GravityView Changelog

A list of changes made to GravityView Core

2.16.6 on January 12, 2023

  • Fixed: Fatal error due to an uncaught PHP exception
  • Fixed: It was not possible to select any content inside the field settings window in the View editor

2.16.5 on January 5, 2023

  • Updated: Foundation to version 1.0.8
  • Improved: Internal changes to allow using Custom Content fields on the Edit Screen with the DIY Layout

2.16.4 on December 23, 2022

  • Fixed: Prevent possible conflict in the View editor with themes/plugins that use Bootstrap’s tooltip library

2.16.3 on December 21, 2022

  • Fixed: Caching wouldn’t always clear when an entry was added or modified
  • Fixed: Fatal error on some hosts due to a conflict with one of the plugin dependencies (psr/log)
  • Fixed: PHP 8.1 notices
  • Fixed: View scripts and styles not loading for some logged-in users

2.16.2 on December 14, 2022

  • Fixed: Views would take an abnormally long time to load
  • Fixed: Fatal error on some hosts that use weak security keys and salts

2.16.1 on December 7, 2022

  • Fixed: Date picker and other JavaScript not working on the Edit Entry screen
  • Fixed: JavaScript error preventing the Search Bar widget properties from opening when creating a new View
  • Fixed: CodeMirror editor initializing multiple times when opening the custom content field properties in the View
  • Fixed: Secure download link for the file upload field was not showing the file name as the link text
  • Fixed: The saved View would not recognize fields added from a joined form when using the Multiple Forms extension on December 2, 2022

  • Fixed: Incompatibility with some plugins/themes that could result in a blank WordPress Dashboard on December 2, 2022

  • Fixed: Fatal error when downloading plugin translations on December 1, 2022

  • Fixed: Fatal error when Maps isn’t installed on December 1, 2022

  • Fixed: Admin menu not expanded when on a GravityView page

2.16 on December 1, 2022

  • Added: New WordPress admin menu where you can now centrally manage all your GravityKit product licenses and settings (learn more about the new GravityKit menu)
    • Go to the WordPress sidebar and check out the GravityKit menu!
    • We have automatically migrated your existing licenses and settings, which were previously entered in the Views→Settings page
    • Request support using the “Grant Support Access” menu item
  • Added: Support for defining alt text in File Upload fields
  • Added: “Pre-Filter Choices” Search Bar setting will only display choices that exist in submitted entries (learn more about Pre-Filter Choices)
  • Improved: When creating a new View, it is now possible to install a View type (if included in the license) straight from the View editor
  • Improved: Reduce the number of queries when displaying a View
  • Improved: The Edit View screen loads faster
  • Fixed: Merge Tags were not processed inside Custom Content fields when using the edit mode
  • Fixed: Gravity Forms poll results was not being refreshed after editing a Poll field in GravityView Edit Entry
  • Fixed: Survey field “Rating” stars were not displaying properly in the frontend
  • Fixed: JavaScript error when creating a new View
  • Fixed: JavaScript error when opening field settings in a new View
  • Fixed: Merge Tag picker not initializing when changing View type for an existing View
  • Fixed: “Field connected to XYZ field was deleted from the form” notice when adding a new field to a View created from a form preset
  • Fixed: Edit Entry may partially save changes if form fields have conditional logic; thanks, Jurriaan!
  • Fixed: View presets not working
  • Fixed: “This View is configured using the View type, which is disabled” notice when creating a new View after activating or installing a View type (e.g., Maps, DIY, DataTables)
  • Fixed: Incorrect search mode is set when one of the View search widget fields uses a “date range” input type
  • Fixed: Multiple files upload error (e.g., when editing an entry using GravityEdit)

Developer Updates:

  • Added: gravityview/template/field/survey/rating/before filter that fires before the Survey field rating stars markup
  • Added: $return_view parameter to GVRequest::is_view() method, reducing the need to build a GVView object when simply checking if a request is a View
  • Added: $expiration parameter to GravityView_Cache::set() method to allow for different cache lifetimes
  • Fixed: GravityView_Cache was not used when the WP_DEBUG constant was set to true. This resulted in the cache being effectively disabled on many sites.
    • Improved: Only run GravityView_Cache::use_cache() once per request
    • Added: GRAVITYVIEW_DISABLE_CACHE constant to disable the cache. Note: gravityview_use_cache filter will still be run.

2.15 on September 21, 2022

  • Added: Entire View contents are wrapped in a container, allowing for better styling (learn about, and how to modify, the container)
  • Added: When submitting a search form, the page will scroll to the search form
  • Modified: Select and Multiselect search inputs will now use the connected field’s “Placeholder” values, if defined in Gravity Forms (read about Search Bar placeholders)
  • Improved: Date comparisons when using with greater_than or less_than comparisons
  • Fixed: Reduced the number of database queries to render a View, especially when using Custom Content, Entry Link, Edit Link, and Delete Link fields
  • Fixed: Removed the Gravity Forms Partial Entries Add-On privacy notice when using Edit Entry because auto-saving in Edit Entry is not supported
  • Fixed: The “entry approval is changed” notification, if configured, was being sent for new form submissions
  • Fixed: Views would not render in PHP 8.1
  • Fixed: Multiple PHP 8 and PHP 8.1 warnings

Developer Updates:

  • Added: gravityview/widget/search/append_view_id_anchor filter to control appending the unique View anchor ID to the search URL (enabled by default)
  • Added: gravityview/view/wrapper_container filter to wrap to optionally wrap the View in a container (enabled by default) — see examples of modifying the container
  • Added: gravityview/view/anchor_id filter to control the unique View anchor ID
  • Modified the following template files:
    • includes/widgets/search-widget/templates/search-field-multiselect.php
    • includes/widgets/search-widget/templates/search-field-select.php
    • templates/views/list.php
    • templates/views/table.php
    • templates/fields/field-custom.php
    • templates/fields/field-duplicate_link-html.php
    • templates/fields/field-delete_link-html.php
    • templates/fields/field-edit_link-html.php
    • templates/fields/field-entry_link-html.php
    • templates/fields/field-website-html.php
    • templates/deprecated/fields/custom.php
    • templates/deprecated/fields/website.php

2.14.7 on July 31, 2022

  • Fixed: GravityView plugin updates were not shown in the plugin update screen since version 2.14.4 (April 27, 2022)

2.14.6 on May 27, 2022

  • GravityView (the company) is now GravityKit!
  • Fixed: Embedding Edit Entry context directly in a page/post using the shortcode (learn more)
  • Fixed: Edit Entry link wasn’t working in the Single Entry context of an embedded View
  • Fixed: Search Bar GravityView widget was not saving the chosen fields
  • Fixed: Gravity PDF shortcodes would not be processed when bulk-approving entries using GravityView. Thanks, Jake!
  • Fixed: Sometimes embedding a GravityView shortcode in the block editor could cause a fatal error
  • Fixed: Multiple PHP 8 warnings

Developer Updates:

  • Added: redirect_url parameter to the gravityview/edit_entry/success filter
  • Added redirect_url and back_link parameters to the gravityview/shortcodes/gventry/edit/success filter

2.14.5 on May 4, 2022

  • Added: A link that allows administrators to disable the “Show only approved entries” View setting from the front-end
  • Fixed: Configuring new Search Bar WordPress widgets wasn’t working in WordPress 5.8+
  • Fixed: Styling of form settings dropdowns on the Gravity Forms “Forms” page

2.14.4 on April 27, 2022

  • Added: Search Bar support for the Chained Selects field type
  • Improved: Plugin updater script now supports auto-updates and better supports multisite installations
  • Improved: If a View does not support joined forms, log as a notice, not an error
  • Fixed: Merge Tag picker behavior when using Gravity Forms 2.6
  • Fixed: Deleting a file when editing an entry as a non-administrator user on Gravity Forms 2.6.1 results in a server error
  • Fixed: When The Events Calendar Pro plugin is active, Views became un-editable
  • Tweak: Additional translation strings related to View editing

Note: We will be requiring Gravity Forms 2.5 and WordPress 5.3 in the near future; please upgrade!

Developer Updates:

  • Added: Search URLs now support input_{field ID} formats as well as filter_{field ID}; the following will both be treated the same:
    • /view/example/?filter_3=SEARCH
    • /view/example/?input_3=SEARCH
  • Added: In the admin, CSS classes are now added to the body tag based on Gravity Forms version. See GravityView_Admin_Views::add_gf_version_css_class()
  • Modified: Allow non-admin users with “edit entry” permissions to delete uploaded files
  • Updated: EDDSLPlugin_Updater script to version 1.9.1

2.14.3 on March 24, 2022

  • Added: Support for displaying WebP images
  • Improved: Internal logging of notices and errors
  • Fixed: Images hosted on Dropbox sometimes would not display properly on the Safari browser. Thanks, Kevin M. Dean!

Developer Updates:

  • Added: GravityView_Image::get_image_extensions() static method to fetch full list of extension types interpreted as images by GravityView.
  • Added: webp as a valid image extension on March 11, 2022

  • Fixed: Empty values in search widget fields may return incorrect results

Developer Updates:

  • Added: gravityview/search/ignore-empty-values filter to control strict matching of empty field values

2.14.2 on March 10, 2022

  • Fixed: Potential fatal error on PHP 8 when exporting View entries in CSV and TSV formats
  • Fixed: Search widget would cause a fatal error when the Number field is used with the “is” operator
  • Fixed: Search widget returning incorrect results when a field value is blank and the operator is set to “is”
  • Fixed: Gravity Forms widget icon not showing
  • Fixed: Gravity Forms widget not displaying available forms when the View is saved

2.14.1 on January 25, 2022

  • Tested with WordPress 5.9
  • Improved: The Members plugin now works with No-Conflict Mode enabled
  • Improved: Performance when saving Views with many fields
  • Improved: Performance when loading the Edit View screen when a View has many fields
  • Fixed: Gravity Forms widget used in the View editor would initialize on all admin pages
  • Fixed: PHP notice when editing an entry in Gravity Forms that was created by user that no longer exists
  • Fixed: Error activating on sites that use the Danish language
  • Fixed: Entry approval scripts not loading properly when using Full Site Editing themes in WordPress 5.9
  • Updated: TrustedLogin client to Version 1.2, which now supports logins for WordPress Multisite installations
  • Updated: Polish translation. Thanks, Dariusz!

Developer Updates:

  • Modified: Refactored drag & drop in the View editor to improve performance: we only initialize drag & drop on the active tab instead of globally. on December 30, 2021

Fixed: Deprecated filter message when adding fields to the View

2.14 on December 21, 2021

This would be a minor version update (2.13.5), except that we renamed many functions. See “Developer Updates” for this release below.

  • Added: {is_starred} Merge Tag. Learn more about using {is_starred}
  • Fixed: Media files uploaded to Dropbox were not properly embedded
  • Fixed: JavaScript error when trying to edit entry’s creator
  • Fixed: Recent Entries widget would cause a fatal error on WP 5.8 or newer
  • Fixed: When using Multiple Forms, editing an entry in a joined form now works properly if the “Edit Entry” tab has not been configured
  • Fixed: View settings not hiding automatically on page load

Developer Updates:

We renamed all instances of blacklist to blocklist and whitelist to allowlist. All methods and filters have been deprecated using apply_filters_deprecated() and _deprecated_function(). See a complete list of modified methods and filters.

2.13.4 on November 4, 2021

  • Fixed: View scripts and styles would not load when manually outputting the contents of the shortcode

Developer Updates:

  • Added: gravityview/shortcode/before-processing action that runs before the GravityView shortcode is processed
  • Added: gravityview/edit_entry/cancel_onclick filter to modify the “Back” link onclick HTML attribute
    • Modified: /includes/extensions/edit-entry/partials/form-buttons.php file to add the filter

2.13.3 on October 14, 2021

  • Fixed: Edit Entry would not accept zero as a value for a Number field marked as required
  • Modified: Refined the capabilities assigned to GravityView support when access is granted using TrustedLogin. Now our support will be able to debug theme-related issues and use the Code Snippets plugin.

2.13.2 on October 7, 2021

  • Fixed: Entry Approval not working when using DataTables in responsive mode (requires DataTables 2.4.9 or newer).

Developer Updates:

  • Updated: Upgraded to Fancybox 4.
  • Updated: TrustedLogin Client to Version 1.0.2.
  • Modified: Added Code Snippets CSS file to No Conflict allow list.
  • Modified: Moved internal (but public) method GravityView_Admin_ApproveEntries::process_bulk_action to new GravityView_Bulk_Actions class.

2.13.1 on September 27, 2021

  • Improved: Views now load faster due to improved template caching.
  • Added: Ability to configure an “Admin Label” for Custom Content widgets. This makes it easier to see your widget configuration a glance.
  • Fixed: Issue where non-support users may see a “Revoke TrustedLogin” admin bar link.

2.13 on September 23, 2021

  • Added: Integrated with TrustedLogin, the easiest & most secure way to grant access to your website. Learn more about TrustedLogin.
    • Need to share access with support? Click the new “Grant Support Access” link in the “Views” menu.

2.12.1 on September 1, 2021

  • Fixed: The Gravity Forms widget in the View editor would always use the source form of the View
  • Fixed: The field picker didn’t use available translations
  • Fixed: Importing exported Views failed when Custom Content or DIY Layout fields included line breaks.
  • Fixed: When first installing GravityView, the message was for an invalid license instead of inactive.
  • Fixed: The “Affiliate ID” setting would not toggle properly when loading GravityView settings. P.S. — Become an affiliate and earn money referring GravityView!
  • Tweak: Changed the icon of the Presets preview

2.12 on July 29, 2021

  • Fixed: Add latest Yoast SEO scripts to the No-Conflict approved list
  • Fixed: Updating an entry with a multi-file upload field may erase existing contents when using Gravity Forms 2.5.8

2.11 on July 15, 2021

  • Added: Settings to customize “Update”, “Cancel”, and “Delete” button text in Edit Entry
  • Improved: Much better Gravity Forms Survey Add-On integration! Learn more in the release announcement.
    • Ratings can be displayed as text or stars
    • Multi-row Likert fields can be shown as Text or Score
    • Improved display of a single row from a multi-row Likert field
    • Single checkbox inputs are now supported
  • Improved: Search widget clear/reset button behavior
  • Improved: Allow unassigning an entry’s Entry Creator when editing an entry
  • Improved: When editing an entry, clicking the “Cancel” button will take you to the prior browser page rather than a specific URL
  • Improved: Conditionally update “Clear Search” button text in the Search Bar
  • Fixed: When Time fields were submitted with a single 0 for hour and minute inputs, instead of displaying midnight (0:0), it would display the current time
  • Fixed: Delete Entry links did not work when custom entry slugs were enabled
  • Fixed: Editing an entry in Gravity Forms that was created by a logged-out user forced an entry to be assigned to a user
  • Fixed: Missing download/delete icons for file upload field in Edit Entry when running Gravity Forms ≥
  • Fixed: A broken German translation file caused a fatal error (only for the de_DE localization)
  • Updated: Dutch translation (thanks René S.!) and German translation (thanks Aleksander K-W.!)

Developer Updates:

  • Added: gravityview/template/field/survey/glue filter to modify how the multi-row Likert field values are combined. Default: ;
  • Modified: templates/deprecated/fields/time.php and templates/fields/field-time-html.php to include the commented strtotime() check
  • Modified: includes/extensions/edit-entry/partials/form-buttons.php to add Cancel button enhancements
  • Fixed: gravityview/search/sieve_choices didn’t filter by Created By
  • Fixed: GVUtils::get() didn’t properly support properties available using PHP magic methods. Now supports overriding using the __isset() magic method.
  • Updated: EDD auto-updates library to version 1.8 on June 2, 2021

  • Improved: Loading of plugin dependencies
  • Fixed: Field’s required attribute was ignored in certain scenarios when using Edit Entry on May 27, 2021

  • Fixed: The “delete file” button was transparent in Edit Entry when running Gravity Forms 2.5 or newer
  • Security enhancements

2.10.3 on May 20, 2021

  • Added: Support for the All in One SEO plugin
  • Fixed: GravityView styles and scripts not loading when embedding View as a block shortcode in GeneratePress
  • Fixed: PHP notice appearing when a translation file is not available for the chosen locale
  • Fixed: Search clear button disappearing when using GravityView Maps layout

Developer Updates:

  • Added: gravityview/fields/custom/form filter to modify form used as the source for View entries
  • Added: gravityview/fields/custom/entry filter to modify entry being displayed on April 19, 2021

  • Improved: Previous fix for an issue that affected HTML rendering of some posts and pages on April 13, 2021

  • Fixed: Issue introduced in Version 2.10.2 that affected HTML rendering of some posts and pages
  • Fixed: Undefined function error for sites running WordPress 4.x introduced in Version 2.10.2

2.10.2 on April 12, 2021

  • Fixed: Using the GravityView shortcode inside a reusable block in the WordPress Editor would prevent CSS and JavaScript from loading
  • Fixed: “Open in new tab/window” checkbox is missing from Link to Single Entry and Link to Edit Entry links
  • Fixed: Searching while on a paginated search result fails; it shows no entries because the page number isn’t removed
  • Fixed: Sorting by Entry ID resulted in a MySQL error

2.10.1 on March 31, 2021

  • Added: Allow comparing multiple values when using shortcode
    • Use && to match all values
    • Use || to match any values
  • Added: {site_url} Merge Tag that returns the current site URL. This can be helpful when migrating sites or deploying from staging to live.
  • Fixed: Paragraph fields have a “Link to single entry” field setting, even though it doesn’t make sense
  • Fixed: PDF and Text files were not opened in a lightbox
  • Fixed: Show File Upload files as links if they aren’t an image, audio, or video file (like a .zip, .txt, or .pdf file)
  • Fixed: Lightbox script was being loaded for Views even if it was not being used
  • Fixed: Don’t show the icon for the “Source URL” field in the View editor
  • Fixed: Change Entry Creator not working properly on non-English sites
  • Updated so many translations! Thank you to all the translators!
    • Arabic translation (thanks Salman!)
    • Dutch translation (thanks Desiree!)
    • Russian translation (thanks Victor S.!)
    • Romanian (thanks Cazare!)
    • Chinese (thanks Edi Weigh!)
    • Turkish (thanks Süha!)
    • Swedish (thanks Adam!)
    • Portuguese (thanks Luis and Rafael!)
    • Dutch (thanks Erik!)
    • Norwegian (thanks Aleksander!)
    • Italian (thanks Clara!)
    • Hungarian (thanks dbalage!)
    • Hebrew
    • French
    • Canadian French (thanks Nicolas!)
    • Finnish (thanks Jari!)
    • Iranian (thanks amir!)
    • Mexican Spanish (thanks Luis!)
    • Spanish (thanks Joaquin!)
    • German (thanks Hubert!)
    • Danish (thanks Lisbeth!)
    • Bosnian (thanks Damir!)
    • Bengali (thanks Akter!)

