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Announcing DIY Layout

A powerful and flexible layout for designers & developers

Written by Zack Katz

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I was building a “Testimonials” View and I was getting frustrated by the limitations of the List layout. I didn’t want everything in a Custom Content field, so I created the DIY layout. DIY is for people who can code solutions, but don’t want to! Zack Katz (me), GravityView creator

DIY Layout is like taking a Custom Content field…then adding a scoop of astronaut ice cream 🍦

In GravityView, the Custom Content field has so much power—but that power is hidden inside a single textarea. DIY Layout now adds the power of Custom Content fields to each field.

Choose the HTML tag that will wrap each field (or don’t use any!)

The default GravityView List layout provides a great starter template that works for most people, but what if you want to use different HTML structure? DIY Layouts makes it easy. Before DIY, you would need to override the GravityView template files or add custom PHP code. That was no fun. Now, it’s a matter of a mouse click to change the container HTML tag. DIY Layout settings

New field settings allow you to add custom HTML before or after field values

The new “Before Output” and “After Output” textareas allow you to add content before and after the field value. Without DIY, you would need to either use filters to modify the field output, or use a Custom Content field. These field settings support shortcodes, including , as well as Merge Tags. It's everything you love about Custom Content fields, and more.

DIY Layout is included with a GravityView Galactic license. Get Access to DIY Layout Today!

Why only designers and developers?

DIY layout doesn't include any styles, so the View might not look how you want it out of the box and will likely need some tweaks. We recommend DIY to users with CSS experience.

Watch DIY Layout in action