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We Changed Our Brand Name to GravityKit!

Written by Casey Burridge

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If you’ve accessed our website in the last few days, you may have noticed that we changed our brand name from GravityView to GravityKit. We did this for a very simple reason: our old business name was confusing!

You see, our company name was “GravityView” and our most popular plugin is also named “GravityView”. This led customers to think that the GravityView plugin was all we offered.

However, we offer a suite of powerful Gravity Forms add-onsnot just GravityView! By renaming to GravityKit, we hope to make it clear that GravityView is one plugin among our powerful collection. Our toolkit of plugins empowers users to display, import, edit, analyze, and export their Gravity Forms data!

A Floaty the Astronaut helmet in the middle, with icons for each of our add-ons encircling it. The icons each have a color from the full spectrum.
Our suite of add-ons spans the full spectrum of functionality 🌈

New Product Icons

We’ve updated all of our product icons to give our plugins a fresh, new look! These new icons were designed for us by Parakeet, and we’re super excited to have a consistent look for our add-ons.

Plans for the Near Future

Over the course of the next few months, we’ll be rolling out some additional changes to complete our rebranding process. Here’s what we’ve got planned:

  • We’re working on a brand-new website design
  • We’ll also be slowly updating content across our website, docs site, social media pages, etc to say “GravityKit”.

Needless to say, there’s a lot to look forward to! Subscribe to our newsletter below so we can keep you informed 👇

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