2.10 on March 9, 2021

  • A beautiful visual refresh for the View editor!
    • Brand new field picker for more easily creating your View
    • Visually see when Single Entry and Edit Entry layouts haven’t been configured
    • See at a glance which fields link to Single Entry and Edit Entry
    • Manage and activate layouts from the View editor
    • Added: Show a notice when “Show only approve entries” setting is enabled for a View and no entries are displayed because of the setting
    • Added: Custom Content now supports syntax highlighting, making it much easier to write HTML (to disable, click on the Users sidebar menu, select Profile. Check the box labeled “Disable syntax highlighting when editing code” and save your profile)
    • Added: Warning when leaving Edit View screen if there are unsaved changes
    • Added: See the details of the current field while configuring field settings
    • Added: “Clear all” link to remove all fields from the View editor at once
    • Fixed: It was possible to drag and drop a field while the field settings screen was showing. Now it’s not!
    • Fixed: See when fields have been deleted from a form
  • New: Brand-new lightbox script, now using Fancybox. It’s fast, it’s beautiful, and mobile-optimized.
    • Fixes issue with Gravity Forms images not loading in lightboxes due to secure URLs
  • Ready for Gravity Forms 2.5!
  • Added: Better support for the Consent field
  • Improved layout of the Manage Add-Ons screen
    • Added a “Refresh” link to the Manage Add-Ons screen. This is helpful if you’ve upgraded your license and are ready to get started!
    • Allow enabling/disabling installed add-ons regardless of license status
  • Added: A dropdown in the “All Views” screen to filter Views by the layout (Table, List, DataTables, DIY, Map, etc.)
  • Added: Export entries in TSV format by adding /tsv/ to the View URL
  • Fixed: Approval Status field contains HTML in CSV and TSV exports
  • Fixed: Updating an entry associated with an unactivated user (Gravity Forms User Registration) would also change entry creator’s information
  • Fixed: PHP warning The magic method must have public visibility appearing in PHP 8.0
  • Fixed: PHP notice Undefined property: stdClass::$icons appearing on Plugins page
  • Fixed: “At least one field must be filled out” validation errors (thanks Gravity PDF!)

Developer Updates:

  • New: FancyBox is now being used for the lightbox
    • Thickbox is no longer used
    • Modify settings using gravityview/lightbox/provider/fancybox/settings
    • See options available here
    • If you prefer, a Featherlight lightbox option is available
    • Easily add support for your own lightbox script by extending the new GravityView_Lightbox_Provider abstract class (the Featherbox lightbox script is a good example).
    • Modified: Formally deprecated the mis-spelled gravity_view_lightbox_script and gravity_view_lightbox_style filters in favor of gravityview_lightbox_script and gravityview_lightbox_style (finally!)
    • Fixed: gravityview_lightbox_script filter wasn’t being applied
    • Removed gravityview/fields/fileupload/allow_insecure_lightbox filter, since it’s no longer needed
  • Modified: $_GET args are now passed to links by default.
    • Added: Prevent entry links (single, edit, duplicate) from including $_GET query args by returning false to the filter gravityview/entry_link/add_query_args
    • Added: Prevent entry links being added to delete links by returning false to the filter gravityview/delete-entry/add_query_args
  • Added: gv_get_query_args() function to return $_GET query args, with reserved args removed
    • Added: gravityview/api/reserved_query_args filter to modify internal reserved URL query args
  • Added: field-is_approved-html.php and field-is_approved-csv.php template files for the Is Approved field
  • Modified: Removed
  • Modified: templates/fields/field-entry_link-html.php template to add gv_get_query_args() functionality
  • Breaking CSS change: Removed .gv-list-view CSS class from the List layout container <div>. The CSS class was also used in the looped entry containers, making it hard to style. This issue was introduced in GravityView 2.0. For background, see the GitHub issue.

2.9.4 on January 25, 2021

  • Added: Apply {get} merge tag replacements in attributes and content
  • Modified: Made View Settings changes preparing for a big Math by GravityView update!
  • Fixed: “Change Entry Creator” would not work with Gravity Forms no-conflict mode enabled

Developer Updates:

  • Added: gravityview/metaboxes/multiple_entries/after action to includes/admin/metabox/views/multiple-entries.php to allow extending Multiple Entries View settings

2.9.3 on December 15, 2020

  • Improved: Add search field to the Entry Creator drop-down menu
  • Tweak: Hide field icons (for now) when editing a View…until our refreshed design is released 😉
  • Fixed: Some JavaScript warnings on WordPress 5.6
  • Fixed: Uncaught error when one of GravityView’s methods is used before WordPress finishes loading
  • Fixed: Duplicate Entry link would only be displayed to users with an administrator role
  • Fixed: Search entries by Payment Date would not yield results
  • Fixed: Lightbox didn’t work with secure images
  • New: New lightbox gallery mode for File Upload fields with Multi-File Upload enabled

Developer Updates:

  • Added: gravityview/search-trim-input filter to strip or preserve leading/trailing whitespaces in Search Bar values
  • Added: Future WordPress version compatibility check
  • Tweak: Improved logging output
  • Modified: gravityview_date_created_adjust_timezone default is now set to false (use UTC value) on October 26, 2020

  • Improved: Plugin license information layout when running Gravity Forms 2.5
  • Fixed: View Settings overflow their container (introduced in 2.9.2)

2.9.2 on October 21, 2020

  • Added: GravityView is now 100% compatible with upcoming Gravity Forms 2.5!
  • Added: New View setting to redirect users to a custom URL after deleting an entry
  • Added: An option to display “Powered by GravityView” link under your Views. If you’re a GravityView affiliate, you can earn 20% of sales generated from your link!
  • Improved: Duplicate Entry field is only visible for logged-in users with edit or duplicate entry permissions
  • Modified: Remove HTML from Website and Email fields in CSV output
  • Fixed: Possible fatal error when Gravity Forms is inactive
  • Fixed: Export of View entries as a CSV would result in a 404 error on some hosts
  • Fixed: Entries filtered by creation date using relative dates (e.g., “today”, “-1 day”) did not respect WordPress’s timezone offset
  • Fixed: Partial entries edited in GravityView were being duplicated
  • Fixed: Trying to activate a license disabled due to a refund showed an empty error message
  • Tweak: Improvements to tooltip behavior in View editor
  • Tweak: When “Make Phone Number Clickable” is checked, disable the “Link to single entry” setting in Phone field settings
  • Tweak: Don’t show “Open links in new window” for Custom Content field
  • Tweak: Removed “Open link in the same window?” setting from Website field
    • Note: For existing Views, if both “Open link in the same window?” and “Open link in a new tab or window?” settings were checked, the link will now not open in a new tab. We hope no one had them both checked; this would have caused a rift in space-time and a room full of dark-matter rainbows.

Developer Updates:

  • Added brand-new unit testing and acceptance testing…stay tuned for a write-up on how to easily run the GravityView test suite
  • Changed: /templates/fields/field-website-html.php and /templates/deprecated/fields/website.php to use new target=_blank logic
  • Fixed: License key activation when GRAVITYVIEW_LICENSE_KEY was defined
  • Deprecated: Never used method GravityView_Delete_Entry::set_entry()

2.9.1 on September 1, 2020

  • Improved: Changed the Support Port icon & text to make it clearer
  • Updated: Updater script now handles WordPress 5.5 auto-updates
  • Fixed: Add Yoast SEO 14.7 scripts to the No-Conflict approved list
  • Fixed: Available Gravity Forms forms weren’t appearing in the Gravity Forms widget when configuring a View

Developer Updates:

  • Improved: Gravity Forms 2.5 beta support
  • Fixed: Issue when server doesn’t support GLOB_BRACE
  • Fixed: Removed references to non-existent source map files on July 23, 2020

  • Fixed: Loading all Gravity Forms forms on the frontend
    • Fixes Map Icons field not working
    • Fixes conflict with gAppointments and Gravity Perks
  • Fixed: Fatal error when Gravity Forms is inactive

2.9 on July 16, 2020

  • Added: A “Gravity Forms” widget to easily embed a form above and below a View
  • Added: Settings for changing the “No Results” text and “No Search Results” text
  • Added: “Date Updated” field to field picker and sorting options
  • Modified: When clicking the “GravityView” link in the Admin Toolbar, go to GravityView settings
  • Improved: Add new Yoast SEO plugin scripts to the No-Conflict approved list
  • Improved: Add Wicked Folders plugin scripts to the No-Conflict approved list
  • Fixed: Don’t allow sorting by the Duplicate field
  • Fixed: Multi-site licenses not being properly shared with single sites when GravityView is not Network Activated
  • Fixed: Potential fatal error for Enfold theme

Developer Updates:

  • Fixed: Settings not able to be saved when using the GRAVITYVIEW_LICENSE_KEY constant
  • Fixed: License not able to be activated when using the GRAVITYVIEW_LICENSE_KEY constant
  • Fixed: Potential PHP warning when using the {created_by} Merge Tag
  • Modified: Added index of the current file in the loop to the gravityview/fields/fileupload/file_path filter

2.8.1 on April 22, 2020

  • Added: Better inline documentation for View Settings
  • Improved: When clicking “Add All Form Fields” in the “+ Add Field” picker
  • Modified: Changed default settings for new Views to “Show only approved entries”
  • Modified: When adding a field to a table-based layout, “+ Add Field” now says “+ Add Column”
  • Fixed: Single Entry “Hide empty fields” not working in Table and DataTables layouts

2.8 on April 16, 2020

  • Added: User Fields now has many more options, including avatars, first and last name combinations, and more
  • Added: A new Gravatar (Globally Recognized Avatar) field
  • Added: “Display as HTML” option for Paragraph fields – By default, safe HTML will be shown. If disabled, only text will be shown.
  • Added: Support for Gravity Forms Partial Entries Add-On. When editing an entry, the entry’s “Progress” will now be updated.
  • Modified: Sort forms by title in Edit View, rather than Date Created (thanks, Rochelle!)
  • Modified: The {created_by} Merge Tag
    • When an entry was created by a logged-out user, {created_by} will now show details for a logged-out user (ID 0), instead of returning an unmodified Merge Tag
    • When {created_by} is passed without any modifiers, it now will return the ID of the user who created the entry
    • Fixed PHP warning when {created_by} Merge Tag was passed without any modifiers
  • Fixed: The “Single Entry Title” setting was not working properly
  • Fixed: Recent Entries widget filters not being applied
  • Updated translations: Added Formal German translation (thanks, Felix K!) and updated Polish translation (thanks, Dariusz!)

Developer Updates:

  • Added: gravityview/fields/textarea/allow_html filter to toggle whether Paragraph field output should allow HTML or should be sanitized with esc_html()
  • Added: gravityview/field/created_by/name_display filter for custom User Field output.
  • Added: gravityview/field/created_by/name_display/raw allow raw (unescaped) output for gravityview/field/created_by/name_display.
  • Added: gravityview/fields/gravatar/settings filter to modify the new Gravatar field’s settings
  • Added: gravityview/search/sieve_choices filter in Version 2.5 that enables only showing choices in the Search Bar that exist in entries (learn more about this filter)
  • Modified: gravityview_get_forms() and GVCommon::get_forms() have new $order_by and $order parameters (Thanks, Rochelle!)
  • Fixed: gravityview/edit_entry/user_can_edit_entry and gravityview/capabilities/allow_logged_out were not reachable in Edit Entry and Delete Entry since Version 2.5

2.7.1 on February 24, 2020

  • Fixed: Fatal error when viewing entries using WPML or Social Sharing & SEO extensions

2.7 on February 20, 2020

  • Added: “Enable Edit Locking” View setting to toggle on and off entry locking (in the “Edit Entry” tab of the View Settings)
  • Fixed: Broken Toolbar link to Gravity Forms’ entry editing while editing an entry in GravityView
  • Fixed: PHP undefined index when editing an entry with empty File Upload field
  • Fixed: When adding a field in the View Configuration, the browser window would resize

Developer Updates:

  • Modified: The way Hidden Fields are rendered in Edit Entry no fields are configured. Read what has changed around Hidden Fields
    • Fixed: Rendering Hidden Fields as input=hidden when no fields are configured in Edit Entry (fixing a regression in 2.5)
    • Modified: The default value for the gravityview/edit_entry/reveal_hidden_field filter is now false
    • Added: gravityview/edit_entry/render_hidden_field filter to modify whether to render Hidden Field HTML in Edit Entry (default: true)
  • Modified: Changed GravityView_Edit_Entry_Locking::enqueue_scripts() visibility to protected

2.6 on February 12, 2020

  • Added: Implement Gravity Forms Entry Locking – see when others are editing an entry at the same time (learn more)
  • Added: Easily duplicate entries in Gravity Forms using the new “Duplicate” link in Gravity Forms Entries screen (read how)
  • Improved: Speed up loading of Edit View screen
  • Improved: Speed of adding fields in the View Configuration screen
  • Modified: Reorganized some settings to be clearer
  • Fixed: Potential fatal error when activating extensions with GravityView not active
  • Updated: Russian translation (thank you, Victor S!)

Developer Updates:

  • Added: gravityview/duplicate/backend/enable filter to disable adding a “Duplicate” link for entries
  • Added: gravityview/request/is_renderable filter to modify what request classes represent valid GravityView requests
  • Added: gravityview/widget/search/form/action filter to change search submission URL as needed
  • Added: gravityview/entry-list/link filter to modify Other Entries links as needed
  • Added: gravityview/edit/link filter to modify Edit Entry link as needed
  • Fixed: A rare issue where a single entry is prevented from displaying with Post Category filters
  • Modified: Important! gravityview_get_entry() and GVCommon::get_entry() require a View object as the fourth parameter. While the View will be retrieved from the context if the parameter is missing, it’s important to supply it.
  • Modified: GVCommon::check_entry_display now requires a View object as the second parameter. Not passing it will return an error.
  • Modified: gravityview/common/get_entry/check_entry_display filter has a third View parameter passed from GVCommon::get_entry
  • Modified: Bumped future minimum Gravity Forms version to 2.4

2.5.1 on December 14, 2019

  • Modified: “Show Label” is now off by default for non-table layouts
  • Improved: The View Configuration screen has been visually simplified. Fewer borders, larger items, and rounder corners.
  • Accessibility improvements. Thanks to Rian Rietveld and Gravity Forms for their support.
    • Color contrast ratios now meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 recommendations
    • Converted links that act as buttons to actual buttons
    • Added keyboard navigation support for “Add Field” and “Add Widget” pickers
    • Auto-focus the field search field when Add Field is opened
    • Improved Search Bar HTML structure for a better screen reader experience
    • Added ARIA labels for Search Bar configuration buttons
    • Improved touch target size and spacing for Search Bar add/remove field buttons
  • Fixed: “Search All” with Multiple Forms plugin now works as expected in both “any” and “all” search modes.

Developer Updates:

  • Added: gravityview_lightbox_script and gravityview_lightbox_style filters.
  • Deprecated: gravity_view_lightbox_script and gravity_view_lightbox_style filters. Use gravityview_lightbox_script and gravityview_lightbox_style instead.

2.5 on December 5, 2019

This is a big update! Lots of improvements and fixes.

All changes:

  • GravityView now requires WordPress 4.7 or newer.
  • Added: A new “Duplicate Entry” allows you to duplicate entries from the front-end
  • View Configuration
    • Added: You can now add labels for Custom Content in the View editor (this helps keep track of many Custom Content fields at once!)
    • Modified: New Views will be created with a number of default widgets preset
    • Fixed: View configuration could be lost when the “Update” button was clicked early in the page load or multiple times rapidly
    • Fixed: Some users were unable to edit a View, although having the correct permissions
  • Improved CSV output
    • Modified: Multiple items in exported CSVs are now separated by a semicolon instead of new line. This is more consistent with formatting from other services.
    • Fixed: Checkbox output in CSVs will no longer contain HTML by default
    • Fixed: Textarea (Paragraph) output in CSVs will no longer contain <br /> tags by default
  • Edit Entry
    • Added: Directly embed the Edit Entry screen using the shortcode
    • Fixed: Editing an entry with Approve/Disapprove field hidden would disapprove an unapproved entry
    • Fixed: Field visibility when editing entries. Hidden fields remain hidden unless explicitly allowed via field configuration.
    • Fixed: Hidden calculation fields were being recalculated on Edit Entry
  • Sorting and Search
    • Fixed: User sorting does not work when the shortcode defines a sorting order
    • Fixed: Proper sorting capabilities for Time and Date fields
    • Fixed: Page Size widget breaks when multiple search filters are set
    • Fixed: Page Size widget resets itself when a search is performed
  • Multiple Forms fixes
    • Fixed: Global search not working with joined forms
    • Fixed: Custom Content fields now work properly with Multiple Forms
    • Fixed: Gravity PDF support with Multiple Forms plugin and Custom Content fields
    • Fixed: Entry Link, Edit Link and Delete Link URLs may be incorrect with some Multiple Forms setups
  • Integrations
    • Added: “Show as score” setting for Gravity Forms Survey fields
    • Added: Support for Gravity Forms Pipe Add-On
    • Added: Track the number of pageviews entries get by using the new [gv_pageviews] shortcode integration with the lightweight Pageviews plugin
    • Fixed: GP Nested Forms compatibility issues
    • Fixed: PHP warnings appeared when searching Views for sites running GP Populate Anything with “Default” permalinks enabled
  • Improved: When a View is embedded on a post or page with an incompatible URL Slug, show a warning (read more)
  • Fixed: Number field decimal precision formatting not being respected
  • Fixed: Lifetime licenses showed “0” instead of “Unlimited” sites available
  • Updated: Polish translation (Thanks, Dariusz!)

Developer Updates:

  • Added: mode where edit entry shortcodes can be used now (experimental)
  • Added: gravityview/template/field/csv/glue filter to modify the glue used to separate multiple values in the CSV export (previously “n”, now default is ‘;’)
  • Added: gravityview/shortcodes/gventry/edit/success filter to modify edit success message
  • Added: gravityview/search/sieve_choices filter that sieves Search Widget field filter choices to only ones that have been used in entries (a UI is coming soon)
  • Added: gravityview/search/filter_details filter for developers to modify search filter configurations
  • Added: gravityview/admin/available_fields filter for developers to add their own assignable fields to View configurations
  • Added: gravityview/features/paged-edit A super-secret early-bird filter to enable multiple page forms in Edit Entry
  • Added: $form_id parameter for the gravityview_template_$field_type_options filter
  • Added: gravityview/security/require_unfiltered_html filter now has 3 additional parameters: user_id, cap and args.
  • Added: gravityview/gvlogic/atts filter for
  • Added: gravityview/edit_entry/page/success filter to alter the message between edit entry pages.
  • Added: gravityview/approve_entries/update_unapproved_meta filter to modify entry update approval status.
  • Added: gravityview/search/searchable_fields/whitelist filter to modify allowed URL-based searches.
  • Fixed: Some issues with unfiltered_html user capabilities being not enough to edit a View
  • Fixed: Partial form was being passed to gform_after_update_entry filter after editing an entry. Full form will now be passed.
  • Fixed: Widget form IDs would not change when form ID is changed in the View Configuration screen
  • Fixed: Intermittent and nested else issues
    • The shortcode has been rewritten for more stable, stateless behavior
  • Fixed: GravityView_Entry_Notes::get_notes() can return null; cast $notes as an array in templates/fields/field-notes-html.php and includes/extensions/entry-notes/fields/notes.php template files
  • Fixed: Prevent error logs from filling with “union features not supported”
  • Modified: Cookies will no longer be set for Single Entry back links
  • Modified: Default 250px image_width setting for File Upload images is now easily overrideable
  • Removed: The gravityview/gvlogic/parse_atts/after action is no longer available. See gravityview/gvlogic/atts filter instead
  • Removed: The GVLogic_Shortcode class is now a lifeless stub. See GVShortcodesgvlogic.
  • Deprecated: gravityview_get_current_view_data — use the GVView API instead on August 27, 2019

  • Fixed: Inconsistent sorting behavior for Views using Table layouts
  • Fixed: Searching all fields not searching Multi Select fields
  • Fixed: Error activating GravityView when Gravity Forms is disabled
  • Fixed: “Getting Started” and “List of Changes” page layouts in WordPress 5.3
  • Fixed: Don’t show error messages twice when editing a View with a missing form
  • Tweak: Don’t show “Create a View” on trashed forms action menus

2.4 on July 17, 2019

We tightened security by limiting who can edit Views. Read how to grant Authors and Editors access.

