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Featured Entries Extension & Version 1.1.6 Released

Written by Zack Katz

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Featured Entries for your Views

Our Featured Entries extension makes it simple to feature an entry. By adding a star to an entry in Gravity Forms, it will be highlighted in GravityView. You can also choose to have featured entries moved to the top of all results. The Featured Entries extension is simple to use, and makes a big impact. Check out an example on our demo page. The Featured Entries extension is available for free for all Interstellar and Galactic license holders. Have a license? Download the extension today from your Account page.

Version 1.16 released

The latest release fixes a lot of little issues that add up to a much smoother experience.

  • Payment Status details are now available. Want to display whether an order is Pending or Complete? Now you can.
  • Email addresses are now scrambled so that spambots can’t easily read them
  • Easily see when a field is being used as a link to the Single Entry
  • Multiple fixes for Edit Entry mode
  • And much more.

How to get the update

The update will be available automatically in your WordPress installation’s Plugins page. Don’t see the update? Follow the steps in this guide.

Full 1.1.6 Changelog:

  • Fixed: Approve / Disapprove all entries using Gravity Forms bulk edit entries form (previously, only visible entries were affected)
  • Added: Email field settings
  • Email addresses are now encrypted by default to prevent scraping by spammers
  • Added option to display email plaintext or as a link
  • Added subject and body settings: when the link is clicked, you can choose to have these values pre-filled
  • Added: Source URL field settings, including show as a link and custom link text
  • Fixed: Empty truncated URLs no longer get shown
  • Fixed: License Activation works when No-Conflict Mode is enabled
  • Fixed: When creating a new View, “View Type” box was visible when there were no existing Gravity Forms
  • Fixed: Fields not always saving properly when adding lots of fields with the “Add All Fields” button
  • Fixed: Recognizing single entry when using WordPress “Default” Permalink setting
  • Fixed: Date Created field now respects the blog’s timezone setting, instead of using UTC time
  • Fixed: Edit Entry issues
  • Fixed form validation errors when a scheduled form has expired and also when a form has reached its entry limit
  • Fixed PHP warning messages when editing entries
  • When an Edit Entry form is submitted and there are errors, the submitted values stay in the form; the user won’t need to fill in the form again.
  • Fixed: Product sub-fields (Name, Quantity & Price) displayed properly
  • Fixed: Empty entry display when using Job Board preset caused by incorrect template files being loaded
  • Fixed: Files now can be deleted when a non-administrator is editing an entry
  • Fixed: PHP Notices on Admin Views screen for users without edit all entries capabilities
  • Modified: Added ability to customize and translate the Search Bar’s date picker. You can now fully customize the date picker.
  • Added: Full localization for datepicker calendar (translate the days of the week, month, etc)
  • Modified: Changed year picker to +/- 5 years instead of +20/-100
  • Tweak: Enabled Merge Tags for Table view “Custom CSS Class” field settings
  • Tweak: In the Edit View screen, show a link icon when a field is being used as a link to the Single Entry mode
  • Tweak: Added helper text when a new form is created by GravityView
  • Tweak: Renamed “Description” drop zone to “Other Fields” to more accurately represent use
  • Tweak: Remove all fields from a zone by holding down the Alt key while clicking the remove icon


  • Modified: template/fields/date_created.php file
  • Added: gravityview_date_created_adjust_timezone filter to disable timezone support and use UTC (returns boolean)
  • Added: get_settings() and get_setting() methods to the GravityView_Widget class. This allows easier access to widget settings.
  • Modified: Added gravityview_js_localization filter to add Javascript localization
  • Added: gravityview_datepicker_settings filter to modify the datepicker settings using the setting names from the jQuery DatePicker options
  • Modified: gravityview_entry_class filter to modify the CSS class for each entry wrapper
  • Modified: Added gravityview_widget_search_filters filter to allow reordering search filters, so that they display in a different order in search widget
  • Modified: Addded gravityview_default_page_size filter to modify default page size for Views (25 by default)
  • Modified: Added actions to the list-body.php template file:
  • gravityview_list_body_before: Before the entry output
  • gravityview_entry_before: Inside the entry wrapper
  • gravityview_entry_title_before, gravityview_entry_title_after: Before and after the entry title and subtitle output
  • gravityview_entry_content_before, gravityview_entry_content_after: Before and after the entry content area (image and description zones)
  • gravityview_entry_footer_before, gravityview_entry_footer_after: Before and after the entry footer
  • gravityview_entry_after: Before the entry wrapper closing tag
  • gravityview_list_body_after: After entry output
  • Modified: Added gravityview_get_entry_ids() function to fetch array of entry IDs (not full entry arrays) that match a search result
  • Tweak: Removed duplicate GravityView_frontend::hide_field_check_conditions() and GravityView_frontend::filter_fields() methods
  • Modified: Added get_cap_choices() method to be used for fetching GravityView roles array