Version 1.1.5

And new extensions on the way

Written by Zack Katz

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Extensions in development

We’ve been busy developing extensions for GravityView. The A-Z Filters and the Featured Entries extensions are being developed and will be ready soon. A Map View is also being developed, which will be great for business listings. We’re excited to show this to the world!

Version 1.1.5 released

Edit EntryWe’ve just released Version 1.1.5, with some good bug fixes and a helpful addition: “Edit” link in Gravity Forms Entries screen. This was a popular feature of our Gravity Forms Directory plugin, so we’ve ported it over and improved it.

  • Added: “Edit” link in Gravity Forms Entries screen
  • Fixed: Show tooltips when No Conflict Mode is enabled
  • Fixed: Merge Vars for labels in Single Entry table layouts
  • Fixed: Duplicate “Edit Entry” fields in field picker
  • Fixed: Custom date formatting for Date Created field
  • Fixed: Searching full names or addresses now works as expected
  • Fixed: Custom CSS classes are now added to cells in table-based Views
  • Updated: Turkish translation by @suhakaralar
  • Tweak: Redirect to Changelog instead of Getting Started if upgrading