  • Added: A new Result Number field and {sequence} Merge Tag learn all about it!
  • Added: {date_updated} Merge Tag (see all GravityView Merge Tags)
  • Added: Option to output all CSV entries, instead of a single page of results
  • Fixed: Settings compatibility issues on Multisite
  • Fixed: CSV output for address fields contained Google Maps link
  • Fixed: When editing an entry in Gravity Forms, clicking the “Cancel” button would not exit edit mode
  • Fixed: Some fatal errors when Gravity Forms is deactivated while GravityView is active
  • Fixed: Search All Fields functionality with latest Gravity Forms

Developer Updates:

  • Breaking Change: Users without the unfiltered_html capability can no longer edit Views.
  • Added: gravityview/security/allow_unfiltered_html to not require unfiltered_html. Dangerous!
  • Added: gravityview/template/field/address/csv/delimiter filter for CSV output of addresses

2.3.2 on May 3, 2019

  • Re-fixed: Conditional Logic breaks in Edit Entry if the condition field is not present

Developer Updates:

  • Fixed: strtolower() warnings in class-frontend-views.php
  • Fixed: gravityview/fields/fileupload/link_atts filter didn’t work on link-wrapped images
  • Fixed: PHP notice triggered when using the Poll widget
  • Updated: Updater script, which should improve license check load time

2.3.1 on April 18, 2019

  • Added: Entry Approval now features a popover that allows you to select from all approval statuses
  • Fixed: Issues accessing Edit Entry for Views using Multiple Forms
  • Fixed: Issues with Edit Entry where fields were duplicated. This temporarily reverts the conditional logic fix added in 2.3.
  • Fixed: Maps will now properly use global API key settings on Multisite installations

Developer Updates:

  • Fixed: Issues searching Address fields that contain custom states
  • Added: gravityview/approve_entries/popover_placement filter to modify the placement of the approval popover (default: right)

2.3 on April 2, 2019

Gravity Forms 2.3 is required. Some functionality will not work if you are using Gravity Forms 2.2. If this affects you, please let us know

  • Added: Multi-Sorting! Example: Sort first by Last Name, then sort those results by First Name Read more about multi-sorting
  • Added: support to easily check user login status – read how it works
  • Added: Dropdown, Radio and Link input support for searching product fields
  • Fixed: Conditional Logic breaks in Edit Entry if the condition field is not present
  • Fixed: Sorting numbers with decimals
  • Fixed: CSV output of List and File Upload fields
  • Fixed: “Hide empty fields” setting not working Product and Quantity fields
  • Fixed: Month and day reversed in multi-input date search fields
  • Fixed: Join issues with embedded Views when using Multiple Forms
  • Fixed: Other Entries empty text override was not working
  • Updated: 100% translated for Dutch, German, and French

Developer Updates:

  • Added: gravityview/search/created_by/text filter to override dropdown and radio text in “created by” search UI
  • Added: gravityview/approve_entries/after_submission filter to prevent is_approved meta from being added automatically after entry creation
  • Modified: List and File Upload fields are now output as objects/arrays in REST API JSON
  • Modified: Business Hours field support in CSV and JSON output
  • Fixed: Fatal error when custom templates are loaded without GVTemplate_Context
  • Fixed: Potential PHP warning with PHP 7.2
  • Added notice for users to upgrade to PHP 5.6, since WordPress will be bumping the minimum version soon

2.2.5 on February 4, 2019

  • Added: Support for nested dropdown selection in Search Bar
  • Fixed: State search dropdown type for custom address types
  • Fixed: Don’t show Credit Card fields on the Edit Entry screen (#1219)
  • REST API and CSV fixes
    • Fixed: Email field being output as links in CSV
    • Fixed: CSVs could not contain more than one special field (Entry ID, Custom Content, etc.)
    • Fixed: CSV and JSON REST API did not output duplicate headers (Entry ID, Custom Content, etc.)
    • Fixed: JSON REST API endpoint did not render Custom Content fields
    • Modified: In the REST API duplicate keys are now suffixed with (n), for example: id(1), id(2), instead of not showing them at all
  • Updated: Script used to provide built-in Support Port
  • Updated: Russian translation by @awsswa59

Developer Updates:

  • Added: gravityview/edit_entry/before_update hook
  • Added: gravityview/api/field/key filter to customize the generated REST API entry JSON keys
  • Added: gravityview/template/csv/field/raw filter to allow raw output of specific fields
  • Modified: CSV REST API endpoint returns binary data instead of JSON-encoded data

2.2.4 on January 14, 2019

  • Fixed: Other Entries field would display all entries without filtering
  • Fixed: Entry Date searches not working (broken in 2.2)
  • Fixed: CSV outputting wrong date formats for Date and Date Created fields
  • Fixed: CSV outputting empty content for Custom Content fields
  • Fixed: Changelog formatting so that the 2.2.1, 2.2.2, and 2.2.3 updates are shown
  • Fixed: The picture of Floaty was really big in the Getting Started screen
  • Updated Translations for Italian and Iranian. Thanks, Farhad!

2.2.3 on December 20, 2018

  • Fixed: Issue loading translation files on Windows IIS servers

Developer Updates:

  • Added: Third argument to gravityview_search_operator filter (the current GVView object)
  • Added: GravityView_Image::is_valid_extension() to determine whether an extension is valid for an image
  • Fixed: Search operator overrides that broke in 2.2
  • Modified: SVG files are now processed as images in GravityView
  • Modified: Changed translation file loading order to remove paths that didn’t work! See this article for the updated paths.

2.2.2 on December 11, 2018

  • Added: Support for the new Multiple Forms beta!
  • Minor CSS Change: Reduced Search Bar negative margins to fix the Search Bar not aligning properly
  • Fixed: Calculation fields that were not added to the Edit Entry fields were being emptied (except the price)
  • Updated translations – thank you, translators!

Developer Updates:

  • Template Change: Updated widget-poll.php template to display poll results for all Multiple Forms fields
  • Added: gravityview/query/class filter to allow query class overrides, needed for Multiple Forms extension
  • Added: gravityview/approve_entries/autounapprove/status filter to change the approval status set when an entry is modified in Edit Entry
  • Added: $unions property to GVView, for future use with Multiple Forms plugin

2.2.1 on December 4, 2018

  • Confirmed compatibility with WordPress 5.0 and the new Gutenberg editor (use the shortcode block to embed)
  • Added: Support for upcoming Multiple Forms plugin
  • Fixed: Edit Entry writes incorrectly-formatted empty values in some cases.
  • Fixed: “Hide View data until search is performed” not working for Maps layout
  • Fixed: Entries are not accessible when linked to from second page of results
  • Fixed: Search redirects to home page when previewing an unpublished View

Developer Updates:

  • Fixed: Error loading GravityView when server has not defined GLOB_BRACE value for the glob() function
  • Added: gravityview/entry/slug filter to modify entry slug. It runs after the slug has been generated by GravityView_API::get_entry_slug()
  • Added: GVEntry::is_multi() method to check whether the request’s entry is a Multi_Entry (contains data from multiple entries because of joins)

2.2 on November 28, 2018

  • Yes, GravityView is fully compatible with Gravity Forms 2.4!
  • Added: Choose where users go after editing an entry
  • Added: Search entries by approval status with new “Approval Status” field in the Search Bar
  • Added: More search input types added for “Created By” searches
  • Added: When searching “Created By”, set the input type to “text” to search by user email, login and name fields
  • Fixed: Issue installing plugins from the Extensions page on a Multisite network
  • Fixed: When a View is embedded on the homepage of a site, Single Entry and Edit Entry did not work (404 not found error)
  • Fixed: Stray “Advanced Custom Fields” editor at the bottom of Edit View pages
  • Fixed: Labels and quantities removed when editing an entry that had product calculations
  • Fixed: When multiple Views are embedded on a page, Single Entry could sometimes show “You are not allowed to view this content”
  • Fixed: Major search and filtering any/all mode combination issues, especially with “Show only approved entries” mode, A-Z Filters, Featured Entries, Advanced Filtering plugins
  • Fixed: Support all documented date formats in Search Bar date fields
  • Fixed: Issues with Advanced Filtering date fields (including human strings, less than, greater than)
  • Fixed: Security issue when Advanced Filter was configured with an “Any form field” filter (single entries were not properly secured)
  • Fixed: The Quiz Letter Grade is lost if Edit Entry does not contain all Gravity Forms Quiz Add-On fields

Developer Updates:

2.1.1 on October 26, 2018

  • Added: A “Connected Views” menu on the Gravity Forms Forms page – hover over a form to see the new Connected Views menu!
  • Fixed: Additional slashes being added to the custom date format for Date fields
  • Fixed: Quiz Letter Grade not updated after editing an entry that has Gravity Forms Quiz fields
  • Fixed: Single Entry screen is inaccessible when the category is part of a URL path (using the %category% tag in the site’s Permalinks settings)
  • Fixed: Issue where GravityView CSS isn’t loading in the Dashboard for some customers
  • Fixed: Display uploaded files using Gravity Forms’ secure link URL format, if enabled
  • Updated Polish translation. Dziękuję Ci, @dariusz.zielonka!

Developer Updates:

  • Added: gravityview/template/table/use-legacy-style filter to use the legacy Table layout stylesheet without any responsive layout styles (added in GravityView 2.1) – Here’s code you can use
  • Added: gravityview/view/can_render filter to allow you to override whether a View can be rendered or not
  • Added: gravityview/widgets/search/datepicker/format filter to allow you to modify only the format used, rather than using the gravityview_search_datepicker_class filter
  • Fixed: Fixed an issue when using custom entry slugs where non-unique values across forms cause the entries to not be accessible
  • Fixed: Undefined index PHP warning in the GravityView Extensions screen
  • Fixed: Removed internal usage of deprecated GravityView functions
  • Limitation: “Enable lightbox for images” will not work on images when using Gravity Forms secure URL format. Contact support for a work-around, or use a different lightbox script. and on September 28, 2018

  • Fixed: Slashes being added to field quotes
  • Fixed: Images showing as links for File Upload fields on September 27, 2018

  • Fixed: Responsive table layout labels showing sorting icon HTML
  • Fixed: Responsive table layout showing table footer

2.1 on September 27, 2018

  • Added: You can now send email notifications when an entry is approved, disapproved, or the approval status has changed. Learn how
  • Added: Automatically un-approve an entry when it has been updated by an user without the ability to moderate entries
  • Added: Easy way to install GravityView Extensions and our stand-alone plugins Learn how
  • Added: Enable CSV output for Views Learn how
  • Added: A “Page Size” widget allows users to change the number of entries per page
  • Added: Support for displaying a single input value of a Chained Select field
  • Added: The Table layout is now mobile-responsive!
  • Improved: Added a shortcut to reset entry approval on the front-end of a View: “Option + Click” on the Entry Approval field
  • Fixed: Custom date format not working with the {date_created} Merge Tag
  • Fixed: Embedding a View inside an embedded entry didn’t work
  • Fixed: “Link to entry” setting not working for File Upload fields
  • Fixed: Approval Status field not showing anything
  • Updated translations – thank you, translators!

Developer Notes:

  • Added: Process shortcodes inside [gventrylink] shortcodes
  • Added: gravityview/shortcodes/gv_entry_link/output filter to modify output of the shortcode
  • Added gravityview/widget/page_size/settings and gravityview/widget/page_size/page_sizes filters to modify new Page Size widget
  • Modified: Added data-label attributes to all Table layout cells to make responsive layout CSS-only
  • Modified: Added responsive CSS to the Table layout CSS (“table-view.css”)
  • Improved: Reduced database lookups when using custom entry slugs
  • Introduced GVView->can_render() method to reduce code duplication
  • Fixed: Don’t add gvid unless multiple Views embedded in a post
  • Fixed: PHP 5.3 warning in when using array_combine() on empty arrays
  • Fixed: Apply addslashes to View Configuration when saving, fixing {date_created} format
  • REST API: Allow setting parent post or page with the REST API request using post_id={id} (learn more)
  • REST API: Added X-Item-Total header and meta to REST API response on July 19, 2018

  • Fixed: Potential XSS (“Cross Site Scripting”) security issue. Please update.
  • Fixed: GravityView styles weren’t being loaded for some users

2.0.14 on July 9, 2018

  • Added: Allow filtering entries by Unapproved status in Gravity Forms
  • Added: Reset entry approval status by holding down Option/Alt when clicking entry approval icon
  • Fixed: Merge Tags not working in field Custom Labels
  • Fixed: Enable sorting by approval status all the time, not just when a form has an Approval field
  • Fixed: When a View is saved without a connected form, don’t show “no longer exists” message
  • Fixed: Inline Edit plugin not updating properly when GravityView is active

Developer Notes:

  • Added: gravityview/approve_entries/after_submission/default_status filter to modify the default status of an entry as it is created.
  • Modified: No longer delete is_approved entry meta when updating entry status – leave the value to be GravityView_Entry_Approval_Status::UNAPPROVED (3)
  • Fixed: Allow for “in” and “not_in” comparisons when using GravityView_GFFormsModel::is_value_match
  • Tweak: If “Search Mode” key is set, but there is no value, use “all”
  • Tweak: Reduced number of database queries when rendering a View on June 26, 2018

  • Fixed: Custom Content fields not working with DIY Layout
  • Fixed: Error when displaying plugin updates on a single site of a Multisite installation

2.0.13 on June 25, 2018

  • Fixed: When View is embedded in a page, the “Delete Entry” link redirects the user to the View URL instead of embedded page URL
  • Fixed: Custom Content fields not working with DIY Layout since 2.0.11
  • Fixed: Fatal error when migrating settings from (very) old versions of GravityView
  • Fixed: oEmbed not working when using “plain” URLs with numeric View ID slugs

Developer Notes

  • Added: Code to expose Entry Notes globally, to fix conflict with DataTables (future DataTables update required)
  • Added: data-viewid attribute to the Search Bar form with the current View ID
  • Added: Current Post ID parameter to the gravityview/edit-entry/publishing-action/after action

2.0.12 on June 12, 2018

  • Fixed: On the Plugins page, “Update now” not working for GravityView Premium Plugins, Views & Extensions
  • Fixed: Always show that plugin updates are available, even if a license is expired

2.0.11 on June 12, 2018

  • Added: Search for fields by name when adding fields to your View configuration (it’s really great!)
  • Fixed: GravityView license details not saving when the license was activated (only when the Update Settings button was clicked)
  • Fixed: Entry filtering for single entries
  • Fixed: Per-user language setting not being used in WordPress 4.7 or newer

Developer Notes

  • Added: GVView::get_joins() method to fetch array of GVJoins connected with a View
  • Added: GVView::get_joined_forms() method to get array of GVGF_Forms connected with a View

2.0.10 on June 6, 2018

  • Fixed: Password-protected Views were showing “You are not allowed to view this content” instead of the password form
  • Fixed: When Map View is embedded, Search Bar pointed to View URL, not page URL

2.0.9 on June 1, 2018

  • Added: Allow passing {get} Merge Tags to and shortcodes
  • Fixed: Searching by entry creator using the Search Bar wasn’t working
  • Fixed: Edit Entry showing “Invalid link” warnings when multiple Views are embedded on a page
  • Fixed: Issues with legacy template back-compatiblity (A-Z Filters) and newer API widgets (Maps)
  • Fixed: Translations for entry “meta”, like “Created By” or “Date Created”
  • Fixed: When searching State/Province with the Search Bar, use “exact match” search

Developer Notes

  • Added: Auto-prefixing for all CSS rules, set to cover 99.7% of browsers. We were already prefixing, so it doesn’t change much, but it will update automatically from now on, based on browser support. on May 31, 2018

  • Fixed: Standalone map fields not displaying on the Maps layout
  • Fixed: when embedded in a post or page, not a View
  • Fixed: returning a broken link when the entry isn’t defined
  • Fixed: Conflict with Testimonials Widget plugin (and other plugins) loading outdated code
  • Fixed: PHP notice when displaying Gravity Flow “Workflow” field

2.0.8 on May 25, 2018

  • Fixed: Table layout not using field Column Width settings
  • Fixed: With “Show Label” disabled, “Custom Label” setting is being displayed (if set)
  • Fixed: List Field columns were being shown as searchable in Search Bar
  • Fixed: Conflict with Gravity Forms Import Entries file upload process
  • Fixed: Empty searches could show results when “Hide View data until search is performed” is enabled
  • Fixed: When “Start Date” and “End Date” are the same day, results may not be accurate

Developer Updates

  • Fixed: gv_value() didn’t have necessary View global data set for backward compatibility (gv_value() is now deprecated! Use Use GVField_Template::render() instead.) on May 24, 2018

  • Fixed: Merge Tags not being shown in Custom Content fields in Edit Entry
  • Fixed: “gvGlobals not defined” JavaScript error on Edit Entry screen affecting some themes
  • Fixed: Don’t clear Search Bar configuration when switching View layouts

2.0.7 on May 23, 2018

  • Fixed: Entry visibility when View is embedded
  • Fixed: Don’t show widgets if we’re oEmbedding an entry
  • Fixed: Don’t apply “Hide Until Search” on entry pages
  • Fixed: “Hide View data until search is performed” not working for Views on embedded pages
  • Fixed: Restore Advanced Custom Fields plugin compatibility
  • Tweak: When activating a license, remove the notice immediately
  • Fixed: Maps API key settings resetting after 24 hours

Developer Updates

  • Changed: gravityviewgetcontext() now returns empty string if not GravityView post type on May 21, 2018

  • Fixed: “Hide View data until search is performed” not working
  • Added: Support for SiteOrigin Page Builder and LiveMesh SiteOrigin Widgets
  • Fixed: Enfold Theme layout builder no longer rendering Views

2.0.6 on May 17, 2018

  • Fixed: Conflicts with Yoast SEO & Jetpack plugins that prevent widgets from displaying
  • Fixed: Some fields display as HTML (fixes Gravity Flow Discussion field, for example)
  • Fixed: Some Merge Tag modifiers not working, such as :url for List fields
  • Fixed: Give Floaty a place to hang out on the GravityView Settings screen with new Gravity Forms CSS

Developer Updates

  • Fixed: Backward-compatibility for using global $gravityview_view->_current_field (don’t use in new code!)

