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Here at GravityView, we build powerful add-ons for Gravity Forms, the most popular form plugin for WordPress. Our suite of plugins is the best solution for displaying, editing, importing, and exporting Gravity Forms entries.

As one of the few Gravity Forms certified developers, our plugins are recognized as robust, reliable, and excellently supported! We regularly publish updates to all of our plugins. Here you’ll find blog posts about all of our new releases and updates.

New Release: Introducing Inline Edit 1.5

Introducing Inline Edit Version 1.5

We’re pleased to announce the release of Inline Edit 1.5!  This update sees support for Entry Revisions, the ability to disable inline editing for specific fields, and a host of other improvements 😎 Support for Entry Revisions  Our Entry Revisions add-on allows you to track changes made to Gravity Forms… Read more

New Release: Introducing Auto-Update for DataTables

Introducing auto-update for DataTables

We’re pleased to announce a new feature release for the GravityView DataTables layout: Auto-Update! Enabling the new “Auto-Update” feature means your DataTable will refresh its data automatically on a schedule that you set (e.g. every 5 minutes). This is game-changing if you’re looking to create live-updating applications that display new… Read more

New Release: GravityExport Lite 1.9

New Release: GravityExport Lite 1.9.0

We’re pleased to announce the release of GravityExport Lite 1.9! This update includes mainly structural changes as well as improved compatibility with Gravity Forms 2.5. “GravityExport Lite” is the new name for “Gravity Forms Entries in Excel”. It’s the same plugin you know and love but now it’s easier to… Read more

New Release: GravityView 2.11

New release: GravityView 2.11

We’re pleased to announce the release of GravityView 2.11! This release has improved support for the Gravity Forms Survey Add-On, lots of “quality-of-life” improvements, and a we’ve squashed a few bugs too :-) Improved display of Gravity Forms Survey fields If you use the Gravity Forms Survey Add-On, we think… Read more