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Build powerful applications with Gravity Forms and GravityView.

A powerful, flexible combination.

Gravity Forms and GravityView are WordPress plugins that allow to you quickly build powerful applications without starting from scratch.

Save hours of development time and create complex websites and other tools directly in WordPress.

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What can you build? Anything and everything.

Not sure if GravityView can solve your problem?

GravityView is a great fit for most projects, but not all!

Schedule a free consultation call and we’ll give you an honest assessment and help walk through the project.

Benefits and features.

  • Quickly build powerful applications. Don’t waste time building everything completely from scratch.
  • Avoid costly maintenance work. Let clients update and customize their own applications via a drag-and-drop interface. No coding required.
  • Build your own layouts in CSS with our DIY Layout.
  • Hundreds of developer hooks.

Extras included.

Included in our All Access plan are numerous extra add-ons, extensions, layouts, and plugins.

Edit your entries directly from the view en masse, rather than individually, one-by-one.

Display entries in a Map View, where entries are displayed as “pins” on a map, like on Also, add map widgets and fields to all GravityView layouts.

Do math with your form data. Calculate totals, perform complex functions, and more.

Use CSS to build layouts with minimal effort. Ideal for designers and developers.

Bulk import your CSV spreadsheet into Gravity Forms and GravityView in minutes.

See a list of changes made to an entry, and easily revert the changes that were made. Track changes for Gravity Forms entries.

For developers...

GravityView is used everyday by thousands of designers and developers at startups, consulting firms, universities, and other organizations.

New Mexico State University

Once I noticed that we could do everything we were looking to do, get support for the product, and get access to additional add-ons, like the Import Entries add-on, I was sold…

…[after] we had GravityView we realized how many situations existed where we could use it to solve problems. It all started with our need to collect and share feedback about our activities and initiatives.”

Adam Cavotta, Senior University Training Specialist
New Mexico State University

Read more about how NMSU uses GravityView in our case study.

WayLay Design


…we were pleasantly surprised at its flexibility and the way [GravityView] allows both tech savvy and non-tech savvy users to create custom interfaces for different groups of people using conditional logic.

Overall, we have been very pleased with GravityView, and there is definitely no other plugin like it. We also appreciate the fantastic support we’ve gotten with our quirky little requests during our build. This project has been a lot of fun for us, and we look forward to building more with Gravity Forms and GravityView in the future!

Wayne and Selina Latham
Waylay Design

Read more about how Wayne and Selina use GravityView in our case study. developers.

GravityView is designed, developed and supported by a small team of dedicated developers.

Zack Katz

Zack Katz, Project Lead and Developer

Vlad K.

Vlad K., Core Developer