Version 1.12

A release with many fixes We’re working on a new Math extension that allows for calculating entry and column values. Stay tuned for that release! Until then, may I present: Version 1.12! Version 1.12 focuses on fixing some issues that users have reported. No new features to report, just an… Read more



WordPress has been abuzz with #wpdrama over the past few weeks. Now that it’s settled down, we asked Jonathan Mann to break down a great summary of the issues on Post Status into something that makes a bit more sense. And is catchy. We present to you: #wpdrama

July 24: One Year

July 24 is a day for pioneers. Some days are destined for greatness. July 24 has a recurring theme of exploration. At 15:01 Mountain Time Today makes one year of GravityView. To celebrate our one year anniversary, use discount code JULY24 for 20% off, one day only.

Version 1.11.2

With this release, we fixed a bug in the shortcode. The shortcode wasn’t properly handling situations where the if value was empty. We’re starting to pay for translations instead of relying solely on user translation submissions. This should mean that in a week or two, we’ll be fully translated in… Read more

Version 1.11.1

Hi everyone! This week, I got back from a two week trip to Portugal where I (finally) got to meet Luis and his business partner Fred. We had a really nice time and had good discussions about the future plans for GravityView. Lots of neat stuff coming up! And for… Read more

Version 1.9 – A New Edit Entry Form

We have just released Version 1.9, which introduces a new Edit Entry form. The new form uses an actual Gravity Forms form, so users editing entries are presented with a familiar interface. Edit Entry now supports Conditional Logic – as expected, fields will show and hide based on the form… Read more

Version 1.8 has been released

Tabbed settings FTW.

We were tired of switching between a bunch of different boxes to configure our View and the different GravityView Extension settings. So we combined them into a pretty little box. Tabbed metabox settings makes configuring your View settings easier. We also added support for the Gravity Forms Poll Addon (a… Read more

GravityView has passed $100k in sales

Floaty celebrates a milestone by hanging out with some microgravity balloons.

GravityView went on sale July 24, 298 days ago. Yesterday, GravityView passed $100,000 in sales. I’d like to go over a few numbers and take a look back over the past 10 months and share some of what I’ve learned. Here’s the $100,000 number broken down: $100,850 in sales 1,172… Read more