GravityView version 1.7.4

List templates are now responsive

Written by Zack Katz

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We’re happy to release this update, which includes some nice tweaks and a bunch of bug fixes.

The biggest change you’ll notice is that our List layout is now responsive—that means that GravityView will now look better on mobile devices.

We made a significant change to GravityView settings as well. There are only small style changes, but this change allows GravityView to load faster and removes some issues customers were having with our previous settings page. Side benefit: the GravityView plugin is now 7 megabytes lighter!

We’re working hard on getting Maps and Ratings & Reviews out the door this week! Stay tuned :-)

1.7.4 on April 6

  • Modified: The List template is now responsive! Looks great on big and small screens.
  • Fixed: When editing an entry in the frontend it gets unapproved
  • Fixed: Conflicts between the Advanced Filter extension and the Single Entry mode (if using ANY mode for filters)
  • Fixed: Sorting by full name. Now sorts by first name by default.
    • Added gravityview/sorting/full-name filter to sort by last name (see how)
  • Fixed: Date and Time fields now properly internationalized (using date_i18n instead of date)
  • Added: gravityview_disable_change_entry_creator filter to disable the Change Entry Creator functionality
  • Modified: Migrated to use Gravity Forms settings
  • Modified: Updated limit to 750 users (up from 300) in Change Entry Creator dropdown.
  • Confirmed WordPress 4.2 compatibility
  • Updated: Dutch translation (thanks, @erikvanbeek!)