Multiple Forms (in beta)

Multiple Forms

Join data from one or more forms into one, longer entry and display it in a View. The Multiple Forms extension is still in beta, which means we’re working hard to add new features and improve functionality.

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  • Billed once per year until cancelled

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

Joining multiple forms together as the data source for a single View.

Synthesize data across multiple streams

Let’s say you run a doctor’s practice and you have one form for collecting patient contact details and another form for inputting patient health information. Now you can combine the two into a single entry and display it in a single View (instead of creating two Views). This makes for better clarity, and easier reporting and analysis.

Join your data in different ways

Combine data from two (or more!) forms that share common field values. Display all data from form #1, regardless of whether the fields in form #2 have content, or only display entries from form #1 that have values in form #2. Developer-speak: Multiple Forms supports left joins and inner joins.

Venn diagrams depicting the difference between a Left Join and an Inner Join in SQL
A GravityView Table layout displaying data from two forms

Works with any View Layout

Combine data from different sources and display it on the front end using any GravityView layout type (Table, DataTables, List, Maps and DIY are all supported!).

Frequently Asked Questions

About the Multiple Forms extension

Does searching and sorting work properly with Multiple Forms?

Unfortunately not. As Multiple Forms is still in beta, some basic functionality is still lacking. For example, you can’t sort, search or edit entries properly in a View using the Multiple Forms extension.

Does Multiple Forms allow you to display complete entries from different forms in a single View? In other words, are unions supported?

Not yet, but this is something we’re planning to add in the future. If you’re not quite sure what is meant by “unions”, check out this helpful doc.

Can you combine data from a form using Nested Forms?


Does Multiple Forms integrate with Gravity Flow to support workflow fields?

Not yet.

I see that Multiple Forms is still in beta. Does that mean it will crash my site if I install it?

Definitely not. “Beta” here refers to the fact that certain functionality is missing from the extension, but you can still use it without fear of it harming your website.

When will Multiple Forms be out of beta?

Currently, we don’t have an ETA as to when the extension will be out of beta. We’re working hard to add additional functionality so that we can officially “launch” the extension, but we can’t commit yet to a date.