Decide which entries to show in your directory…from the directory itself!

GravityView makes it easy to moderate whether form data is displayed on your site after being submitted by users.

Written by Zack Katz

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You have a directory that accepts submissions from anyone. But you want to make sure they’re appropriate for your website. With GravityView, you can now approve those form submissions from the front of your site. Front-end approval This makes it easier than ever to moderate entries: you will see exactly how the entry will look in the GravityView View layout before you approve it. Just click a button to approve the content. Click it again to disapprove the content.

Meanwhile, logged-out users don’t see the entries until they’re approved!

Only administrators will be able to see the content until it’s approved. They see nothing until approved You now have complete control over what entries are shown, all from the front of your site. Learn more about front-end entry approval — available only in GravityView 1.19.