The WordPress Wiggle!

At WordCamp Denver, fun-loving participants took to the dance floor and showed their enthusiasm for the WordPress project in the form of dance.

It was a great time, and a wonderful example of the power of song. Thank you to everyone who danced, and to all the organizers of WordCamp Denver. It was a wonderful thing to be a part of. Thank you to all the people who were brave and joyous in front of the green screen, Kayleen Burke for on-site editing and video production, Juniper Katz for filming, and Jonathan Mann for getting our groove on.

The Denver WordCamp 2018 WordPress Wiggle

Express your love for WordPress and do the WordPress Wiggle!

It doesn’t matter if you can dance—the Wiggle is a state of mind! If you love open-source, cute mascots, and being generally goofy, do the WordPress Wiggle!

The WordPress community is positive, supportive, and is made of people like you. By doing the Wiggle, you’re taking part. So tap your feet, raise your eyebrows, or move that body while you listen.

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