2.0.5 on May 16, 2018

  • Fixed: Entry Link fields and shortcode not working properly with DataTables when embedded
  • Fixed: Do not output other shortcodes in single entry mode
  • Fixed: Error when deleting an entry
  • Fixed: When multiple Views are embedded on a page, and one or more has Advanced Filters enabled, no entries will be displayed
  • Fixed: PHP warning with [gravitypdf] shortcode
  • Fixed: When multiple table layout Views are embedded on a page, there are multiple column sorting links displayed
  • Fixed: Error displaying message that a license is expired

2.0.4 on May 12, 2018

  • Fixed: Slow front-end performance, affecting all layout types
  • Fixed: Search not performing properly
  • Fixed: “Enable sorting by column” option for Table layouts
  • GravityView will require Gravity Forms 2.3 in the future; please make sure you’re using the latest version of Gravity Forms!

Developer Updates

  • Fixed: GravityView_frontend::get_view_entries() search generation
  • Fixed: gravityview_get_template_settings() not returning settings
  • Tweak: Cache View and Field magic getters into variables for less overhead.

2.0.3 on May 10, 2018

  • Fixed: Compatibility with [gravitypdf] shortcode
  • Fixed: When using shortcode, the page_size setting wasn’t being respected
  • Fixed: not returning the correct entry
  • Fixed: Widgets not being properly rendered when using oEmbed
  • Fixed: Note fields not rendering properly

Developer Notes

  • Fixed: GravityView_View::getInstance() not returning information about a single entry
  • Added: gravityview/shortcode/detail/$key filter

2.0.1 & 2.0.2 on May 9, 2018

  • Fixed: Widgets not displayed when a View is embedded
  • Fixed: Saving new settings can cause fatal error
  • Fixed: Prevent commonly-used front end function from creating an error in the Dashboard
  • Fixed: Hide labels if “Show Label” is not checked
  • Fixed: CSS borders on List layout
  • Fixed: Error when fetching GravityView Widget with DataTables Extension 2.2
  • Fixed: Fail gracefully when GravityView Maps is installed on a server running PHP 5.2.4

Version 2.0 on May 8, 2018

We are proud to share this release with you: we have been working on this release since 2016, and although most of the changes won’t be seen, GravityView has a brand-new engine that will power the plugin into the future! ��
- Zack with GravityView

Note: GravityView now requires PHP 5.3 or newer

This is a major release. Please back up your site before updating. We have tested the plugin thoroughly, but we suggest backing up your site before updating all plugins.

New functionality

  • : embed entries in a post, page or a View (learn more)
  • : embed single field values (learn more)
  • Many new Merge Tag modifiers – These enable powerful new abilities when using the Custom Content field!
  • Use oEmbed with Custom Content fields – easily embed YouTube videos, Tweets (and much more) on your Custom Content field
  • “Is Starred” field – display whether an entry is “Starred” in Gravity Forms or not, and star/unstar it from the front end of your site
  • Added Bosnian, Iranian, and Canadian French translations, updated many others (thank you all!)

Smaller changes

  • Added {gv_entry_link} Merge Tag, alias of shortcode in {gv_entry_link:[post id]:[action]} format. This allows you to use {gv_entry_link} inside HTML tags, where you are not able to use the shortcode.
  • Default comparison is now set to isnot=""; this way, you can just use instead of to check if a field has a value.

Developer Updates

This release is the biggest ever for developers! Even so, we have taken great care to provide backward compatibility with GravityView 1.x. Other than increasing the minimum version of PHP to 5.3, no breaking changes were made.

  • We have rewritten the plugin from the ground up. Learn all about it here.
  • New REST API! Fetch GravityView details and entries using the WordPress REST API endpoint. It’s disabled by default, but can be enabled or disabled globally on GravityView Settings screen, or per-View in View Settings. Learn about the endpoints.
  • New gravityview() API wrapper function, now used for easy access to everything you could want
  • New template structure (learn how to migrate your custom template files)
  • We have gotten rid of global state; actions and filters are now passed a $context argument, a GVTemplate_Context object
  • When HTML 5 is enabled in Gravity Forms, now the Search All field will use type="search"
  • Countless new filters and actions! Additional documentation will be coming, both on as well as

A special thanks to Gennady for your tireless pursuit of better code, insistence on backward compatibility, and your positive attitude. ��

1.22.6 on April 4, 2018

  • Fixed: Line breaks being added to shortcode output
  • Fixed: Gravity Forms 2.3 compatibility notice
  • Fixed: “The ID is required.” message when configuring the GravityView Search WordPress widget
  • Fixed: Slashes were being added to Post Image details

Developer Updates:

  • Added gravityview/edit_entry/reveal_hidden_field filter, which allows you to prevent Hidden fields from becoming Text fields in Edit Entry context
  • Added gravityview/edit_entry/field_visibility filter to set field visibility on Edit Entry (default is always “visible”)

1.22.5 on January 25, 2018

  • Improves support for DIY Layout, a layout for designers & developers to take full advantage of GravityView
  • Tweak: Show “Embed Shortcode” helper if a View has widgets configured but not Fields
  • Fixed: Add Note support for Gravity Forms 2.3 (it’s coming soon)
  • Fixed: tabindex not properly set for Update/Cancel/Delete buttons in Edit Entry
  • Fixed: Hide Yoast SEO Content & SEO Analysis functionality when editing a View
  • Fixed: Line breaks were being added to Custom Content fields and widgets, even when “Automatically add paragraphs to content” wasn’t checked

Developer Updates:

  • Add $nl2br, $format, $aux_data parameters to GravityView_API::replace_variables() to be consistent with GFCommon::replace_variables()


Yes, we skipped a minor release (1.22.4 exists only in our hearts). Thanks for noticing!

1.22.3 on December 21, 2017

  • Added: Support for displaying files uploaded using the Gravity Forms Dropbox Addon (thanks, @mgratch and @ViewFromTheBox!)
  • Added: Merge Tags now are replaced when in shortcodes not in a View
  • Fixed: Filtering by date in Advanced Filters prevented single entries from being visible
  • Fixed: gravityview/capabilities/allow_logged_out filter wasn’t living up to its name (allowing logged-out visitors to edit entries)

Developer Updates:

  • Modified: We’re reverting changes made to Advanced Custom Field plugin compatibility
  • Added: gravityview/fields/fileupload/file_path filter in class-gravityview-field-fileupload.php
  • Modified: Removed !important from the CSS height rule for the .gv-notes .gv-note-add textarea rule

1.22.2 on December 7, 2017

  • Fixed: Fatal error when running Ultimate Member 2.0 beta
  • Fixed: Issue deleting entries when Advanced Filter rules don’t match
  • Fixed: Delete Entry messages not displaying when entry is deleted
  • Fixed: ACF shortcodes in WYSIWYG fields no longer processed since 1.22.1
  • Fixed: Fatal error when using old installations of Gravity Forms

Developer Updates:

  • Added: gravityview/edit_entry/unset_hidden_field_values filter to prevent deleting values for fields hidden by Conditional Logic on November 30, 2017

  • Fixed: When displaying Email fields, PHP warning about StandalonePHPEnkoder.php

1.22.1 on November 29, 2017

  • Moved “Custom Content” field to top of field picker, in what Rafael calls the “Best idea of 2017 �””
  • Added: When Gravity Forms 2.3 is released, support for “Random” entry order will be enabled
  • Fixed: Entry oEmbeds not working when using “Plain” URL formats to embed
  • Fixed: Only published Views showing in Gravity Forms “Connected Views” menu
  • Fixed: Deleting entries can cause entries to be displayed from a different View when Advanced Filters is activated and multiple Views are embedded on a page
  • Fixed: Infinite loop when using shortcode inside ACF fields

Developer Updates:

  • Added: GravityView_HTML_Elements class for generating commonly-used HTML elements
  • Added: Way to disable front-end cookies for our friends in Europe (see code here)
  • Added: gravityview/metaboxes/data-source/before and gravityview/metaboxes/data-source/after hooks
  • Added: Second $args param added to gravityview_get_connected_views() function
  • Modified: Pass fifth parameter $input_type to GravityView_Template::assign_field_options method

= 1.22 on September 4, 2017=

  • Added: Support for Gravity Forms 2.3
  • Fixed: Fatal error when Divi (and other Elegant Themes) try to load GravityView widgets while editing a post with a sidebar block in it—now the sidebar block will not be rendered
  • Fixed: Inline Edit plugin not working when displaying a single entry
  • Fixed: Featured Entries plugin not adding correct CSS selector to the single entry container

Developer Updates:

  • Modified: Template files list-header.php, list-single.php, table-header.php, table-single.php
  • Fixed: When GRAVITYVIEW_LICENSE_KEY constant is defined, it will always be used, and the license field will be disabled
  • Fixed: List View and Table View templates have more standardized CSS selectors for single & multiple contexts (Learn more)
  • Fixed: Permalink issue when embedding a View on a page, then making it the site’s Front Page
  • Fixed: Transient cache issues when invalidating cache
  • Fixed: gv_empty() now returns false for an array with all empty values
  • Fixed: Delay plugin compatibility checks until plugins_loaded on July 24, 2017

  • Fixed: For some field types, the value “No” would be interpreted as false
  • Fixed: In Edit Entry, when editing a form that has a Post Custom Field field type—configured as checkboxes—file upload fields would not be saved
  • Fixed: If a form connected to a View is in the trash, there will be an error when editing the View
  • Fixed: Embedding single entries with WordPress 4.8
  • Fixed: Fatal error when using older version of WPML on June 26, 2017

  • Tweak: Improved plugin speed by reducing amount of information logged
  • Fixed: Duplicate descriptions on the settings screen
  • Fixed: Our “No-Conflict Mode” made the settings screen look bad. Yes, we recognize the irony.
  • Updated: Translations – thank you, translators!
    • Turkish translation by @suhakaralar
    • Dutch translations by Thom on June 13, 2017

  • Modified: We stopped allowing any HTML in Paragraph Text fields in 1.21.5, but this functionality was used by lots of people. We now use a different function to allow safe HTML by default.
  • Added: gravityview/fields/textarea/allowed_kses filter to modify the allowed HTML to be displayed.

1.21.5 on June 8, 2017

  • Added: The {current_post} Merge Tag adds information about the current post. Read more about it.
  • Added: gravityview/gvlogic/parse_atts/after action to modify shortcode attributes after it’s been parsed
  • Added: A new setting to opt-in for access to the latest pre-release versions of GravityView (in Views > Settings)
  • Added: Support for Restrict Content Pro when in “No-Conflict Mode”
  • Fixed: Saving an entry could strip the entry creator information. Now, when the entry creator is not in the “Change Entry Creator” users list, we add them back in to the list.
  • Fixed: Potential security issue
  • Fixed: Multiple notifications could sometimes be sent when editing an entry in GravityView.
  • Fixed: Gravity Forms tooltip scripts being loaded admin-wide.
  • Updated: Dutch translations (thanks, Thom!)

1.21.4 on April 13, 2017

  • Fixed: “Enable sorting by column” not visible when using table-based View Presets
  • Fixed: Error activating the plugin when Gravity Forms is not active
  • Fixed: Numeric sorting
  • Fixed: Compatibility issue with WPML 3.6.1 and lower
  • Tweak: When using ?cache to disable entries caching, cached data is removed

1.21.3 on April 4, 2017

  • Fixed: Post Images stopped working in Edit Entry
  • Fixed: Conflict with our Social Sharing & SEO Extension
  • Fixed: Unable to search for a value of 0
  • Fixed: Inaccurate search results when using the search_field and search_value settings in the shortcode
    • The search mode will now always be set to all when using these settings

Developer Updates:

  • We decided to not throw exceptions in the new gravityview() wrapper function. Instead, we will log errors via Gravity Forms logging.

1.21.2 on March 31, 2017

  • Added: Support for embedding shortcodes in Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) fields
  • Fixed: PHP warnings and notices

1.21.1 on March 30, 2017

  • Fixed: Advanced Filters no longer filtered ��
  • Fixed: Fatal error when viewing Single Entry with a Single Entry Title setting that included Merge Tags
  • Fixed: Cache wasn’t cleared when an entry was created using Gravity Forms API (thanks Steve with Gravity Flow!)

1.21 on March 29, 2017

  • Fixed: Edit Entry compatibility with Gravity Forms 2.2
  • Fixed: Single Entry not accessible when filtering a View by Gravity Flow’s “Final Status” field
  • Fixed: Needed to re-save permalink settings for Single Entry and Edit Entry to work
  • Fixed: Incorrect pagination calculations when passing offset via the shortcode

Developer Updates:

  • Modified: GVCommon::check_entry_display() now returns WP_Error instead of false when an error occurs. This allows for additional information to be passed.
  • Added: gravityview/search-all-split-words filter to change search behavior for the “Search All” search input. Default (true) converts words separated by spaces into separate search terms. false will search whole word.
  • Much progress has been made on the gravityview() wrapper function behind the scenes. Getting closer to parity all the time.

1.20.1 on March 1, 2017

  • Added: Support for comma-separated email addresses when adding a note and using “Other email address”
  • Fixed: Edit Entry issue with File Uploads not saving properly
  • Fixed: Support for offset attribute in the shortcode
  • Updated: Auto-upgrade script

1.20 on February 24, 2017

  • Added: Product Fields are now editable
    • Quantity,
    • Product fields are hidden if the entry contains external transaction data
    • Support for Coupon Addon
  • Fixed: Single Entry not accessible when filtering by a Checkbox field in the Advanced Filters Extension
  • Fixed: WPML links to Single Entry not working if using directory or sub-domain URL formats
  • Fixed: Product field prices not always formatted as a currency
  • Fixed: Product fields sometimes appeared twice in the Add Field field picker
  • Fixed: PHP warning when updating entries. Thanks for reporting, Werner!
  • Modified: Don’t show CAPTCHA fields in Edit Entry
  • Fixed: “Trying to get property of non-object” bug when updating an entry connected to Gravity Forms User Registration
  • Fixed: Yoast SEO scripts and styles not loading properly on Edit View screen
  • Updated: Minimum version of Gravity Forms User Registration updated to 3.2

Developer Notes:

  • Added: GVCommon::entry_has_transaction_data() to check whether entry array contains payment gateway transaction information
  • Added: gravityview/edit_entry/hide-coupon-fields to modify whether to hide Coupon fields in Edit Entry (default: false)
  • Added: GravityView_frontend::get_view_entries_parameters() method to get the final entry search parameters for a View without fetching the entries as well
  • Added: GVCommon::get_product_field_types() to fetch Gravity Forms product field types array
  • Added: gravityview/edit_entry/field_blacklist filter to modify what field types should not be shown in Edit Entry
  • Added: GravityView_Plugin_Hooks_Gravity_Forms_Coupon class
  • Added: Third GravityView_Edit_Entry_Render parameter to gravityview/edit_entry/field_value, gravityview/edit_entry/field_value_{field_type} filters and gravityview/edit_entry/after_update action
  • Updated: list-body.php and list-single.php template files to prevent empty <div> from rendering (and looking bad) when there are no fields configured for the zones
  • Updated: fields/product.php template file
  • Updated: Flexibility library for IE CSS flexbox support
  • Modified: gravityview/edit_entry/hide-product-fields default will now be determined by whether entry has gateway transaction information
  • Modified: Only print errors when running the unit tests if the --debug setting is defined, like phpunit --debug --verbose
  • Modified: If overriding get_field_input() using GravityView_Field, returning empty value will now result in the default GF_Field input being used
  • Modified: GravityViewEditEntryUserRegistration::restoredisplayname() now returns a value instead of void
  • Tweak: Edit Entry links no longer require page=gf_entries&view=entry at the end of the URL (in case you noticed)

1.19.4 on January 19, 2017

  • GravityView requirements will soon be updated: Gravity Forms Version 2.0+, PHP 5.3+
  • Updated: GravityView now requires WordPress 4.0 or newer
  • Fixed: Search Bar search not working for states in the United States
  • Fixed: WPML conflict where Single Entry or Edit Entry screens are inaccessible
  • Fixed: Prevent PHP error when displaying GravityView using get_gravityview()
  • Updated translations:
    • �� Danish 100% translatedd*
    • �� Norwegian 100% translatedd*
    • �� Swedish translation updateded

__Developer Notes: __

  • New: We’re starting the migration to a new wrapper API that will awesome. We will be rolling out new functionality and documentation over time. For now, we are just using it to load the plugin. Very exciting time!
  • Fixed: Issue fetching image sizes when using GravityView_Image class and fetching from a site with invalid SSL cert.
  • Added: gravityview_directory_link to modify the URL to the View directory context (in GravityView_API::directory_link())

1.19.3 on January 9, 2017

First update of 2017! We’ve got great things planned for GravityView and our Extensions. As always, contact us with any questions or feedback. We don’t bite!

  • Fixed: List field inputs not loading in Edit Entry when values were empty or the field was hidden initially because of Conditional Logic
  • Fixed: Prevent Approve Entry and Delete Entry fields from being added to Edit Entry field configuration
  • Fixed: Don’t render Views outside “the loop”, prevents conflicts with other plugins that run the_content filter outside normal places
  • Fixed: Only display “You have attempted to view an entry that is not visible or may not exist.” warning once when multiple Views are embedded on a page
  • Fixed: The shortcode would not be parsed properly due to HTML encoding when using certain page builders, including OptimizePress
  • Fixed: Potential errors when non-standard form fields are added to Edit Entry configurations (“Creating default object from empty value” and “Cannot use object of type stdClass as array”)
  • Updated translations:
    • �� Chinese 100% translated (thank you, Michael Edi!)!)
    • �� French 100% translatedd*
    • �� Brazilian Portuguese 100% translated (thanks, Rafael!)!)
    • �� Dutch translation updated (thank you, Erik van Beek!)!)
    • �� Swedish translation updateded
    • Updated Spanish (Spain + Mexican) and German (de + de_DE) with each other

Developer Notes:

  • GVCommon::get_form_from_entry_id() now correctly fetches forms with any status
  • Moved GravityView_Support_Port::get_related_plugins_and_extensions() to GV_License_Handler class
  • Updated the bash script
    • The 6th parameter now prevents database creation, and the 7th is the Gravity Forms source file
    • Script no longer breaks if there is a space in a directory name
    • /tmp/ is no longer created in the GravityView directory; it’s installed in the server’s /tmp/ directory
  • Fixed Travis CI integration

1.19.2 on December 21, 2016

  • Added: Search Bar now supports displaying State and Country fields as Select, List, or Radio input types (before, only text fields)
  • Fixed: Single entries not accessible when a View has filters based on Gravity Forms “Advanced” fields like Address and Name
  • Added: There is now a warning when a View tab has not been configured. The question “Why aren’t my entries showing up?” is often due to a lack of configuration.
  • Added: Notice for future PHP requirements.
    • Reminder: GravityView will soon require PHP 5.3. 97.6% of sites are already compatible.
  • Fixed: Conflict with another plugin that prevented the Field Settings from being reachable in the Edit View screen
  • Fixed: GravityView widgets repeating twice for some customers

Developer Notes:

  • Added: GravityView_View::getContextFields() method allows fetching the fields configured for each View context (directory, single, edit)
    • Modified: templates/list-body.php and templates/list-single.php to add a check for context fields before rendering
  • Added: $field_id as fourth argument passed to gravityview/extension/search/input_type filter
  • Added: Added $cap and $object_id parameters to GVCommon::generate_notice() to be able to check caps before displaying a notice

1.19.1 on November 15, 2016

  • Fixed: When creating a new View, the “form doesn’t exist” warning would display

1.19 on November 14, 2016

  • New: Front-end entry moderation! You can now approve and disapprove entries from the front of a View – learn how to use front-end entry approval
    • Add entry moderation to your View with the new “Approve Entries” field
    • Displaying the current approval status by using the new “Approval Status” field
    • Views have a new “Show all entries to administrators” setting. This allows administrators to see entries with any approval status. Learn how to use this new setting
  • Fixed: Approval values not updating properly when using the “Approve/Reject” and “User Opt-In” fields
  • Tweak: Show inactive forms in the Data Source form dropdown
  • Tweak: If a View is connected to a form that is in the trash or does not exist, an error message is now shown
  • Tweak: Don’t show “Lost in space?” message when searching existing Views
  • Added: New Russian translation – thank you, George Kovalev!

