Display Gravity Forms data on your website.

Build simple directories or powerful applications using your form entries. No programming required.

From smart spreadsheets to staff profiles, GravityView lets you build just about anything.  Display, modify, and use your Gravity Forms entries on a regular WordPress page.

GravityView is a code-free solution that’s 100% developer-friendly.

GravityView is the most impressive plugin we’ve used by a long margin — we would recommend it without hesitation. This couldn’t be more genuine — any new website we build in the future, GravityView will be our go-to.

- Dragonfly, video production company, London

How does GravityView display
Gravity Forms entries?

1. Create a form.

First, create a form with Gravity Forms, the best forms plugin for WordPress.

Add fields to the form and embed it on your website.


Create a new form
View Entries

2. Gather data.

Then, fill out the form. Your data will be stored on the back end of your website, inside the Gravity Forms plugin.

What if you want to display your data on the front end of your site? That's where GravityView comes in.

3. Design your layout.

Create your perfect layout using a drag-and-drop interface.

Choose which fields to include and where to display them. No coding required!

Drag and drop
Messy Church Map

4. Add it to your site.

Finally, embed and display your data on the front end of your website. You can view or edit entries without having to go through the WordPress menu.

It's that easy!

Who uses GravityView?

"We were pleasantly surprised at GravityView's flexibility and the way it allows both tech savvy and non-tech savvy users to create custom interfaces for different groups of people using conditional logic."

Wayne and Selina Latham, WayLay Design

"Once I noticed that we could do everything we were looking to do, get support for the product, and get access to additional add-ons, like the Import Entries add-on, I was sold. It took little convincing to get the funds for our office to pay for it given the importance of the task and the timeline."

Adam Cavotta, New Mexico State University

"Using GravityView has saved us a huge amount of time — and money — both from a development point of view, and in terms of our day-to-day operations."

Dragonfly, Video Production Company

“GravityView was clearly the best option for displaying Gravity Forms entries, especially when we needed to start sorting and filtering them. We love that it's possible for individual members to edit their entry for the directory form/membership info.”

Bet Hannon, Bet Hannon Business Websites

“The minute I installed the plugin I was sold, it was so intuitive and easy to use.”

Matt Power, RateHotelBeds.com

Hearts on Fire
WayLay Design
Indiana University
Bet Hannon Business Websites
New Mexico State University logo
New Mexico State University
Messy Church
Nevada Film Office

What types of functionality can you build with GravityView?

GravityView is right for you if:

  • You’re looking to build dynamic, front-end applications using data collected via Gravity Forms.
  • You want to create a business directory or display personal profiles for a membership website.
  • You need an easy way to search, filter, and sort your Gravity Forms entries.

(Click to enlarge the images below)

Database of Students
Staff Profiles
A Map of Locations
Donation Forms
Business Locations
Feedback Boards
Member Directories
Hiring Systems

How can you display your Gravity Forms data?


Use a table.
Useful for directories, databases, and other spreadsheet-like applications.


Make a list!
Great for building directories, profiles, and other detailed programs.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Put it on a map! Display your entries on a customizable Google Map.

GravityView DataTables Extension

Use DataTables, the best script for working for tabular data. Browse, filter, and sort entries with live updates.

Know how to code? Make your own layout!

Need something specific? Easily build and design your own layout using HTML and CSS with the DIY Layout.

DIY Layout

You'll love our other Gravity Forms add-ons, too.


Edit your entries directly on the front end.

Save time and make changes directly in the View with GravityEdit.



Import your CSV and Excel files into Gravity Forms.

Bulk import your CSV and spreadsheet files into Gravity Forms in minutes with GravityImport.


Track changes and revert to previous versions of an entry.

Track, compare and restore changes to an entry over time with GravityRevisions.

Let users edit their own form entries.

Tired of making changes manually? 

Don't sweat it! With GravityView, you can easily let users log in and modify their own entries.

You can even choose which fields are able to be edited.

Editing an entry in Gravity Forms

Questions? We have answers.

  • Can you edit entries directly on the front end?
    Yep! You (or your users) can edit or delete entries directly from your view, without having to log in to the back end of your WordPress site.
  • Can users modify their own entries, without asking me first?
    Yep, not a problem.
  • Can administrators approve or deny entry submissions before they appear on my site?
    Yes - you can approve or deny an entry both in the Gravity Forms Entries page and within the View itself.
  • Is it possible to add ratings or reviews to entries?
    Easy as pie. Let users add ratings and reviews with the Ratings and Reviews extension.
  • How configurable are the search options?
    You can configure the search fields shown to users. Customize search options by name, field type, date range, and more.
  • Can you highlight certain entries or move them to the top of the list?
    Yep! You can do this and more with the Featured Entries extension.
  • Can entries be filtered or sorted? In what ways?
    You can let users quickly sort and filter through entries. Choose from filters like Start and End Date, Approval Status, and more. You can pre-filter results using the Advanced Filters extension. This allows total control over which entries are visible to users.
  • Can the View content be customized or modified dynamically?
    You bet! Add your own custom, personalized dynamic content that is only displayed if certain conditions are met.
  • Can you display entries with audio, video, or photos?
    You can display any type of content that you like.
  • Is it easy to share Views via social media?
    Yes! You can use the most popular sharing plugins with GravityView to share your View or single entries on popular social networks with the Social Sharing extension
  • Is GravityView available in different languages?
    GravityView is available in English and over 25 other languages! GravityView is also 100% ready to translate if your language is not available.

Don't know if we support a particular feature?

Let us know! We'd be glad to answer any questions you may have.

What are you waiting for?