Gravity Forms GravityImport plugin released

A giant leap forward for importing entries.

Written by Zack Katz

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Learn more on the GravityImport plugin page.

Oh haiExport Entries, meet GravityImport

Too long has Export Entries been alone in the dark, exporting CSV files without the hope of anyone being able to use them. No longer!

Conditional Logic

So you have a CSV file with 10,000 rows, and you only care about a small portion of those entries. What do you do? What. Do. You. Do?

Conditional Import

You use the new Conditional Import functionality to only import the entries you want.

File Uploads

You want to import the File Upload field content? Done.

Import Entry Notes

Entry Note Import
Never before has it been possible to import entry notes by CSV to Gravity Forms. Never in the history of humanity. Well, now it is. And it’s easy. And you can choose who the entry creator was by specifying the User ID.

Included in the GravityView All Access License

The GravityImport plugin is available to everyone for $99.00, and is also included for no additional cost in an All Access license of GravityView.

Note: The GravityImport plugin does not require GravityView. Yes, it requires Gravity Forms. That just makes sense!