Developer Notes:

  • Added: field-approval.css CSS file. Learn how to override the design here.
  • Modified: Removed the bottom border on the “No Results” text (.gv-no-results CSS selector)
  • Fixed: Deprecated get_bloginfo() usage

1.18.1 on November 3, 2016

  • Updated: 100% Chinese translation—thank you Michael Edi!
  • Fixed: Entry approval not working when using custom entry slugs
  • Fixed: Undefined index: is_active warning is shown when editing entries with User Registration Addon active
  • Fixed: Strip extra whitespace in Entry Note field templates

1.18 on October 11, 2016

  • Updated minimum requirements: WordPress 3.5, Gravity Forms 1.9.14
  • Modified: Entries that are unapproved (not approved or disapproved) are shown as yellow circles
  • Added: Shortcut to create a View for an existing form
  • Added: Entry Note emails now have a message “This note was sent from {url}” to provide context for the note recipient
  • Fixed: Edit Entry did not save other field values when Post fields were in the Edit Entry form
  • Fixed: When using “Start Fresh” View presets, form fields were not being added to the “Add Field” field picker
  • Fixed: Hidden visible inputs were showing in the “Add Field” picker (for example, the “Middle Name” input was hidden in the Name field, but showing as an option)
  • Fixed: Fatal error when editing Post Content and Post Image fields
  • Fixed: Lightbox images not loading
  • Fixed: Lightbox loading indicator displaying below the overlay
  • Fixed: “New form created” message was not shown when saving a draft using a “Start Fresh” View preset
  • Gravity Forms User Registration Addon changes:
    • Gravity Forms User Registration 2.0 is no longer supported
    • Fixed Processing “Update User” feeds
    • Fixed: Inactive User Registration feeds were being processed
    • Fixed: User Registration “Update User” feeds were being processed, even if the Update Conditions weren’t met
    • Fixed: Unable to use gravityview/edit_entry/user_registration/trigger_update filter
  • Fixed: Prevent negative entry counts when approving and disapproving entries
  • Fixed: PHP notice when WooCommerce Memberships is active
  • Tweak: Entry Note emails now have paragraphs automatically added to them
  • Tweak: When the global “Show Support Port” setting is “Hide”, always hide; if set to “Show”, respect each user’s Support Port display preference
  • Updated: Complete German translation—thank you hubert123456!

Developer Notes

  • Migrated is_approved entry meta values; statuses are now managed by the GravityView_Entry_Approval_Status class
    • “Approved” => 1, use GravityView_Entry_Approval_Status::APPROVED constant
    • “0” => 2, use GravityView_Entry_Approval_Status::DISAPPROVED constant
    • Use $new_value = GravityView_Entry_Approval_Status::maybe_convert_status( $old_value ) to reliably translate meta values
  • Added: GVCommon::get_entry_id() method to get the entry ID from a slug or ID
  • Added: gravityview_go_back_url filter to modify the link URL used for the single entry back-link in gravityview_back_link() function
  • Added: gravityview/field/notes/wpautop_email filter to disable wpautop() on Entry Note emails
  • Added: $email_footer to the gravityview/field/notes/email_content filter content
  • Modified: note-add-note.php template: added current-url hidden field
  • Modified: list-single.php template file: added .gv-grid-col-1-3 CSS class to the .gv-list-view-content-image container
  • Fixed: Mask the Entry ID in the link to lightbox files

1.17.4 on September 7, 2016

  • Added: Support for editing Gravity Perks Unique ID fields
  • Fixed: Issue searching and sorting fields with multiple inputs (like names)
  • Fixed: Restore Gravity Forms Quiz Addon details in the field picker

Developer Notes

  • Added: gravityview_get_directory_widgets(), gravityview_set_directory_widgets() wrapper functions to get and set View widget configurations
  • Added: Second $apply_filter parameter to GVCommon::get_directory_fields() function to set whether or not to apply the gravityview/configuration/fields filter

1.17.3 on August 31, 2016

  • Added: Search Bar support for Gravity Forms Survey fields: filter by survey responses
  • Added: Search Bar support for Gravity Flow: search entries by the current Step, Step Status, or Workflow Status
  • Added: and other shortcodes now can be used inside Email field settings content
  • Added: Support for embedding Views in the front page of a site; the GravityView – Allow Front Page Views plugin is no longer required
  • Tweak: In Edit View, holding down the option (or alt) key while switching forms allows you to change forms without resetting field configurations – this is useful if you want to switch between duplicate forms
  • Fixed: Restored correct Gravity Flow status and workflow values
  • Fixed: Conflict when editing an entry in Gravity Flow
  • Fixed: Tooltip title text of the field and widget “gear” icon
  • Changed the plugin author from “Katz Web Services, Inc.” to “GravityView” – it seemed like it was time!

Developer Notes

  • Modified: gravityview_get_forms() function and GVCommon::get_forms() method to be compatible with GFAPI::get_forms(). Now accepts $active and $trash arguments, as well as returning all form data (not just id and title keys)
  • Modified: template/fields/post_image.php file to use gravityview_get_link() to generate the anchor link
  • Modified: rel="noopener noreferrer" now added to all links generated using gravityview_get_link() with target="_blank". This fixes a generic security issue (not specific to GravityView) when displaying links to submitted websites and “Open link in new window” is checked – read more about it here
  • Modified: Don’t convert underscores to periods if not numeric in GravityView_Widget_Search::prepare_field_filter() – this fixes searching entry meta
  • Modified: Added third gravityview_search_field_label parameter: $field – it’s the field configuration array passed by the Search Bar
  • Modified: HTML tags are now stripped from Email field body and subject content
  • Modified: Moved GravityView_Admin_View_Item, GravityView_Admin_View_Field, and GravityView_Admin_View_Widget to their own files
  • Added: Deprecation notices for methods that haven’t been used since Version 1.2!

1.17.2 on August 9, 2016

  • Fixed: “Start Fresh” fails when there are no pre-existing forms in Gravity Forms
  • Fixed: Edit Entry not saving values for fields that were initially hidden
  • Added: Support for embedding Views in Ultimate Member profile tabs
  • Fixed: File Upload fields potentially displaying PHP warnings
  • Fixed: Check plugin and theme existence before loading hooks
  • Fixed: “Hide empty fields” not working when “Make Phone Number Clickable” is checked for Phone fields
  • Fixed: Potential PHP warning when adding Password fields in Edit View
  • Fixed: Dutch (Netherlands) nl_NL translation file fixed
  • Fixed: Divi theme shortcode buttons and modal form added to Edit View screen
  • Fixed: Possible for Approve Entries checkbox to use the wrong Form ID
  • Fixed: Search issues with special characters
    • Searches that contained ampersands & were not working
    • Searches containing plus signs + were not working
    • The “Select” Search Bar input type would not show the active search if search term contained an &
  • Fixed: Multisite issue: when Users are logged-in but not added to any sites, they aren’t able to see View content
  • Fixed: Never show GravityView Toolbar menu to users who aren’t able to edit Views, Forms, or Entries
  • Fixed: Allow passing post_id in shortcode
  • Tweak: Use system fonts instead of Open Sans in the admin
  • Modified: The default setting for “No-Conflict Mode” is now “On”. GravityView should look good on your site!
  • Updated translations (thank you!)
    • Turkish translation by Süha Karalar
    • Chinese translation by Michael Edi

Developer Notes:

  • Added: gravityview_view_saved action, triggered after a View has been saved in the admin
  • Modified: Changed the Phone field template to use gravityview_get_link() to generate the anchor tag
  • Added: gravityview/common/get_entry_id_from_slug/form_id filter to modify the form ID used to generate entry slugs, in order to avoid hash collisions with data from other forms

1.17.1 on June 27

  • Fixed: Entry approval with Gravity Forms 2.0
    • Added: Approved/Disapproved filters to Gravity Forms “Entries” page
    • Fixed: Bulk Approve/Disapprove
    • Fixed: Approve column and Bulk Actions not visible on Gravity Forms Entries page
    • Tweak: Improved speed of approving/disapproving entries
  • Fixed: “Reply To” reference fixed in GVCommon::send_email() function
  • Added: Improved logging for creation of Custom Slug hash ids
  • Translations updated:

1.17 on June 14

  • Fully compatible with Gravity Forms 2.0
  • Added: Entry Notes field
    • Add and delete Entry Notes from the frontend
    • Allows users to email Notes when they are added
    • Display notes to logged-out users
    • New user capabilities to limit access (gravityview_add_entry_notes, gravityview_view_entry_notes, gravityview_delete_entry_notes, gravityview_email_entry_notes)
  • Added: Merge Tag modifiers – now set a maximum length of content, and automatically add paragraphs to Merge Tags. Read how to use the new Merge Tag modifiers.
    • :maxwords:{number} – Limit output to a set number of words
    • :wpautop – Automatically add line breaks and paragraphs to content
    • :timestamp – Convert dates into timestamp values
  • Modified: Major changes to the Search Bar design
  • Added: Field setting to display the input value, label, or check mark, depending on field type. Currently supported: Checkbox, Radio, Drop Down fields.
  • Added: RTL (“right to left”) language support in default and List template styles (Added: gv-default-styles-rtl.css and list-view-rtl.css stylesheets)
  • Added: Option to make Phone numbers click-to-call
  • Added: GravityView parent menu to Toolbar; now you can edit the form connected to a View directly from the View
    • Changed: Don’t show Edit View in the Admin Bar; it’s now under the GravityView parent menu
    • Fixed: Don’t remove Edit Post/Page admin bar menu item
  • Added: Support for Gravity Flow “Workflow Step” and Workflow “Final Status” fields
  • Added: Support for Password fields. You probably shouldn’t display them (in most cases!) but now you can
  • Modified: When deleting/trashing entries with GravityView, the connected posts created by Gravity Forms will now also be deleted/trashed
  • Edit Entry improvements
    • Added: Edit Entry now fully supports Gravity Forms Content Templates
    • Fixed: Edit Entry didn’t pre-populate List inputs if they were part of a Post Custom Field field type
    • Fixed: Updating Post Image fields in Edit Entry when the field is not set to “Featured Image” in Gravity Forms
    • Fixed: “Rank” and “Ratings” Survey Field types not being displayed properly in Edit Entry
    • Fixed: Signature field not displaying existing signatures in Edit Entry
    • Fixed: Post Category fields will now update to show the Post’s current categories
    • Fixed: Allow multiple Post Category fields in Edit Entry
    • Fixed: PHP warning caused when a form had “Anti-spam honeypot” enabled
  • Fixed: When inserting a GravityView shortcode using the “Add View” button, the form would flow over the window
  • Fixed: Church Themes theme compatibility
  • Fixed: Inactive and expired licenses were being shown the wrong error message
  • Fixed: Moving domains would prevent GravityView from updating
  • Fixed: When using the User Opt-in field together with the View setting “Show Only Approved Entries”, entries weren’t showing
  • Fixed: If a label is set for Search Bar “Link” fields, use the label. Otherwise, “Show only:” will be used
  • Fixed: Showing the first column of a List field was displaying all the field’s columns
  • Translations: New Persian translation by @azadmojtaba (thank you!)

Developer Notes

  • Templates changed:
    • list-single.php and list-body.php: changed #gv_list_{entry_id} to #gv_list_{entry slug}. If using custom entry slugs, the ID attribute will change. Otherwise, no change.
    • list-body.php: Removed id attribute from entry title <h3>
  • Added: Override GravityView CSS files by copying them to a template’s /gravityview/css/ sub-directory
  • Added: gravityview_css_url() function to check for overriding CSS files in templates
  • Added: gravityview_use_legacy_search_style filter; return true to use previous Search Bar stylesheet
  • Major CSS changes for the Search Bar.
    • Search inputs <div>s now have additional CSS classes based on the input type: .gv-search-field-{input_type} where {input_type} is:
      search_all (search everything text box), link, date, checkbox (list of checkboxes), single_checkbox, text, radio, select,
      multiselect, date_range, entry_id, entry_date
    • Added gv-search-date-range CSS class to containers that have date ranges
    • Moved gv-search-box-links CSS class from the <p> to the <div> container
    • Fixed: <label> for attribute was missing quotes
  • Added:
    • gravityview/edit_entry/form_fields filter to modify the fields displayed in Edit Entry form
    • gravityview/edit_entry/field_value_{field_type} filter to change the value of an Edit Entry field for a specific field type
    • gravityview/edit-entry/render/before action, triggered before the Edit Entry form is rendered
    • gravityview/edit-entry/render/after action, triggered after the Edit Entry form is rendered
  • Fixed: PHP Warning for certain hosting open_basedir configurations
  • Added: gravityview/delete-entry/delete-connected-post Filter to modify behavior when entry is deleted. Return false to prevent posts from being deleted or trashed when connected entries are deleted or trashed. See gravityview/delete-entry/mode filter to modify the default behavior, which is “delete”.
  • Added: gravityview/edit_entry/post_content/append_categories filter to modify whether post categories should be added to or replaced?
  • Added: gravityview/common/get_form_fields filter to modify fields used in the “Add Field” selector, View “Filters” dropdowns, and Search Bar
  • Added: gravityview/search/searchable_fields filter to modify fields used in the Search Bar field dropdown
  • Added: GVCommon::send_email(), a public alias of GFCommon::send_email()
  • Added: GravityView_Field_Notes class, with lots of filters to modify output
  • Added: $field_value parameter to gravityview_get_field_label() function and GVCommon::get_field_label() method
  • Added: $force parameter to GravityView_Plugin::frontend_actions() to force including files
  • Modified: Added second parameter $entry to gravityview/delete-entry/trashed and gravityview/delete-entry/deleted actions
  • Fixed: An image with no src output a broken HTML <img> tag on April 7

  • Fixed: Edit Entry links didn’t work

1.16.5 on April 6

  • Fixed: Search Bar inputs not displaying for Number fields
  • Fixed: Compatibility issue with ACF plugin when saving a View
  • Fixed (for real this time): Survey field values weren’t displaying in Edit Entry
  • Tweak: Made it clearer when editing a View that GravityView is processing in the background
  • Added: Chinese translation (thanks, Edi Weigh!)
  • Updated: German translation (thanks, @akwdigital!)

Developer Notes

  • Added: gravityview/fields/custom/decode_shortcodes filter to determine whether to process shortcodes inside Merge Tags in Custom Content fields. Off by default, for security reasons.
  • Fixed: Potential fatal errors when activating GravityView if Gravity Forms isn’t active
  • Updated: Gamajo Template Loader to Version 1.2
  • Verified compatibility with WordPress 4.5 on March 23

  • Fixed: Major display issue caused by output buffering introduced in 1.16.4. Sorry!

1.16.4 on March 21

  • Fixed: shortcodes sometimes not rendering inside page builder shortcodes
  • Fixed: Individual date inputs (Day, Month, Year) always would show full date.
  • Fixed: Quiz and Poll fields weren’t displaying properly
  • Fixed: Survey field CSS styles weren’t enqueued properly when viewing survey results
  • Fixed: Survey field values weren’t displaying in Edit Entry. We hope you “likert” this update a lot ;-)
  • Added: Option to set the search mode (“any” or “all”) on the GravityView Search WordPress widget.
  • Added: Option to show/hide “Show Answer Explanation” for Gravity Forms Quiz Addon fields
  • Tweak: Don’t show GravityView Approve Entry column in Gravity Forms Entries table if there are no entries
  • Updated: Turkish translation. Thanks, @suhakaralar!
  • Tested and works with Gravity Forms 2.0 Beta 1

Developer Notes:

  • Tweak: Updated templates/fields/date.php template to use new GravityView_Field_Date::date_display() method.
  • Added gv-widgets-no-results and gv-container-no-results classes to the widget and View container <div>s. This will make it easier to hide empty View content and/or Widgets.
  • Added: New action hooks when entry is deleted (gravityview/delete-entry/deleted) or trashed (gravityview/delete-entry/trashed).
  • Added: Use the hook gravityview/search/method to change the default search method from GET to POST (hiding the search filters from the View url)
  • Added: gravityview/extension/search/select_default filter to modify default value for Drop Down and Multiselect Search Bar fields.
  • Added: gravityview_get_input_id_from_id() helper function to get the Input ID from a Field ID.

1.16.3 on February 28

  • Fixed: Date range search not working
  • Fixed: Display fields with calculation enabled on the Edit Entry view
  • Fixed: Large images in a gallery not resizing (when using .gv-gallery)
  • Tweak: Start and end date in search are included in the results

Developer Notes:

  • Added: gravityview/approve_entries/bulk_actions filter to modify items displayed in the Gravity Forms Entries “Bulk action” dropdown, in the “GravityView” <optgroup>
  • Added: gravityview/edit_entry/button_labels filter to modify the Edit Entry view buttons labels (defaults: Cancel and Update)
  • Added: gravityview/approve_entries/add-note filter to modify whether to add a note when the entry has been approved or disapproved (default: true)
  • Fixed: Removed deprecated get_currentuserinfo() function usage on February 17

  • This fixes Edit Entry issues introduced by If you are running, please update. Sorry for the inconvenience! on February 16

  • Fixed: Edit Entry calculation fields not being able to calculate values when the required fields weren’t included in Edit Entry layout
  • Fixed: Prevent Section fields from being searchable
  • Fixed: Setting User Registration 3.0 “create” vs “update” feed type

1.16.2 on February 15

  • Added: Support for Post Image field on the Edit Entry screen
  • Added: Now use any Merge Tags as parameters
  • Fixed: Support for User Registration Addon Version 3
  • Fixed: Support for rich text editor for Post Body fields
  • Fixed: Admin-only fields may get overwritten when fields aren’t visible during entry edit by user (non-admin)
  • Fixed: Address fields displayed hidden inputs
  • Fixed: Merge Tag dropdown list can be too wide when field names are long
  • Fixed: When sorting, recent entries disappeared from results
  • Fixed: Searches that included apostrophes
 or ampersands returned no results
  • Fixed: Zero values not set in fields while in Edit Entry
  • Fixed: Re-calculate fields where calculation is enabled after entry is updated
  • Fixed: Warning message when Number fields not included in custom Edit Entry configurations
  • Translation updates:

Developer Notes:

  • Reminder: GravityView will soon require PHP 5.3
  • Added: gravityview/widgets/container_css_class filter to modify widget container <div> CSS class
    • Added gv-widgets-{zone} class to wrapper ({zone} will be either header or footer)
  • Fixed: Conflict with some plugins when ?action=delete is processed in the Admin (#624, reported by dcavins)
  • Fixed: Removed icon CSS class name from the table sorting icon links. Now just gv-icon instead of icon gv-icon.
  • Fixed: “Clear” search link now set to display: inline-block instead of display: block
  • Added: gravityview/common/get_entry/check_entry_display filter to disable validating whether to show entries or not against View filters
  • Fixed: GravityView_API::replace_variables no longer requires $form and $entry arguments

1.16.1 on January 21

  • Fixed: GravityView prevented Gravity Forms translations from loading
  • Fixed: Field Width setting was visible in Edit Entry
  • Fixed: Don’t display embedded Gravity Forms forms when editing an entry in GravityView

Developer Notes:

  • Added: gravityview_excerpt_more filter. Modify the “Read more” link used when “Maximum Words” setting is enabled and the output is truncated.
    • Removed: excerpt_more filter on textarea.php – many themes use permalink values to generate links.

