Gravity Forms Entry Tags

Enhance your forms with tag fields

What Post Tags are to Posts, Entry Tags are to entries: easily label and group entries using labels you define.

With this innovative form field type, you can easily create dynamic tag lists, empowering your users to make selections that are both visually appealing and interactive.

Unlock new possibilities for your users

The Gravity Forms Entry Tags field is a perfect fit for product order forms, bug report forms, and user-generated content platforms, where users can tag their submissions. The possibilities are endless.

Clickable tags in the Gravity Forms Entries screen.

Easily navigate Gravity Forms entries in the Dashboard

Filtering entries based on tags is as simple as clicking on a tag inside the Entries screen of Gravity Forms.

Tags integrate with GravityView for precision filtering

The Entry Tags field integrates with GravityView retaining the same styles on the front end. When you click on a tag, your View instantly filters to display entries associated with that tag.

Tags added by the Entry Tags field inside a View

Frequently asked questions

About Gravity Forms Entry Tags

I don’t have a GravityKit license. Can I still use Entry Tags?

Yes! The Gravity Forms Entry Tags plugin is completely free.

Is this the same as the “Tags” field under “Post Fields”?

No! Our Entry Tags field is for adding tags to regular form submissions (entries). The Gravity Forms Tags field adds tags that are associated with WordPress posts.

Context: Under “Post Fields” in the form field selector there is also a “Tags” field type. However, this can only be used for adding tags to WordPress posts created from your form submissions. By adding any “Post Fields”, submitting a form creates a WordPress post when your form is submitted.

Can I color-code tags?

Yes. When you add the Entry Tags field to your form, you’ll be able to edit the choices and set the colors however you want.