The GravityKit Team

Who we are, and about our star spokesperson.

Zack Katz

Zack Katz

Project Lead and Developer

Zack has been developing WordPress plugins since 2008 and has been a huge Gravity Forms fan from the start. Zack is co-owner of GravityKit and he lives with his wife in Leverett, Massachusetts. He can’t wait for the next episode of ATP or The Flop House.

Juniper Katz

Juniper Katz

Co-Owner & Strategic Advisor

Juniper provides operational and planning support to GravityKit in her capacity as co-owner of the company and spouse to Zack.

Rafael Ehlers

Rafael Ehlers

Project Manager, Support Lead & Customer Advocate

Rafael helps guide GravityKit development priorities and keep us on track. He’s also the face of our customer support and helps customers get the most out of the product. Rafael lives in Balneário Camboriú, Brazil.

Vlad K

Vlad K.

Head of Development

Vlad is GravityKit’s lead developer. Known for his versatility, Vlad handles both front-end and back-end programming, as well as testing and DevOps. He lives in Ottawa, Canada, and frequently travels the world in pursuit of unique experiences that fuel his creativity and broaden his worldview.

Rafael Benneman

Rafael Benneman

Support Specialist

Rafael dedicated most of his adult life to helping people and companies take their ideas to the web, first as a developer and now as a Customer Advocate at GravityKit. He will do his best to help you too, all the while sipping a Spritz Veneziano in Northern Italy, where he currently lives with his family.

Casey B

Casey Burridge

Marketing Coordinator

Casey is the Marketing Coordinator at GravityKit. He’s been a WordPress lover ever since launching his first blog more than 8 years ago. Casey is from South Africa, but enjoys travelling and has spent time in the UK, China, the Philippines, and Bali.

Doeke Norg

Senior Developer

With almost 20 years of experience in PHP; there are few things Doeke doesn’t know about our favourite programming language. He lives with his family in The Netherlands, and spends his time designing elaborate; but maintainable code. He also writes a blog about software design in PHP.


Chief Astronaut

Floaty is our company mascot. Floaty serves to remind us of our core company values: respect and love one another; treat each other fairly; care for the world and each other.