1.16 on January 14

  • Happy New Year! We have big things planned for GravityView in 2016, including a new View Builder. Stay tuned :-)
  • Added: Merge Tags. See all GravityView Merge Tags
    • {date_created} The date an entry was created. Read how to use it here.
    • {payment_date} The date the payment was received. Formatted using the same modifiers as {date_created}
    • {payment_status} The current payment status of the entry (ie “Processing”, “Pending”, “Active”, “Expired”, “Failed”, “Cancelled”, “Approved”, “Reversed”, “Refunded”, “Voided”)
    • {payment_method} The way the entry was paid for (ie “Credit Card”, “PayPal”, etc.)
    • {payment_amount} The payment amount, formatted as the currency (ie $75.25). Use {payment_amount:raw} for the un-formatted number (ie 75.25)
    • {currency} The currency with which the entry was submitted (ie “USD”, “EUR”)
    • {is_fulfilled} Whether the order has been fulfilled. Displays “Not Fulfilled” or “Fulfilled”
    • {transaction_id} the ID of the transaction returned by the payment gateway
    • {transaction_type} Indicates the transaction type of the entry/order. “Single Payment” or “Subscription”.
  • Fixed: Custom merge tags not being replaced properly by GravityView
  • Fixed: Connected form links were not visible in the Data Source metabox
  • Fixed: Inaccurate “Key missing” error shown when license key is invalid
  • Fixed: Search Bar could show “undefined” search fields when security key has expired. Now, a helpful message will appear.
  • Tweak: Only show Add View button to users who are able to publish Views
  • Tweak: Reduce the number of database calls by fetching forms differently
  • Tweak: Only show license key notices to users who have capability to edit settings, and only on GravityView pages
  • Tweak: Improved load time of Views screen in the admin
  • Tweak: Make sure entry belongs to correct form before displaying
  • Tweak: Removed need for one database call per displayed entry
  • Translations, thanks to:

Developer Notes:

  • New: Added get_content() method to some GravityView_Fields subclasses. We plan on moving this to the parent class soon. This allows us to not use /templates/fields/ files for every field type.
  • New: GVCommon::format_date() function formats entry and payment dates in more ways than GFCommon::format_date
  • New: gravityview_get_terms_choices() function generates array of categories ready to be added to Gravity Forms $choices array
  • New: GVCommon::has_product_field() method to check whether a form has product fields
  • New: Added add_filter( 'gform_is_encrypted_field', '__return_false' ); before fetching entries
  • Added: gv-container-{view id} CSS class to gv_container_class() function output. This will be added to View container <div>s
  • Added: $group parameter to GravityView_Fields::get_all() to get all fields in a specified group
  • Added: gravityview_field_entry_value_{field_type}_pre_link filter to modify field values before “Show As Link” setting is applied
  • Added: Second parameter $echo (boolean) to gv_container_class()
  • Added: Use the $is_sortable GravityView_Field variable to define whether a field is sortable. Overrides using the gravityview/sortable/field_blacklist filter.
  • Fixed: gv_container_class() didn’t return value
  • Fixed: Don’t add link to empty field value
  • Fixed: Strip extra whitespace in gravityview_sanitize_html_class()
  • Fixed: Don’t output widget structural HTML if there are no configured widgets
  • Fixed: Empty HTML <h4> label container output in List layout, even when “Show Label” was unchecked
  • Fixed: Fetching the current entry can improperly return an empty array when using GravityView_View->getCurrentEntry() in DataTables extension
  • Fixed: gravityview/sortable/formfield_{form}_{field_id} filter detailed here
  • Fixed: gravityview/sortable/field_blacklist filter docBlock fixed
  • Tweak: Set max-width: 50% for div.gv-list-view-content-image
  • Tweak: Moved gv_selected() to helper-functions.php from class-api.php

1.15.2 on December 3

  • Fixed: Approval column not being added properly on the Form Entries screen for Gravity Forms
  • Fixed: Select, multi-select, radio, checkbox, and post category field types should use exact match search
  • Fixed: Cannot delete entry notes from Gravity Forms Entry screen
  • Fixed: Date Range search field label not working
  • Fixed: Date Range searches did not include the “End Date” day
  • Fixed: Support Port docs not working on HTTPS sites
  • Fixed: When deleting an entry, only show “Entry Deleted” message for the deleted entry’s View
  • Fixed: “Open link in a new tab or window?” setting for Paragraph Text fields
  • Fixed: Custom Labels not being used as field label in the View Configuration screen
    • Tweak: Custom Labels will be used as the field label, even when the “Show Label” checkbox isn’t checked
  • Tweak: Show available plugin updates, even when license is expired
  • Tweak: Improve spacing of the Approval column on the Entries screen
  • Tweak: Added support for new accessibility labels added in WordPress 4.4

Developer Notes:

  • Fixed: Make gravityview/fields/fileupload/link_atts filter available when not using lightbox with File Uploads field
  • Renamed files:
    • includes/fields/class.field.php => includes/fields/class-gravityview-field.php
    • includes/class-logging.php => includes/class-gravityview-logging.php
    • includes/class-image.php => includes/class-gravityview-image.php
    • includes/class-migrate.php => includes/class-gravityview-migrate.php
    • includes/class-change-entry-creator.php => includes/class-gravityview-change-entry-creator.php
  • New: gravityview/delete-entry/verify_nonce Override Delete Entry nonce validation. Return true to declare nonce valid.
  • New: gravityview/entry_notes/add_note filter to modify GravityView note properties before being added
  • New: gravityview_post_type_supports filter to modify gravityview post type support values
  • New: gravityview_publicly_queryable filter to modify whether Views be accessible using Default: Whether the current user has read_private_gravityviews capability (Editor or Administrator by default)

1.15.1 on October 27

  • New: Use {get} Merge Tags as attributes
  • Fixed: Edit Entry and Delete Entry links weren’t working in DataTables
  • Fixed: Some Gravity Forms Merge Tags weren’t working, like {embed_post:post_title}
  • Fixed: Display Checkbox and Radio field labels in the Search Bar
    • New: If you prefer how the searches looked before the labels were visible, you can set the “Label” for the search field to a blank space. That will hide the label.
    • Removed extra whitespace from search field <label>s
  • Fixed: Update the required Gravity Forms version to
  • Fixed: Section fields should not be affected by “Hide empty fields” View setting
  • Fixed: Add ability to check post custom fields for shortcode. This fixes issues with some themes and page builder plugins.
  • Fixed: Return type wasn’t boolean for has_gravityview_shortcode() function
  • Tweak: Improve notifications logic
    • Only show notices to users with appropriate capabilities
    • Allow dismissing all notices
    • Clear dismissed notices when activating the plugin
    • Fixed showing notice to enter license key
  • Tweak: Added previously-supported {created_by:roles} Merge Tag to available tags dropdown
  • Tweak: Allow overriding gravityview_sanitize_html_class() function
  • Tweak: Make GravityView_Merge_Tags::replace_get_variables() method public
  • Tweak: Rename GravityView_Merge_Tags::_gform_replace_merge_tags() method GravityView_Merge_Tags::replace_gv_merge_tags() for clarity

1.15 on October 15

  • Added: {get} Merge Tag that allows passing data via URL to be safely displayed in Merge Tags. Learn how this works.
    • Example: When adding ?first-name=Floaty to a URL, the Custom Content My name is {get:first-name} would be replaced with My name is Floaty
  • Added: GravityView Capabilities: restrict access to GravityView functionality to certain users and roles. Learn more.
    • Fixed: Users without the ability to create Gravity Forms forms are able to create a new form via “Start Fresh”
    • Only add the Approve Entries column if user has the gravityview_moderate_entries capability (defaults to Editor role or higher)
    • Fixed: Contributors now have access to the GravityView “Getting Started” screen
  • Added: shortcode to link directly to an entry. Learn more.
    • Existing and shortcodes will continue to work
  • Added: Ability to filter View by form in the Admin. Learn more.
  • Added: Option to delete GravityView data when the plugin is uninstalled, then deleted. Learn more.
  • Added: New support “Beacon” to easily search documentation and ask support questions
  • Added: Clear search button to the Search Widget (WP widget)
  • Fixed: number_format() PHP warning on blank Number fields
  • Fixed: {created_by} merge tags weren’t being escaped using esc_html()
  • Fixed: Checkmark icons weren’t always available when displaying checkbox input field
  • Fixed: When “Shorten Link Display” was enabled for Website fields, “Link Text” wasn’t respected
  • Fixed: Only process “Create” Gravity Forms User Registration Addon feeds, by default the user role and the user display name format persist
  • Fixed: Error with List field Call to undefined method GF_Field::get_input_type()
  • Fixed: BuddyPress/bbPress bbp_setup_current_user() warning
  • Fixed: gravityview_is_admin_page() wasn’t recognizing the Settings page as a GravityView admin page
  • Fixed: Custom Content Widgets didn’t replace Merge Tags
  • Fixed: PHP Warnings
  • Fixed: WordPress Multisite fatal error when Gravity Forms not Network Activated
  • Tweak: Don’t show Data Source column in Views screen to users who don’t have permissions to see any of the data anyway
  • Tweak: Entry notes are now created using GravityView_Entry_Notes class
  • Tweak: Improved automated code testing
  • Tweak: Added gravityview/support_port/display filter to enable/disable displaying Support Port
  • Tweak: Added gravityview/support_port/show_profile_setting filter to disable adding the Support Port setting on User Profile pages
  • Tweak: Removed gravityview/admin/display_live_chat filter
  • Tweak: Removed gravityview_settings_capability filter
  • Tweak: Escape form name in dropdowns

1.14.2 & 1.14.3 on September 17

  • Fixed: Issue affecting Gravity Forms User Registration Addon. Passwords were being reset when an user edited their own entry.

1.14.1 on September 16

  • Fixed: Error with older versions of Maps Premium View

1.14 on September 16

  • Added: Search Bar now supports custom label text
  • Added: Show the value of a single column of a “Multiple Columns” List field
  • Added: Sorting by time now works. Why is this “Added” and not “Fixed”? Because Gravity Forms doesn’t natively support sorting by time!
  • Added: Display the roles of the entry creator by using {created_by:roles} Merge Tag
  • Fixed: Field containers were being rendered even when empty
  • Fixed: Widgets were not being displayed when using page builders and themes that pre-process shortcodes
  • Fixed: Don’t show “Width %” setting when in Single Entry configuration
  • Fixed: Error in extension class that assumes GravityView is active
  • Fixed: Add check for {all_fields_display_empty} Gravity Forms merge tag
  • Fixed: Hide metabox until View Data Source is configured
  • Fixed: Search Bar “Link” input type wasn’t highlighting properly based on the value of the filter
  • Fixed: Improved speed of getting users for Search Bar and GravityView Search Widgets with “Submitted by” fields, and in the Edit Entry screen (the Change Entry Creator dropdown)
  • Fixed: Conflict with other icon fonts in the Dashboard
  • Fixed: Allow HTML in Source URL “Link Text” field setting
  • Fixed: Gravity Forms User Registration Addon conflicts
    • When editing an entry, an user’s roles and display name were reset to the Addon’s feed configuration settings
    • Users receive “Password Updated” emails in WordPress 4.3+, even if the password wasn’t changed
  • Fixed: Prevent sorting by List fields, which aren’t sortable due to their data storage method
  • Tweak: Support for plugin banner images in the plugin changelog screen
  • Tweak: Updated default Search Bar configuration to be a single input with “Search Everything”
  • Tweak: Sort user dropdown by display name instead of username
  • Tweak: Reduce size of AJAX responses
  • Tweak: Add “Template” column to the All Views list table – now you can better see what template is being used
  • Tweak: Remove redundant close icon for field and widget settings
  • Tweak: When adding notes via GravityView, set the note type to gravityview to allow for better searchability
  • Added: Automated code testing
  • Updated: Bengali translation by @tareqhi. Thank you!

1.13.1 on August 26

  • Fixed: Potential XSS security issue. Please update.
  • Fixed: The cache was not being reset properly for entry changes, including:
    • Starring/unstarring
    • Moving to/from the trash
    • Changing entry owner
    • Being marked as spam
  • Fixed: Delete entry URL not properly passing some parameters (only affecting pages with multiple shortcodes)
  • Added: gravityview/delete-entry/mode filter. When returning “trash”, “Delete Entry” moves entries to the trash instead of permanently deleting them.
  • Added: gravityview/admin/display_live_chat filter to disable live chat widget
  • Added: gravityview/delete-entry/message filter to modify the “Entry Deleted” message content
  • Tweak: Improved license activation error handling by linking to relevant account functions
  • Tweak: Added settings link to plugin page actions
  • Tweak: Improved code documentation
  • Updated Translations:
  • New: Released a new GravityView Codex for developers

1.13 on August 20

  • Fixed: Wildcard search broken for Gravity Forms 1.9.12+
  • Fixed: Edit Entry validation messages not displaying for Gravity Forms 1.9.12+
  • Added: Number field settings
    • Format number: Display numbers with thousands separators
    • Decimals: Precision of the number of decimal places. Leave blank to use existing precision.
  • Added: detail parameter to the shortcode. Learn more
  • Added: context parameter to the shortcode to show/hide content based on current mode (Multiple Entries, Single Entry, Edit Entry). Learn more
  • Added: Allow to override the entry saved value by the dynamic populated value on the Edit Entry view using the gravityview/edit_entry/pre_populate/override filter
  • Added: “Edit View” link in the Toolbar when on an embedded View screen
  • Added: gravityview_is_hierarchical filter to enable defining a Parent View
  • Added: gravityview/merge_tags/do_replace_variables filter to enable/disable replace_variables behavior
  • Added: gravityview/edit_entry/verify_nonce filter to override nonce validation in Edit Entry
  • Added: gravityview_strip_whitespace() function to strip new lines, tabs, and multiple spaces and replace with single spaces
  • Added: gravityview_ob_include() function to get the contents of a file using combination of include() and ob_start()
  • Fixed: Edit Entry link not showing for non-admins when using the DataTables template
  • Fixed: Cache wasn’t being used for get_entries()
  • Fixed: Extension class wasn’t properly checking requirements
  • Fixed: Issue with some themes adding paragraphs to Javascript tags in the Edit Entry screen
  • Fixed: Duplicated information in the debugging logs
  • Updated: “Single Entry Title” and “Back Link Label” settings now support shortcodes, allowing for you to use
  • Updated: German and Portuguese translations

1.12 on August 5

  • Fixed: Conflicts with Advanced Filter extension when using the Recent Entries widget
  • Fixed: Sorting icons were being added to List template fields when embedded on the same page as Table templates
  • Fixed: Empty Product fields would show a string (“, Qty: , Price:”) instead of being empty. This prevented “Hide empty fields” from working
  • Fixed: When searching on the Entry Created date, the date used GMT, not blog timezone
  • Fixed: Issue accessing settings page on Multisite
  • Fixed: Don’t show View post types if GravityView isn’t valid
  • Fixed: Don’t redirect to the List of Changes screen if you’ve already seen the screen for the current version
  • Fixed: When checking license status, the plugin can now fix PHP warnings caused by other plugins that messed up the requests
  • Fixed: In Multisite, only show notices when it makes sense to
  • Added: gravityview/common/sortable_fields filter to override which fields are sortable
  • Tweak: Extension class added ability to check for required minimum PHP versions
  • Tweak: Made the GravityView_Plugin::$theInstance private and renamed it to GravityView_Plugin::$instance. If you’re a developer using this, please use GravityView_Plugin::getInstance() instead.
  • Updated: French translation

1.11.2 on July 22

  • Fixed: Bug when comparing empty values with
  • Fixed: Remove extra whitespace when comparing values using
  • Modified: Allow Avada theme Javascript in “No-Conflict Mode”
  • Updated: French translation

1.11.1 on July 20

  • Added: New filter hook to customise the cancel Edit Entry link: gravityview/edit_entry/cancel_link
  • Fixed: Extension translations
  • Fixed: Dropdown inputs with long field names could overflow field and widget settings
  • Modified: Allow Genesis Framework CSS and Javascript in “No-Conflict Mode”
  • Updated: Danish translation (thanks @jaegerbo!) and German translation

1.11 on July 15

  • Added: GravityView now updates WordPress user profiles when an entry is updated while using the Gravity Forms User Registration Add-on
  • Fixed: Removed User Registration Add-on validation when updating an entry
  • Fixed: Field custom class not showing correctly on the table header
  • Fixed: Editing Time fields wasn’t displaying saved value
  • Fixed: Conflicts with the date range search when search inputs are empty
  • Fixed: Conflicts with the Other Entries field when placing a search:
    • Developer note: the filter hook gravityview/field/other_entries/args was replaced by “gravityview/field/other_entries/criteria”. If you are using this filter, please contact support before updating so we can help you transition
  • Updated: Turkish translation (thanks @suhakaralar!) and Mexican translation (thanks @jorgepelaez!)

