GravityView Ratings and Reviews add-on

Ratings & Reviews

Allow users to rate, review and comment on entries in a View. Add different rating types and display ratings anywhere on the entry.

Increase engagement

Allow visitors to your site to rate, review and comment on entries in a View. Allow users to engage with your content by offering their valuable feedback. Perfect for business directories and event listings.

Enhance your directory

Add different rating types to your front end applications. Allow users to rate entries using stars or up/down votes. Ratings are added like a GravityView field, so you can display them wherever you want to.

Explore new opportunities for creativity and innovation

Create a forum and allow users to upvote and downvote topics, add reviews to your restaurant directory, and allow users to comment on upcoming events.

Frequently Asked Questions

About the Ratings & Reviews extension

Is it possible to sort entries by ratings? I want all the entries rated 5-star to appear at the top.

Unfortunately, that’s not possible yet.

Is it possible to import/export existing reviews?

Reviews are stored as WordPress Comments and are associated with entries in a way that prevents them from being imported/exported.

Can I integrate Ratings & Reviews with another WordPress comment plugin, like wpDiscuz?

Unfortunately, no. Ratings & Reviews does not support third-party comment plugins.

Is it possible to rate an entry from the Multiple Entries page without clicking into the Single Entry?

Yes, that’s possible.

Is it possible to display ratings/reviews on the Multiple Entries page?

You can display ratings on the Multiple Entries page, but reviews are only visible on the Single Entry page.