Gravity Forms edit post content from front of site

GravityView 1.7 Supports Editing Post Content

You can now edit Post Fields from the Edit Entry page

Written by Zack Katz

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GravityView now supports editing post fields!

In previous versions of GravityView (and in Gravity Forms itself), if you wanted to edit Post Fields, you would see a message like this:

Before, you could only edit posts from the post page. Boo.

That was no good! Now, you can now edit that post from the Edit Entry page inside GravityView. GravityView supports editing post content in a rich text editor, just like you would expect. Learn more.

Sort View by column
Users can sort View results by clicking the sort icons at the top of a table. It’s easy to enable for existing Views, too. See sorting in action.

We hope you enjoy the new functionality.

Full 1.7 release notes:

  • Added: You can now edit most Post Fields in Edit Entry mode
    • Supports Post Content, Post Title, Post Excerpt, Post Tags, Post Category, and most Post Custom Field configurations (Learn more)
  • Added: Sort Table columns (read how)
  • Added: Post ID field now available – shows the ID of the post that was created by the Gravity Forms entry
  • Fixed: Properly reset $post after Live Post Data is displayed
  • Tweak: Display spinning cursor while waiting for View configurations to load
  • Tweak: Updated GravityView Form Editor buttons to be 1.9 compatible
  • Added: gravityview/field_output/args filter to modify field output settings before rendering
  • Fixed: Don’t show date field value if set to Unix Epoch (1/1/1970), since this normally means that in fact, no date has been set
  • Fixed: PHP notices when choosing “Start Fresh”
  • Fixed: If Gravity Forms is installed using a non-standard directory name, GravityView would think it wasn’t activated
  • Fixed: Fixed single entry links when inserting views with the_gravityview() template tag
  • Updated: Portuguese translation (thanks, Luis!)
  • Added: gravityview/fields/email/javascript_required filter to modify message displayed when encrypting email addresses and Javascript is disabled
  • Added: GFCommon:js_encrypt() method to encrypt text for Javascript email encryption
  • Fixed: Recent Entries widget didn’t allow externally added settings to save properly
  • Fixed: Delete Entry respects previous pagination and sorting
  • Tweak: Updated View Presets to have improved Search Bar configurations
  • Fixed: gravityview/get_all_views/params filter restored (Modify Views returned by the GVCommon::get_all_views() method)
  • GravityView will soon require Gravity Forms 1.9 or higher. If you are running Gravity Forms Version 1.8.x, please update to the latest version.