1.10.1 on July 2

  • Fixed: Edit Entry link and Delete Entry link in embedded Views go to default view url
  • Fixed: Duplicated fields on the Edit Entry view
  • Fixed: Warning on bulk edit

1.10 on June 26

  • Update: Due to the new Edit Entry functionality, GravityView now requires Gravity Forms 1.9 or higher
  • Fixed: Editing Hidden fields restored
  • Fixed: Edit Entry and Delete Entry may not always show in embedded Views
  • Fixed: Search Bar “Clear” button Javascript warning in Internet Explorer
  • Fixed: Edit Entry styling issues with input sizes. Edit Entry now uses 100% Gravity Forms styles.
  • Added: and shortcodes. Read how to use them

1.9.1 on June 24

  • Fixed: Allow “Admin Only” fields to appear in Edit Entry form
    • New behavior: If the Edit Entry tab isn’t configured in GravityView (which means all fields will be shown by default), GravityView will hide “Admin Only” fields from being edited by non-administrators. If the Edit Entry tab is configured, then GravityView will use the field settings in the configuration, overriding Gravity Forms settings.
  • Tweak: Changed gravityview/edit-entry/hide-product-fields filter to gravityview/edit_entry/hide-product-fields for consistency

1.9 on June 23

  • Added: Edit Entry now takes place in the Gravity Forms form layout, not in the previous layout. This means:
    • Edit Entry now supports Conditional Logic – as expected, fields will show and hide based on the form configuration
    • Edit Entry supports Gravity Forms CSS Ready Classes – the layout you have configured for your form will be used for Edit Entry, too.
    • If you customized the CSS of your Edit Entry layout, you will need to update your stylesheet. Sorry for the inconvenience!
    • If visiting an invalid Edit Entry link, you are now provided with a back link
    • Product fields are now hidden by default, since they aren’t editable. If you want to instead display the old message that “product fields aren’t editable,” you can show them using the new gravityview/edit_entry/hide-product-fields filter
  • Added: Define column widths for fields in each field’s settings (for Table and DataTable View Types only)
  • Added: {created_by} Merge Tag that displays information from the creator of the entry (learn more)
  • Added: Edit Entry field setting to open link in new tab/window
  • Added: CSS classes to the Update/Cancel/Delete buttons (learn more)
  • Fixed: Shortcodes not processing properly in DataTables Extension
  • Tweak: Changed support widget to a Live Chat customer support and feedback form widget

1.8.3 on June 12

  • Fixed: Missing title and subtitle field zones on list-single.php template

1.8.2 on June 10

  • Fixed: Error on list-single.php template

1.8.1 on June 9

  • Added: New search filter for Date fields to allow searching over date ranges (“from X to Y”)
  • Updated: The minimum required version of Gravity Forms is now 1.8.7. GravityView will be requiring Gravity Forms 1.9 soon. Please update Gravity Forms if you are running an older version!
  • Fixed: Conflicts with A-Z Filter Extension and View sorting due to wrong field mapping
  • Fixed: The “links” field type on the GravityView WordPress search widget was opening the wrong page
  • Fixed: IE8 Javascript error when script debugging is on. Props, @Idealien. Issue #361 on Github
  • Fixed: PHP warning when trashing entries. Issue #370 on Github
  • Tweak: Updated the list-single.php, table-body.php, table-single.php templates to use GravityView_View->getFields() method

1.8 on May 26

  • View settings have been consolidated to a single location. Learn more about the new View Settings layout.
  • Added: Custom Link Text in Website fields
  • Added: Poll Addon GravityView widget
  • Added: Quiz Addon support: add Quiz score fields to your View configuration
  • Added: Possibility to search by entry creator on Search Bar and Widget
  • Fixed: shortcode now properly handles comparing empty values.
    • Use to determine if a value is blank.
    • Use to determine if a value is not blank.
    • See “Matching blank values” in the shortcode documentation
  • Fixed: Sorting by full address. Now defaults to sorting by city. Use the gravityview/sorting/address filter to modify what data to use (here’s how)
  • Fixed: Newly created entries cannot be directly accessed when using the custom slug feature
  • Fixed: Merge Tag autocomplete hidden behind the Field settings (did you know you can type { in a field that has Merge Tags enabled and you will get autocomplete?)
  • Fixed: For sites not using Permalinks, the Search Bar was not working for embedded Views
  • Tweak: When GravityView is disabled, only show “Could not activate the Extension; GravityView is not active.” on the Plugins page
  • Tweak: Added third parameter to gravityview_widget_search_filters filter that passes the search widget arguments
  • Updated Translations: on May 12

  • Fixed: PHP warning when trying to update an entry with the approved field.
  • Fixed: Views without titles in the “Connected Views” dropdown would appear blank on May 7

  • Fixed: Pagination links not working when a search is performed
  • Fixed: Return false instead of error if updating approved status fails
  • Added: Hooks when an entry approval is updated, approved, or disapproved:
    • gravityview/approve_entries/updated – Approval status changed (passes $entry_id and status)
    • gravityview/approve_entries/approved – Entry approved (passes $entry_id)
    • gravityview/approve_entries/disapproved – Entry disapproved (passes $entry_id)

1.7.6 on May 5

  • Added WordPress Multisite settings page support
    • By default, settings aren’t shown on single blogs if GravityView is Network Activated
  • Fixed: Security vulnerability caused by the usage of add_query_arg / remove_query_arg. Read more about it
  • Fixed: Not showing the single entry when using Advanced Filter (ANY mode) with complex fields types like checkboxes
  • Fixed: Wrong width for the images in the list template (single entry view)
  • Fixed: Conflict with the “The Events Calendar” plugin when saving View Advanced Filter configuration
  • Fixed: When editing an entry in the frontend it gets unapproved when not using the approve form field
  • Added: Option to convert text URI, www, FTP, and email addresses on a paragraph field in HTML links
  • Fixed: Activate/Check License buttons weren’t properly visible
  • Added: gravityview/field/other_entries/args filter to modify arguments used to generate the Other Entries list. This allows showing other user entries from any View, not just the current view
  • Added: gravityview/render/hide-empty-zone filter to hide empty zone. Use __return_true to prevent wrapper <div> from being rendered
  • Updated Translations: on April 10

  • Fixed: Path issue with the A-Z Filters Extension

1.7.5 on April 10

  • Added: Shortcode – allows you to show or hide content based on the value of merge tags in Custom Content fields! Learn how to use the shortcode.
  • Fixed: White Screen error when license key wasn’t set and settings weren’t migrated (introduced in 1.7.4)
  • Fixed: No-Conflict Mode not working (introduced in 1.7.4)
  • Fixed: PHP notices when visiting complex URLs
  • Fixed: Path to plugin updater file, used by Extensions
  • Fixed: Extension global settings layout improved (yet to be implemented)
  • Tweak: Restructure plugin file locations
  • Updated: Dutch translation by @erikvanbeek. Thanks! on April 7

  • Fixed: Fatal error when attempting to view entry that does not exist (introduced in 1.7.4)
  • Updated: Turkish translation by @suhakaralar. Thanks!

1.7.4 on April 6

  • Modified: The List template is now responsive! Looks great on big and small screens.
  • Fixed: When editing an entry in the frontend it gets unapproved
  • Fixed: Conflicts between the Advanced Filter extension and the Single Entry mode (if using ANY mode for filters)
  • Fixed: Sorting by full name. Now sorts by first name by default.
    • Added gravityview/sorting/full-name filter to sort by last name (see how)
  • Fixed: Date and Time fields now properly internationalized (using date_i18n instead of date)
  • Added: gravityview_disable_change_entry_creator filter to disable the Change Entry Creator functionality
  • Modified: Migrated to use Gravity Forms settings
  • Modified: Updated limit to 750 users (up from 300) in Change Entry Creator dropdown.
  • Confirmed WordPress 4.2 compatibility
  • Updated: Dutch translation (thanks, @erikvanbeek!)

1.7.3 on March 25

  • Fixed: Prevent displaying a single Entry that doesn’t match configured Advanced Filters
  • Fixed: Issue with permalink settings needing to be re-saved after updating GravityView
  • Fixed: Embedding entries when not using permalinks
  • Fixed: Hide “Data Source” metabox links in the Screen Options tab in the Admin
  • Added: gravityview_has_archive filter to enable View archive (see all Views by going to []/view/)
  • Added: Third parameter to GravityView_API::entry_link() method:
    • $add_directory_args boolean True: Add URL parameters to help return to directory; False: only include args required to get to entry
  • Tweak: Register entry endpoint even when not using rewrites
  • Tweak: Clear GravityView_View->_current_entry after the View is displayed (fixes issue with Social Sharing Extension, coming soon!)
  • Added: Norwegian translation (thanks, @aleksanderespegard!)

1.7.2 on March 18

  • Added: Other Entries field – Show what other entries the entry creator has in the current View
  • Added: Ability to hide the Approve/Reject column when viewing Gravity Forms entries (Learn how)
  • Fixed: Missing Row Action links for non-View types (posts, pages)
  • Fixed: Embedded DataTable Views with search_value not filtering correctly
  • Fixed: Not possible to change View status to ‘Publish’
  • Fixed: Not able to turn off No-Conflict mode on the Settings page (oh, the irony!)
  • Fixed: Allow for non-numeric search fields in gravityview_get_entries()
  • Fixed: Social icons displaying on GravityView settings page
  • Tweak: Improved Javascript & PHP speed and structure

1.7.1 on March 11

  • Fixed: Fatal error on the list-body.php template

1.7 on March 10

  • Added: You can now edit most Post Fields in Edit Entry mode
    • Supports Post Content, Post Title, Post Excerpt, Post Tags, Post Category, and most Post Custom Field configurations (Learn more)
  • Added: Sort Table columns (read how)
  • Added: Post ID field now available – shows the ID of the post that was created by the Gravity Forms entry
  • Fixed: Properly reset $post after Live Post Data is displayed
  • Tweak: Display spinning cursor while waiting for View configurations to load
  • Tweak: Updated GravityView Form Editor buttons to be 1.9 compatible
  • Added: gravityview/field_output/args filter to modify field output settings before rendering
  • Fixed: Don’t show date field value if set to Unix Epoch (1/1/1970), since this normally means that in fact, no date has been set
  • Fixed: PHP notices when choosing “Start Fresh”
  • Fixed: If Gravity Forms is installed using a non-standard directory name, GravityView would think it wasn’t activated
  • Fixed: Fixed single entry links when inserting views with the_gravityview() template tag
  • Updated: Portuguese translation (thanks, Luis!)
  • Added: gravityview/fields/email/javascript_required filter to modify message displayed when encrypting email addresses and Javascript is disabled
  • Added: GFCommon:js_encrypt() method to encrypt text for Javascript email encryption
  • Fixed: Recent Entries widget didn’t allow externally added settings to save properly
  • Fixed: Delete Entry respects previous pagination and sorting
  • Tweak: Updated View Presets to have improved Search Bar configurations
  • Fixed: gravityview/get_all_views/params filter restored (Modify Views returned by the GVCommon::get_all_views() method)
  • GravityView will soon require Gravity Forms 1.9 or higher. If you are running Gravity Forms Version 1.8.x, please update to the latest version.

1.6.2 on February 23

  • Added: Two new hooks in the Custom Content field to enable conditional logic or enable the_content WordPress filter which will trigger the Video embed (read how)
  • Fixed: Issue when embedding multiple DataTables views in the same page
  • Tweak: A more robust “Save View” procedure to prevent losing field configuration on certain browsers
  • Updated Translations:

1.6.1 on February 17

  • Added: Allow Recent Entries to have an Embed Page ID
  • Fixed: # of Recent Entries not saving
  • Fixed: Link to Embed Entries how-to on the Welcome page
  • Fixed: Don’t show “Please select View to search” message until Search Widget is saved
  • Fixed: Minor Javascript errors for new WordPress Search Widget
  • Fixed: Custom template loading from the theme directory
  • Fixed: Adding new search fields to the Search Bar widget in the Edit View screen
  • Fixed: Entry creators can edit their own entries in Gravity Forms 1.9+
  • Fixed: Recent Entries widget will be hidden in the Customizer preview until View ID is configured
  • Tweak: Added Floaty icon to Customizer widget selectors
  • Updated: Hungarian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, and Spanish translations (thanks to all the translators!)

1.6 on February 12

  • Our support site has moved to We hope you enjoy the improved experience!
  • Added: GravityView Search Widget – Configure a WordPress widget that searches any of your Views. Read how to set it up
  • Added: Duplicate View functionality allows you to clone a View from the All Views screen. Learn more
  • Added: Recent Entries WordPress Widget – show the latest entries for your View. Learn more
  • Added: Embed Single Entries – You can now embed entries in a post or page! See how
  • Fixed: Fatal errors caused by Gravity Forms 1.9.1 conflict
  • Fixed: Respect Custom Input Labels added in Gravity Forms 1.9
  • Fixed: Edit Entry Admin Bar link
  • Fixed: Single Entry links didn’t work when previewing a draft View
  • Fixed: Edit entry validation hooks not running when form has multiple pages
  • Fixed: Annoying bug where you would have to click Add Field / Add Widget buttons twice to open the window
  • Added: gravityview_get_link() function to standardize generating HTML anchors
  • Added: GravityView_API::entry_link_html() method to generate entry link HTML
  • Added: gravityview_field_entry_value_{$field_type} filter to modify the value of a field (in includes/class-api.php)
  • Added: field_type key has been added to the field data in the global $gravityview_view->field_data array
  • Added: GravityView_View_Data::maybe_get_view_id() method to determine whether an ID, post content, or object passed to it is a View or contains a View shortcode.
  • Added: Hook to customise the text message “You have attempted to view an entry that is not visible or may not exist.” – gravityview/render/entry/not_visible
  • Added: Included in hook gravityview_widget_search_filters the labels for search all, entry date and entry id.
  • Tweak: Allow WordPress SEO scripts and styles when in “No Conflict Mode”
  • Fixed: For Post Dynamic Data, make sure Post ID is set
  • Fixed: Make sure search field choices are available before displaying field

1.5.4 on January 29, 2015

  • Added: “Hide View data until search is performed” setting – only show the Search Bar until a search is entered
  • Added: “Clear” button to your GravityView Search Bar – allows easy way to remove all searches & filters
  • Added: You can now add Custom Content GravityView Widgets (not just fields) – add custom text or HTMLin the header or footer of a View
  • Added: gravityview/comments_open filter to modify whether comments are open or closed for GravityView posts (previously always false)
  • Added: Hook to filter the success Edit Entry message and link gravityview/edit_entry/success
  • Added: Possibility to add custom CSS classes to multiple view widget wrapper (Read how)
  • Added: Field option to enable Live Post Data for Post Image field
  • Fixed: Loading translation files for Extensions
  • Fixed: Edit entry when embedding multiple views for the same form in the same page
  • Fixed: Conflicts with Advanced Filter extension when embedding multiple views for the same form in the same page
  • Fixed: Go Back link on embedded single entry view was linking to direct view url instead of page permalink
  • Fixed: Searches with quotes now work properly
  • Tweak: Moved includes/css/, includes/js/ and /images/ folders into /assets/
  • Tweak: Improved the display of the changelog (yes, “this is so meta!”)
  • Updated: Swedish translation – thanks, @adamrehal
  • Updated: Hungarian translation – thanks, @Darqebus (a new translator!) and @dbalage

1.5.3 on December 22

  • Fixed: When adding more than 100 fields to the View some fields weren’t saved.
  • Fixed: Do not set class tickbox for non-images files
  • Fixed: Display label “Is Fulfilled” on the search bar
  • Fixed: PHP Notice with Gravity Forms 1.9 and PHP 5.4+
  • Tested with Gravity Forms 1.9beta5 and WordPress 4.1
  • Updated: Turkish translation by @suhakaralar and Hungarian translation by @dbalage. Thanks!

1.5.2 on December 11

  • Added: Possibility to show the label of Dropdown field types instead of the value (learn more)
  • Fixed: Sorting numeric columns (field type number)
  • Fixed: View entries filter for Featured Entries extension
  • Fixed: Field options showing delete entry label
  • Fixed: PHP date formatting now keeps backslashes from being stripped
  • Modified: Allow license to be defined in wp-config.php (Read how here)
  • Modified: Added $post_id parameter as the second argument for the gv_entry_link() function. This is used to define the entry’s parent post ID.
  • Modified: Moved GravityView_API::get_entry_id_from_slug() to GVCommon::get_entry_id_from_slug()
  • Modified: Added second parameter to gravityview_get_entry(), which forces the ability to fetch an entry by ID, even if custom slugs are enabled and gravityview_custom_entry_slug_allow_id is false.
  • Updated Translations:

1.5.1 on December 2

  • Added: Delete Entry functionality!
    • New “User Delete” setting allows the user who created an entry to delete it
    • Adds a “Delete” link in the Edit Entry form
    • Added a new “Delete Link” Field to the Field Picker
  • Fixed: DataTables Extension hangs when a View has Custom Content fields
  • Fixed: Search Bar – When searching on checkbox field type using multiselect input not returning results
  • Fixed: Search Bar – supports “Match Any” search mode by default (learn more)
  • Fixed: Single Entry View title when view is embedded
  • Fixed: Refresh the results cache when an entry is deleted or is approved/disapproved
  • Fixed: When users are created using the User Registration Addon, the resulting entry is now automatically assigned to them
  • Fixed: Change cache time to one day (from one week) so that Edit Link field nonces aren’t invalidated
  • Fixed: Incorrect link shortening for domains when it is second-level (for example, or
  • Fixed: Cached directory link didn’t respect page numbers
  • Fixed: Edit Entry Admin Bar link wouldn’t work when using Custom Entry Slug
  • Added: Textarea field now supports an option to trim the number of words shown
  • Added: Filter to alter the default behaviour of wrapping images (or image names) with a link to the content object (learn more)
  • Updated: Portuguese translation (thanks @luistinygod), Mexican translation (thanks, @jorgepelaez), Turkish translation (thanks @suhakaralar)

1.5 on November 12

  • Added: New “Edit Entry” configuration
    • Configure which fields are shown when editing an entry
    • Set visibility for the fields (Entry Creator, Administrator, etc.)
    • Set custom edit labels
  • Fixed: Single entry view now respects View settings
    • If an entry isn’t included in View results, the single entry won’t be available either
    • If “Show Only Approved” is enabled, prevent viewing of unapproved entries
    • Respects View filters, including those added by the Advanced Filtering extension
  • Fixed: Single entry Go back button context on Embedded Views
  • Fixed: Delete signature fields in Edit Entry (requires the Gravity Forms Signature Addon)
  • Fixed: Gravity Forms tooltip translations being overridden
  • Added: Choose to open the link from a website field in the same window (field option)
  • Updated: Spanish (Mexican) translation by @jorgepelaez, Dutch translation by @erikvanbeek and @leooosterloo, Turkish translation by @suhakaralar

1.4 on October 28

  • Added: Custom entry slug capability. Instead of /entry/123, you can now use entry values in the URL, like /entry/{company name}/ or /entry/{first name}-{last name}/. Requires some customization; learn more here
  • Fixed: GravityView auto-updater script not showing updates
  • Fixed: Edit Entry when a form has required Upload Fields
  • Fixed: “Return to Directory” link not always working for sites in subdirectories
  • Fixed: Broken links to single entries when viewing paginated results
  • Fixed: Loaded field configurations when using “Start Fresh” presets
  • Fixed: Searches ending in a space caused PHP warning
  • Fixed: Custom “Edit Link Text” settings respected
  • Fixed: Don’t rely on Gravity Forms code for escaping query
  • Fixed: When multiple Views are displayed on a page, Single Entry mode displays empty templates.
  • Fixed: PHP error when displaying Post Content fields using Live Data for a post that no longer is published
  • Tweak: Search Bar “Links” Input Type
    • Make link bold when filter is active
    • Clicking on an active filter removes the filter
  • Tweak: Fixed updates for Multisite installations
  • Modified: Now you can override which post a single entry links to. For example, if a shortcode is embedded on a home page and you want single entries to link to a page with an embedded View, not the View itself, you can pass the post_id parameter. This accepts the ID of the page where the View is embedded.
  • Modified: Added $add_pagination parameter to GravityView_API::directory_link()
  • Added: Indonesian translation (thanks, @sariyanta)!
  • Updated: Swedish translation 100% translated – thanks, @adamrehal!
  • Updated: Dutch translation (thanks, @leooosterloo)!

