Brand Guidelines

How to use the GravityView name and logo

Questions about using our name, logo, or other aspect of our brand? You’ll probably find your answer below.

Table of Contents

Brand Colors

All media material should use our brand colors:


In certain circumstances, other colors may be used, but please ask us first.

Brand Tone

The tone of GravityKit is always friendly and informal. We’re a small, bootstrapped startup. We’re friendly, personable, and easy to talk to. We aren’t a giant faceless corporation (nor do we want to be one!)

Domain Name

Our website is

Gravity Forms and GravityKit

GravityKit is a Gravity Forms Certified Developer. We are a separate company and are not affiliated with Gravity Forms in any way.

When writing the names of both companies, remember that Gravity Forms has a space between the words, while GravityKit has no space.

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Rules for using our logo:

  • Do not recreate the logo using a different font.
  • The logo should always include our mascot, Floaty.
  • In rare occasions (e.g. on a dark background), the logo font color can be white. Otherwise, it should always be black.

Please do not:

  • Use images or content from our website without permission
  • Alter or modify the designs or colors of our logo or Floaty
  • Display our logo in way that implies a partnership or approval of your product or website

When embedding the logo in a page, it should have padding around it equal or greater than the width of the lowercase “v” in the GravityKit logo.

Floaty, our mascot.

Our Mascot, Floaty

Floaty is our lovable astronaut mascot. When he asked to be our mascot, he gave us permission to use his likeness. If you would also like to use Floaty on your site to promote GravityKit (separate from the logo), please contact us for approval. We’ll ask Floaty and get back to you.

Spelling GravityKit

GravityKit is spelled as one word with no spaces. The “G” and the “K” are always capitalized.


  • GravityKit ✅


  • Gravity Kit ⛔️
  • gravitykit ⛔️
  • Gravitykit ⛔️
  • gravityKit ⛔️


Please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns!