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We’re happy to announce, a new website dedicated to being the best Gravity Forms course site. Finding high-quality Gravity Forms tutorials can be hard. Finding courses for Gravity Forms add-ons is even harderβ€”until

Oh, and all courses on Gravity Guide are 100% free.

Enroll in a course today to enhance your forms skills, learn how to better use Gravity Forms add-ons, and explore what’s possible with Gravity Forms.

Why create a site dedicated to Gravity Forms lessons?

At GravityView, we hear how our customers connect Gravity Forms add-ons to create amazing functionality. Add-on users are figuring out ways to make Gravity Forms power large applications, including ones that replace expensive software subscriptions.

I have been able to replace software that costs $30,000/year with Gravity Forms and a few add-ons.

GravityView customer

The skills to connect Gravity Forms with its add-ons is valuable knowledge. We want to share it at courses cover all add-ons (including GravityView)

We at GravityView thought about creating a GravityView Academy where our customers could learn how to use GravityView. But we realized it would be even cooler to have a site where people can learn how to use all Gravity Forms add-ons together. is launching with courses created by Michelle Hayes, a Gravity Forms power-user and creator of

Soon Gravity Guide will feature courses created by some of your favorite Gravity Forms add-ons, like GravityWiz, Gravity PDF, JetSloth, ForGravity, and more.

Here’s a sample from the course Automate New User Registration with Gravity Flow

The course Automate New User Registration with Gravity Flow shows you how to set up an automated user registration process with Gravity Forms.

In this step of the course, Michelle walks us through setting up a process for registering users once approved:

All the courses have both a screencast video and text step-by-step

Sometimes seeing video is much easier than reading a description. All courses on have video and text components. We want people with any learning style to get the most out of each lesson.

To learn more about Gravity Guide, check out this post, where we review some of our most popular courses!

We hope you enjoy learning Gravity Forms better.

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