Version 1.6

GravityView version 1.6 is a big one

Boy, have we been busy!

Written by Zack Katz

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Holy moly, what a release!

We’re really excited to release GravityView 1.6. It’s got four major features that users have been asking for and that make GravityView more powerful than ever!

A new WordPress search widget

A WordPress Search Widget

A GravityView search widget that you can place anywhere on your site. Very powerful! Learn more

Recent entries widget output

Display the recent Gravity Forms entries in your sidebar.

Recent Entries Widget

Display the most recent entries in your sidebar and customize how it’s displayed. Setting up recent entries

Embed Gravity Forms entry

Embed Gravity Forms entries in your page content

Embed Entries in a post or page

You’ve got an entry you want to blog about, but you want to do more than link to it. Now you can embed it! How to embed entries 1.6 makes it easy to clone a View

Duplicate View

Have a View you want to use again? It’s simple to clone a view using the new “Clone View” link. See how to clone Views

Changes in 1.6 (Full List)

  • Our support site has moved to We hope you enjoy the improved experience!
  • Added: GravityView Search Widget – Configure a WordPress widget that searches any of your Views. Read how to set it up
  • Added: Duplicate View functionality allows you to clone a View from the All Views screen. Learn more
  • Added: Recent Entries WordPress Widget – show the latest entries for your View. Learn more
  • Added: Embed Single Entries – You can now embed entries in a post or page! See how
  • Fixed: Respect Custom Input Labels added in Gravity Forms 1.9
  • Fixed: Edit Entry Admin Bar link
  • Fixed: Single Entry links didn’t work when previewing a draft View
  • Fixed: Edit entry validation hooks not running when form has multiple pages
  • Fixed: Annoying bug where you would have to click Add Field / Add Widget buttons twice to open the window
  • Added: gravityview_get_link() function to standardize generating HTML anchors
  • Added: GravityView_API::entry_link_html() method to generate entry link HTML
  • Added: gravityview_field_entry_value_{$field_type} filter to modify the value of a field (in includes/class-api.php)
  • Added: field_type key has been added to the field data in the global $gravityview_view->field_data array
  • Added: GravityView_View_Data::maybe_get_view_id() method to determine whether an ID, post content, or object passed to it is a View or contains a View shortcode.
  • Added: Hook to customise the text message “You have attempted to view an entry that is not visible or may not exist.” – gravityview/render/entry/not_visible
  • Added: Included in hook gravityview_widget_search_filters the labels for search all, entry date and entry id.
  • Tweak: Allow WordPress SEO scripts and styles when in “No Conflict Mode”
  • Fixed: For Post Dynamic Data, make sure Post ID is set
  • Fixed: Make sure search field choices are available before displaying field