalable

Is your school or university growing quickly? Not to worry - we're future-proof. GravityView runs on top of Gravity Forms, which can easily handle enterprise-grade tasks.

Safety and Reliability

GravityView is built in WordPress, the most popular software for creating websites. Over 60 million people (30% of the web) use WordPress - that means you’re in good company.


No External Software Required

You don’t need to set up a new website or install a new software package on your university network. Simply upload the Gravity Forms and GravityView plugins to your WordPress website and you’re good to go!

Easily-Exportable Data 

Don’t get locked into a third-party’s obscure file format. Gravity Forms exports all data to CSV files, which are easily opened in any spreadsheet software program (Excel, Numbers, Google Sheets, etc.)

30-Day Refund Guarantee

Not sure if GravityView is for you? Not to worry - we have a 30-day, no questions-asked refund policy.

Fewer than 1% of our customers request a refund, but when they do, we make it easy.

Directly Import Your Form / Database Entries into Gravity Forms and GravityView

With our Import Entries plugin, you can directly export and import your Entries, no matter what the content is: student scores, alumni records, faculty salaries, and more. You can import both CSV and TSV file types.

Privacy Legislation and GDPR-Friendly

In the EU? GravityView is optimized to meet all legal requirements. Check out our guide on the topic.


One Software Program with Endless Functionality

In a time of shrinking budgets, having one piece of software managing everything can save your organization thousands per year.


Awesome Support

We’re here, we’re real, and we’re nice. The GravityView team is passionate about maintaining our plugin and we love our customers.

What Can You Build with GravityView?

Need something specific for your university or school? With GravityView, you can easily create powerful applications via our drag-and-drop interface. No matter what your needs are, we've got you covered.

Staff and Student Directories

Want to create a directory of your staff or students? In GravityView, it’s easy.

Student Directory

Check out our guide to building your own student database.

  • Let staff and students submit and modify their own data.
  • Already have a directory file? Not to worry. Importing it into Gravity Forms and GravityView is super simple with our Import Entries plugin. You can import CSV or TSV files in ten seconds, flat.
  • Make your directory public, private, or limited to certain WordPress user roles.
  • Want to have your directory automatically display current students while hiding former students? Not a problem. You can display or hide entries depending on relative dates, like “from one year ago to today.”
  • Easily alphabetize directories from A to Z (or Z to A).
  • Modify directory entries directly from the front end of the website, without logging in to the back end. Need to edit a large number of directory submissions at one time? Easy-peasy. With our Inline Edit plugin, you can edit entries directly without having to open each one individually
  • Filter and display your students by name, class year, graduation date, or any other field.
  • Approve or deny submitted student directory entries before they’re published.
  • Display names, photos, and any other form field from GravityView.
  • Use conditional logic to display particular staff or student directory entries in certain situations.

Easy Admissions: Manage Student Applications

Build your own Applicant Management System with our guide.

Are you an admissions department? Looking for an easy way to manage applications for future students? In GravityView, it’s incredibly straightforward.

  • Let students submit their application details, including text fields, external files, images, and more.
  • Already have a large number of student application files? No problem. Importing them into Gravity Forms and GravityView is super simple with our Import Entries plugin. You can import CSV files in ten seconds, flat.
  • Customize Views to only display applications or candidates according to relative dates and times, like “Submitted before this date” or “Completed after this date”.
  • Display applications or candidates on the front end of a (public or private) WordPress site, allowing administrators and decision-makers to comment on or modify application fields without having to log into the back end of a website.
  • Approve or deny applications or candidates directly from the front end of the website, without having to log in to the back end.
  • Filter submitted applications by name, date, age, test score results or any other field.
  • Use conditional logic to only display applications or candidates that meet certain requirements, like test scores, submission date, address, or other fields.
Submit application

Easy Hiring: Manage Faculty and Staff Applications

Need an easy way to manage potential faculty and staff job applications? GravityView has you covered. Build your own Applicant Management System with our guide.

View Application
  • Let applicants directly submit their resume, C.V., job history or other documents and information.
  • Easily mark high-interest or promising job applicants with a star using our Featured Entries add-on.
  • Approve or deny applications with one-click, directly from the front end.
  • Filter submitted applications by name, date, age, test score results or any other field.
  • Use conditional logic to only display applications that meet certain requirements, like job experience, submission date, educational level, and more.
Faculty Application
Match Branding

Match Your Brand Colors and Design

Need your View to match the branding of your school or university? Easy-peasy.

  • Easily apply any CSS styles to Views
  • Add custom widget blocks that include your organization’s logo
  • Only allow access to a View when it is embedded on a WordPress page

Manage Student Profiles

Want to manage student profiles and objectives? Not a problem! You can easily create and view profiles in a variety of layouts.

Student Profile
  • Easily display names, photos, grades, locker numbers, class schedules, and other fields.
  • Allow only certain users to modify student profiles.
  • Display entries on the front-end of a (private) WordPress site, allowing administrators and decision-makers to comment on or modify student profiles without having to log into the back end of a website.
  • Use conditional logic to only display student profiles that meet certain requirements, like test scores, addresses, phone numbers, and more.


Looking for an easy way to let students give feedback on teachers or professors? Or a way for community members to offer feedback to the organization directly? There are many ways to manage feedback with GravityView. We even have a step-by-step guide for building your own.

  • Allow users to submit their feedback anonymously.
  • Only display feedback submissions for particular teachers or professors
  • Display feedback submissions publicly or privately.
  • Add ratings and reviews directly to Entries with our Ratings and Reviews add-on.
  • Add comments directly to feedback submissions.

University Internship and Job Boards

Does your university department have a website highlighting job opportunities and internships for students?

In GravityView, you can display job listings and internship opportunities in a variety of ways. Allow applicants to directly submit their resumes and other information to employers and/or other stakeholders.

Job Board
Job Details
  • Filter jobs and internships by experience required, salary, student level, and more.
  • Allow employers to directly submit and edit their job and internship postings with links, images, text, and other information.
  • Allow employers to pay more for a “Featured” display with our Featured Entries add-on.
  • Automatically hide or display job / internship postings after a specific period of time, like “one week ago” or “posted in the last 30 days.”
  • Add detailed search options, including university year, skills required, start date, income, and more.

Clubs and Other Student Organizations

Need a way for your students to manage their clubs and other organizations? GravityView makes it easy.

  • Allow club leaders to view and edit their member lists directly from the front end of the website.
  • Let club members edit and delete their own information.
  • Easily add images, videos, and other content.
  • Display club events and office locations on a map with our Maps Premium View.

Manage Donations

In GravityView, you can easily organize all donations from alumni and other donors.

  • Categorize and display donations by donor, donation amount, submission date, or other fields.
  • Hide or display donations based on time frames like “2018” or “last month”.
  • Let donors log in and view their own donation history.
  • Easily search through all donations with powerful filters.

Alumni Database

Want to build an alumni database that allows users to connect with each other? It's as simple as one-two-three in GravityView.

  • Easily create a database of alumni, organized by graduation year, degree type, or other category.
  • Allow alumni to submit and modify their own information, including email, current location, employment, etc.
  • Display and categorize alumni by graduation date, major, school, or other fields.

Connect Researchers with Students

Are you looking for an easy way to connect researchers with students? In GravityView, it’s easy!

  • Filter research opportunities by academic field, experience required, income, or other fields.
  • Allow researchers to submit and modify their own research opportunities.
  • Allow students to view research opportunities.
  • Automatically hide or display research opportunities based on relative dates, like “one week ago” or “for the next month”.