GravityView version 1.12

There is no dark side of the moon really. Matter of fact it's all dark.

Written by Zack Katz

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A release with many fixes

We’re working on a new Math extension that allows for calculating entry and column values. Stay tuned for that release! Until then, may I present: Version 1.12!

Version 1.12 focuses on fixing some issues that users have reported. No new features to report, just an improved plugin!

1.12 on August 5

  • Fixed: Conflicts with Advanced Filter extension when using the Recent Entries widget
  • Fixed: Sorting icons were being added to List template fields when embedded on the same page as Table templates
  • Fixed: Empty Product fields would show a string (“, Qty: , Price:”) instead of being empty. This prevented “Hide empty fields” from working
  • Fixed: When searching on the Entry Created date, the date used GMT, not blog timezone
  • Fixed: Issue accessing settings page on Multisite
  • Fixed: Don’t show View post types if GravityView isn’t valid
  • Fixed: Don’t redirect to the List of Changes screen if you’ve already seen the screen for the current version
  • Fixed: When checking license status, the plugin can now fix PHP warnings caused by other plugins that messed up the requests
  • Fixed: In Multisite, only show notices when it makes sense to
  • Added: gravityview/common/sortable_fields filter to override which fields are sortable
  • Tweak: Extension class added ability to check for required minimum PHP versions
  • Tweak: Made the GravityView_Plugin::$theInstance private and renamed it to GravityView_Plugin::$instance. If you’re a developer using this, please use GravityView_Plugin::getInstance() instead.
  • Updated: French translation