2018 will be great for GravityView (and for you!)

What’s in store for 2018?

We have a big roadmap, and we're excited.

Written by Zack Katz

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We have a huge year lined up for GravityView

At our team meeting in the beginning of the year, Rafael, Gennady, and I (Zack) looked at our roadmap for 2018, and agreed that:

  1. The roadmap was achievable
  2. When the 2018 roadmap is completed, GravityView will be more powerful and easier to use than ever
  3. We wanted to start working on it right away

First up on the roadmap was our most requested functionality: joining multiple forms. We actually started working on it in 2017, but now it’s possible in 2018 because we helped improve Gravity Forms itself.

We helped create The Next Generation of Gravity Forms search

The Next Generation of Gravity Forms search One of the biggest feature requests we have for GravityView is to allow showing entries from multiple forms in one View. There was a problem, though: it wasn’t possible! The way that Gravity Forms searched entries wasn’t going to allow us to easily search multiple forms and filter the data in a way that would work for GravityView. So we teamed up with Gravity Forms In order to bring some of the exciting new features to GravityView, our core developer Gennady teamed up with Steve at Gravity Forms to completely rewrite how Gravity Forms performs searches. They did outstanding work, and the new search functionality will début soon in Gravity Forms 2.3. This new search functionality will allow us to add powerful new functionality, including:

  • Displaying entries from multiple forms in one View
  • Grouping entries
  • Advanced filters that allow using both AND as well as OR statements

We’re planning on releasing these enhancements in 2018!


When WordPress 5.0 is released, it will feature a brand-new default editor, called “Gutenberg.” Gutenberg is a completely new approach to how you edit and preview content in WordPress. You can learn more about it here. Gravity Forms is taking the lead by releasing their Gutenberg addon and we’ll be close behind! GravityView will fully support Gutenberg this year, and we are very excited about the possibility of deeply integrating with the new editor.

More video tutorials

Watching how something is done is one of the best ways to learn, so I’m planning on creating more video tutorials. I’ll start with a Getting Started video (that makes logical sense!).

And much, much more

We’ve got many features planned, and many things to do. I want to save some of the fun for the future, but I hope you’re as excited about what’s coming to GravityView as I am, and as we are as a team.