My Pal Floaty

Floaty: The GravityView Mascot

Written by Zack Katz

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I recently spoke with Steve Burge on his PublishPress podcast about GravityView’s core values. I appreciated our talk and I feel now is an appropriate time to share more about Floaty.

Not everyone gets to have a mascot who is as enthusiastic about their product. We’re lucky that Floaty is a huge fan of GravityView.

In 2014, when Floaty wrote me a letter asking to be our mascot, we had a long talk. I wanted to make sure we would represent him properly. After our talk, I wrote down a few things about Floaty that ended up guiding our company’s value statements.

Floaty’s Personality

Here are some things I know about Floaty (besides that his favorite day is Tuesday!):

  • Floaty is positive
  • Floaty assumes the best in every person and situation
  • Floaty is grateful
  • Floaty is adventurous
  • Floaty is humble
  • Floaty is not sarcastic
  • Floaty is polite
  • Floaty is shy, but trusts easily
  • Floaty doesn’t desire material things
  • Floaty’s opinions are loosely held
  • Floaty is ready to learn
  • Floaty likes pretty things
  • Floaty is emotionally a child. A very kind, loving child, but he’s naive. He is not world-weary or jaded: his perspective is freshly positive.
  • Floaty always gravitates to love and science
  • Floaty wants to be an astronaut, and is happy to be one
  • Floaty doesn’t know (and isn’t concerned about) whether he’s human. Floaty is Floaty.
  • Floaty is happy to share about something he loves
  • Floaty doesn’t desire money

Through learning more about Floaty, he helped me understand that GravityView could be more than an excellent Gravity Forms add-on. GravityView is able to positively impact the world with Floaty energy.

Spreading Floaty Energy

From our first music video, it was our goal to make GravityView fun. Life is more fun when it is less serious! While displaying form data on your site is empowering, it’s not necessarily fun…but that doesn’t mean that GravityView needs to be boring!

A great example of Floaty energy in the world.

In addition to having fun, GravityView is able to positively impact the world. We share kindness through positive interactions with our team, our customers, and everyone. We sponsor great non-profits that work to make our world a better place.

I didn’t intend for GravityView to be more than the best way to display Gravity Forms form entries. By learning more about Floaty, I learned how.