GravityView version 1.17.2

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Written by Zack Katz

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“Did someone call an exterminator? There are a ton of squashed bugs in this release!” – Floaty the Astronaut

Lots of good fixes in this update, which should result in slightly speedier and generally smoother experience for you, our dear users.

We’re working on exciting new releases, so we’re going back to work! Enjoy the update.

1.17.2 on August 9, 2016

  • Fixed: “Start Fresh” fails when there are no pre-existing forms in Gravity Forms
  • Added: Support for embedding Views in Ultimate Member profile tabs
  • Fixed: File Upload fields potentially displaying PHP warnings
  • Fixed: Check plugin and theme existence before loading hooks
  • Fixed: “Hide empty fields” not working when “Make Phone Number Clickable” is checked for Phone fields
  • Fixed: Potential PHP warning when adding Password fields in Edit View
  • Fixed: Dutch (Netherlands) nl_NL translation file fixed
  • Fixed: Divi theme shortcode buttons and modal form added to Edit View screen
  • Fixed: Possible for Approve Entries checkbox to use the wrong Form ID
  • Fixed: Search issues with special characters
    • Searches that contained ampersands & were not working
    • Searches containing plus signs + were not working
    • The “Select” Search Bar input type would not show the active search if search term contained an &
  • Fixed: Multisite issue: when Users are logged-in but not added to any sites, they aren’t able to see View content
  • Fixed: Never show GravityView Toolbar menu to users who aren’t able to edit Views, Forms, or Entries
  • Fixed: Allow passing post_id in shortcode
  • Tweak: Use system fonts instead of Open Sans in the admin
  • Modified: The default setting for “No-Conflict Mode” is now “On”. GravityView should look good on your site!
  • Updated translations (thank you!)
    • Turkish translation by Süha Karalar
    • Chinese translation by Michael Edi

Developer Notes:

  • Added: gravityview_view_saved action, triggered after a View has been saved in the admin
  • Modified: Changed the Phone field template to use gravityview_get_link() to generate the anchor tag
  • Added: gravityview/common/get_entry_id_from_slug/form_id filter to modify the form ID used to generate entry slugs, in order to avoid hash collisions with data from other forms