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Gravity Forms is the best WordPress form plugin, but sometimes you need to display form entries on the front end. That’s where GravityView comes in. 

GravityView is a powerful add-on for Gravity Forms that allows you to display Gravity Forms entries on the front end. Display your entries using a variety of beautiful layouts, filter views, allow users to edit their own entries, and much more. Here you’ll learn about configuring new Views, how to display entries on a map or calendar, how to display user profiles, and more.

Feature Highlight: The [gvlogic] Shortcode

Feature Highlight: The GravityView [gvlogic] Shortcode

In this edition of Feature Highlights, we’re homing in on GravityView’s powerful shortcode. The shortcode allows you to show/hide content based on user inputs, restrict content on your site to logged-in users, and much more! If you’re new to GravityView, you’ll soon discover that it’s packed full of little gems… Read more