1.3 on October 13

  • Speed improvements – Learn more about GravityView caching
    • Added caching functionality that saves results to be displayed
    • Automatically clean up expired caches
    • Reduce number of lookups for where template files are located
    • Store the path to the permalink for future reference when rendering a View
    • Improve speed of Gravity Forms fetching field values
  • Modified: Allow {all_fields} and {pricing_fields} Merge Tags in Custom Content field. See examples of how to use these fields.
  • Fixed: Message restored when creating a new View
  • Fixed: Searching advanced input fields
  • Fixed: Merge Tags available immediately when adding a new field
  • Fixed: Issue where jQuery Cookie script wouldn’t load due to mod_security issues. Learn more here
  • Fixed (hopefully): Auto-updates for WordPress Multisite
  • Fixed: Clicking overlay to close field/widget settings no longer scrolls to top of page
  • Fixed: Make sure Gravity Forms scripts are added when embedding Gravity Forms shortcodes in a Custom Field
  • Fixed: Remove double images of Floaty in the warning message when GravityView is disabled
  • Fixed: PHP warnings related to Section field descriptions
  • Fixed: When using an advanced input as a search field in the Search Bar, the label would always show the parent field’s label (Eg: “Address” when it should have shown “City”)
    • Added: gravityview_search_field_label filter to allow modifying search bar labels
  • Fixed: Field label disappears on closing settings if the field title is empty
  • Fixed: Sub-fields retain label after opening field settings in the View Configuration
  • Modified: Allow passing an array of form IDs to gravityview_get_entries()
  • Tweak: If the View hasn’t been configured yet, don’t show embed shortcode in Publish metabox
  • Tweak: Add version info to scripts and styles to clear caches with plugin updates
  • Added: Swedish translation (thanks, @adamrehal)!
  • Updated: Spanish (Mexican) translation by, @jorgepelaez, Dutch translation by @erikvanbeek, and Turkish translation by @suhakaralar
  • Updated: Changed Turkish language code from tr to tr_TR to match WordPress locales

1.2 on October 8

  • Added: New Search Bar!
    • No longer check boxes in each field to add a field to the search form
    • Add any searchable form fields, not just fields added to the View
    • Easy new drag & drop way to re-order fields
    • Horizontal and Vertical layouts
    • Choose how your search fields are displayed (if you have a checkbox field, for example, you can choose to have a drop-down, a multiselect field, checkboxes, radio buttons, or filter links)
    • Existing search settings will be migrated over on upgrade
  • Added: “Custom Content” field type
    • Insert arbitrary text or HTML in a View
    • Supports shortcodes (including Gravity Forms shortcodes)!
  • Added: Support for Gravity Forms Section & HTML field types
  • Added: Improved textarea field support. Instead of using line breaks, textareas now output with paragraphs.
    • Added new /templates/fields/textarea.php file
  • Added: A new File Upload field setting. Force uploads to be displayed as links and not visually embedded by checking the “Display as a Link” checkbox.
  • Added: Option to disable “Map It” link for the full Address field.
    • New gravityview_get_map_link() function with gravityview_map_link filter. To learn how to modify the map link, refer to this how-to article
    • The “Map It” string is now translatable
  • Added: When editing a View, there are now links in the Data Source box to easily access the Form: edit form, form entries, form settings and form preview
  • Added: Additional information in the “Add Field” or “Add Widget” picker (also get details about an item by hovering over the name in the View Configuration)
  • Added: Change Entry Creator functionality. Easily change the creator of an entry when editing the entry in the Gravity Forms Edit Entry page
    • If you’re using the plugin downloaded from the how-to page, you can de-activate it
  • Modified: Changed translation textdomain to gravityview instead of gravity-view
  • Modified: Always show label by default, regardless of whether in List or Table View type
  • Modified: It’s now possible to override templates on a Form ID, Post ID, and View ID basis. This allows custom layouts for a specific View, rather than site-wide. See “Template File Hierarchy” in the override documentation to learn more.
  • Modified: File Upload field output no longer run through wpautop() function
  • Modified: Audio and Video file uploads are now displayed using WordPress’ built-in audio and video shortcodes (requires WordPress 3.6 or higher)
    • Additional file type support
    • Added gravityview_video_settings and gravityview_audio_settings filters to modify the parameters passed to the shortcode
  • Fixed: Shortcode attributes not overriding View defaults
  • Fixed: Uploading and deleting files works properly in Edit Entry mode
  • Fixed: Configurations get truncated when configuring Views with many fields
  • Fixed: Empty <span class="gv-field-label"> tags no longer output
    • Modified: gv_field_label() no longer returns the label with a trailing space. Instead, we use the .gv-field-label CSS class to add spacing using CSS padding.
  • Fixed: Conflict with Relevanssi plugin
  • Fixed: If a date search isn’t valid, remove the search parameter so it doesn’t cause an error in Gravity Forms
  • Fixed: Email field was displaying label even when email was empty.
  • Settings page improvements
    • When changing the license value and saving the form, GravityView now re-checks the license status
    • Improved error messages
    • Made license settings translatable
  • Modified: Added support for Gravity Forms “Post Image” field captions, titles, and descriptions.
  • Updated list of allowed image formats to include .bmp, .jpe, .tiff, .ico
  • Modified: /templates/fields/fileupload.php file – removed the logic for how to output the different file types and moved it to the gravityview_get_files_array() function in includes/class-api.php
  • Modified: gv_value() no longer needs the $field parameter
  • Tweak: Fixed email setting description text.
  • Tweak: Don’t show Entry Link field output on single entry
  • Tweak: Improved Javascript performance in the Admin
  • Tweak: “Custom Label” is now shown as the field title in View Configuration
  • Tweak: Fixed “Left Footer” box not properly cleared
  • Tweak: Show warning if the Directory plugin is running
  • Tweak: Use icon font in Edit Entry mode for the download/delete file buttons. Now stylable using .gv-edit-entry-wrapper .dashicons CSS class.
  • Updated: Turkish translation by @suhakaralar, Dutch translation by @leooosterloo, Portuguese translation by @luistinygod

1.1.6 on September 8

  • Fixed: Approve / Disapprove all entries using Gravity Forms bulk edit entries form (previously, only visible entries were affected)
  • Added: Email field settings
    • Email addresses are now encrypted by default to prevent scraping by spammers
    • Added option to display email plaintext or as a link
    • Added subject and body settings: when the link is clicked, you can choose to have these values pre-filled
  • Added: Source URL field settings, including show as a link and custom link text
  • Added: Signature field improvements (when using the Gravity Forms Signature Add-on) – now shows full size
  • Fixed: Empty truncated URLs no longer get shown
  • Fixed: License Activation works when No-Conflict Mode is enabled
  • Fixed: When creating a new View, “View Type” box was visible when there were no existing Gravity Forms
  • Fixed: Fields not always saving properly when adding lots of fields with the “Add All Fields” button
  • Fixed: Recognizing single entry when using WordPress “Default” Permalink setting
  • Fixed: Date Created field now respects the blog’s timezone setting, instead of using UTC time
  • Fixed: Edit Entry issues
    • Fixed form validation errors when a scheduled form has expired and also when a form has reached its entry limit
    • Fixed PHP warning messages when editing entries
    • When an Edit Entry form is submitted and there are errors, the submitted values stay in the form; the user won’t need to fill in the form again.
  • Fixed: Product sub-fields (Name, Quantity & Price) displayed properly
  • Fixed: Empty entry display when using Job Board preset caused by incorrect template files being loaded
  • Fixed: Files now can be deleted when a non-administrator is editing an entry
  • Fixed: PHP Notices on Admin Views screen for users without edit all entries capabilities
  • Modified: Added ability to customize and translate the Search Bar’s date picker. You can now fully customize the date picker.
    • Added: Full localization for datepicker calendar (translate the days of the week, month, etc)
    • Modified: Changed year picker to +/- 5 years instead of +20/-100
  • Tweak: Enabled Merge Tags for Table view “Custom CSS Class” field settings
  • Tweak: In the Edit View screen, show a link icon when a field is being used as a link to the Single Entry mode
  • Tweak: Added helper text when a new form is created by GravityView
  • Tweak: Renamed “Description” drop zone to “Other Fields” to more accurately represent use
  • Tweak: Remove all fields from a zone by holding down the Alt key while clicking the remove icon


  • Modified: template/fields/date_created.php file
  • Added: gravityview_date_created_adjust_timezone filter to disable timezone support and use UTC (returns boolean)
  • Added: get_settings() and get_setting() methods to the GravityView_Widget class. This allows easier access to widget settings.
  • Modified: Added gravityview_js_localization filter to add Javascript localization
  • Added: gravityview_datepicker_settings filter to modify the datepicker settings using the setting names from the jQuery DatePicker options
  • Modified: gravityview_entry_class filter to modify the CSS class for each entry wrapper
  • Modified: Added gravityview_widget_search_filters filter to allow reordering search filters, so that they display in a different order in search widget
  • Modified: Addded gravityview_default_page_size filter to modify default page size for Views (25 by default)
  • Modified: Added actions to the list-body.php template file:
    • gravityview_list_body_before: Before the entry output
    • gravityview_entry_before: Inside the entry wrapper
    • gravityview_entry_title_before, gravityview_entry_title_after: Before and after the entry title and subtitle output
    • gravityview_entry_content_before, gravityview_entry_content_after: Before and after the entry content area (image and description zones)
    • gravityview_entry_footer_before, gravityview_entry_footer_after: Before and after the entry footer
    • gravityview_entry_after: Before the entry wrapper closing tag
    • gravityview_list_body_after: After entry output
  • Modified: Added gravityview_get_entry_ids() function to fetch array of entry IDs (not full entry arrays) that match a search result
  • Tweak: Removed duplicate GravityView_frontend::hide_field_check_conditions() and GravityView_frontend::filter_fields() methods
  • Modified: Added get_cap_choices() method to be used for fetching GravityView roles array


  • Added: “Edit” link in Gravity Forms Entries screen
  • Fixed: Show tooltips when No Conflict Mode is enabled
  • Fixed: Merge Vars for labels in Single Entry table layouts
  • Fixed: Duplicate “Edit Entry” fields in field picker
  • Fixed: Custom date formatting for Date Created field
  • Fixed: Searching full names or addresses now works as expected
  • Fixed: Custom CSS classes are now added to cells in table-based Views
  • Updated: Turkish translation by @suhakaralar
  • Tweak: Redirect to Changelog instead of Getting Started if upgrading


  • Fixed: Sort & Filter box not displaying
  • Fixed: Multi-select fields now display as drop-down field instead of text field in the search bar widget
  • Fixed: Edit Entry now compatibile with Gravity Forms forms when “No Duplicates” is enabled
  • Added: gravityview_field_output() function to generate field output.
  • Added: gravityview_page_links_args filter to modify the Page Links widget output. Passes standard paginate_links() arguments.
  • Modified: list-body.php and list-single.php template files – field output are now generated using the gravityview_field_output() function


  • Fixed: Fatal error on activation when running PHP 5.2
  • Fixed: PHP notice when in No-Conflict mode


  • Added: Extensions framework to allow for extensions to auto-update
  • Fixed: Entries not displaying in Visual Composer plugin editor
  • Fixed: Allow using images as link to entry
  • Fixed: Updated field layout in Admin to reflect actual layout of listings (full-width title and subtitle above image)
  • Fixed: Editing entry updates the Approved status
  • Fixed: When trying to access an entry that doesn’t exist (it had been permanently deleted), don’t throw an error
  • Fixed: Default styles not being enqueued when embedded using the shortcode (fixes vertical pagination links)
  • Fixed: Single entry queries were being run twice
  • Fixed: Added Enhanced Display style in Edit Entry mode
  • Modified: How single entries are accessed; now allows for advanced filtering. Converted gravityview_get_entry() to use GFAPI::get_entries() instead of GFAPI::get_entry()
  • Modified: Form ID can be 0 in gravityview_get_entries()
  • Modified: Improved Edit Entry styling
  • Modified: Convert to using GravityView_View_Data::get_default_args() instead of duplicating the settings arrays. Used for tooltips, insert shortcode dialog and View metaboxes.
  • Modified: Add a check for whether a view exists in GravityView_View_Data::add_view()
  • Modified: Convert GravityView_Admin_Views::render_select_option() to use the key as the value and the value as the label instead of using associative array with value and label keys.
  • Translation updates – thank you, everyone!


  • We fixed license validation and auto-updates. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  • Added: View Setting to allow users to edit only entries they created.
  • Fixed: Could not edit an entry with Confirm Email fields
  • Fixed: Field setting layouts not persisting
  • Updated: Bengali translation by @tareqhi
  • Fixed: Logging re-enabled in Admin
  • Fixed: Multi-upload field button width no longer cut off
  • Tweak: Added links to View Type picker to live demos of presets.
  • Tweak: Added this “List of Changes” tab.


  • Refactored (re-wrote) View data handling. Now saves up to 10 queries on each page load.
  • Fixed: Infinite loop for rendering post_content fields
  • Fixed: Page length value now respected for DataTables
  • Fixed: Formatting of DataTables fields is now processed the same way as other fields. Images now work, for example.
  • Modified: Removed redundant gravityview_hide_empty_fields filters
  • Fixed/Modified: Enabled “wildcard” search instead of strict search for field searches.
  • Added: gravityview_search_operator filter to modify the search operator used by the search.
  • Added: gravityview_search_criteria filter to modify all search criteria before being passed to Gravity Forms
  • Added: Website Field setting to display shortened link instead of full URL
  • Fixed: Form title gets replaced properly in merge tags
  • Modified: Tweaked preset templates


  • Added: “Connected Views” in the Gravity Forms Toolbar. This makes it simple to see which Views are using the current form as a data source.
  • Fixed: Edit Entry link in Multiple Entries view

1.0.9 on July 18

  • Added: Time field support, with date format default and options
  • Added: “Event Listings” View preset
  • Added: “Show Entry On Website” Gravity Forms form button. This is meant to be an opt-in checkbox that the user sees and can control, unlike the “Approve/Reject” button, which is designed for adminstrators to manage approval.
  • Modified: Improved horizontal search widget layout
  • Modified: Improved “Start Fresh” and “Switch View” visual logic when Starting Fresh and switching forms
  • Fixed: Single Entry showing 404 errors
  • Fixed: PHP notice on WooCommerce pages
  • Fixed: Don’t display empty date/time value
  • Fixed: Only show Edit Entry link to logged-in users
  • Fixed: Re-enabled “Minimum Gravity Forms Version” error message
  • Updated: Dutch translation by @leooosterloo (100% coverage, thank you!)
  • Tweak: Added “Preview” link to Data Source
  • Modified: Created new class-post-types.php include file to handle post type & URL rewrite actions. on July 17

  • Fixed: DataTables
    • Restored pageSize
    • Prevented double-initilization
    • FixedHeader & FixedColumns work (now prevent scrolling)
    • Changed default Scroller height from 400 to 500px
  • Fixed: Filtering by date
  • Fixed: PHP warning in gv_class()
  • Fixed: Debug Bar integration not printing Warnings
  • Removed settings panel tracking script

1.0.7 & 1.0.8 on July 17

  • Edit Entry – you can add an Edit Entry link using the “Add Field” buttons in either the Multiple Entries or Single Entry tab.
    • For now, if the user has the ability to edit entries in Gravity Forms, they’ll be able to edit entries in GravityView. Moving forward, we’ll be adding refined controls over who can edit which entries.
    • It supports modifying existing Entry uploads and the great Multiple-File Upload field.
  • Modified: Approved Entry functionality
    • Approve/Reject Entries now visible on all forms, regardless of whether the form has an “Approved” field.
    • The Approved field now supports being renamed
  • Added: Very cool DataTables extensions:
    • Scroller: dynamically load in new entries as you scroll – no need for pagination)
    • TableTools: Export your entries to CSV and PDF
    • FixedHeader: As you scroll a large DataTable result, the headers of the table stay at the top of the screen. Also, FixedColumns, which does the same for the main table column.
  • Added: Shortcodes for outputting Widgets such as pagination and search. Note: they only work on embedded views if the shortcode has already been processed. This is going to be improved.
  • Added: Search form fields now displayed horizontally by default.
  • Added: Easy links to “Edit Form”, “Settings” and “Entries” for the Data Source Gravity Forms form in the All Views admin screen
  • Added: Integration with the Debug Bar plugin – very helpful for developers to see what’s going on behind the scenes.
  • Fixed: Insert View embed code.
  • Fixed: Now supports View shortcodes inside other shortcodes (such as [example][/example])
  • Fixed: Conflict with WordPress SEO OpenGraph meta data generators
  • Fixed: Enforced image max-width so images don’t spill out of their containers
  • Fixed: Sanitized “Custom Class” field setting values to make sure the HTML doesn’t break.
  • Fixed: Search field with “default” permalink structure
  • Fixed: 1.0.8 fixes an issue accessing single entries that was introduced in 1.0.7
  • Modified: Updated GravityView_Admin_Views::is_gravityview_admin_page() to fetch post if not yet set.
  • Modified: Enabled merge tags in Custom Class field settings
  • Modified: Set margin and padding to 0 on pagination links to override theme conflicts
  • Modified: Updated gv_class() calls to pass form and entry fields to allow for merge tags
  • Modified: Default visibility capabilities: added “Can View/Edit Gravity Forms Entries” as options
  • Modified: Added custom class attribute sanitizer function
  • Tweak: Improved the Embed View form layout
  • Tweak: Hide “Switch View” button when already choosing a view
  • Tweak: Moved shortcode hint to Publish metabox and added ability to easily select the text
  • Tweak: Added tooltips to fields in the View editor
  • Tweak: Remove WordPress SEO score calculation on Views
  • Tweak: Use $User->ID instead of $User->id in Name fields
  • Tweak: Added tooltip capability to field settings by using tooltip parameter. Uses the Gravity Forms tooltip array key.
  • Translation updates – thank you, everyone! The # of strings will stay more stable once the plugin’s out of beta :-)

1.0.6 on June 26

  • Fixed: Fatal error when Gravity Forms is inactive
  • Fixed: Undefined index for id in Edit View
  • Fixed: Undefined variable: merge_class
  • Fixed: Javascript error when choosing a Start Fresh template. (Introduced by the new Merge Tags functionality in 1.0.5)
  • Fixed: Merge Tags were available in Multiple Entries view for the Table layout
  • Fixed: Remove Merge Tags when switching forms
  • Fixed: That darn settings gear showing up when it shouldn’t
  • Fixed: Disappearing dialog when switching forms
  • Fixed: Display of Entry Link field
  • Fixed: Per-field settings weren’t working
    • Added: “Link to the post” setting for Post fields
    • Added: “Use live post data” setting for Post fields. Allows you to use the current post information (like title, tags, or content) instead of the original submitted data.
    • Added: Link to category or tag setting for Post Categories and Post Tags fields
    • Added: “Link Text” setting for the Entry Link field
  • Modified: Moved admin functionality into new files
    • AJAX calls now live in class-ajax.php
    • Metaboxes now live in class-metabox.php
  • Tweak: Updated change forms dialog text
  • Tweak: Removed “use as search filter” from Link to Entry field options
  • Translation updates.


  • Added: Lightbox for images (in View Settings metabox)
  • Added: Merge Tags – You can now modify labels and settings using dynamic text based on the value of a field. (requires Gravity Forms 1.8.6 or higher)
  • Added: Customize the return to directory link anchor text (in the View Settings metabox, under Single Entry Settings)
  • Added: Set the title for the Single Entry
  • Added: Choose whether to hide empty fields on a per-View basis
  • Improved: DataTables styling now set to display by default. Can be overridden by using the filter gravityview_datatables_table_class
  • Improved: Speed!
    • Added form item to global $gravityview_view data instead of looking it up in functions. Improves gv_value() and gv_label() speed.
    • Added replace_variables() method to GravityView_API to reduce time to process merge tags by checking if there are any curly brackets first.
  • Improved: “No Views found” text now more helpful for getting started.
  • Fixed: Approve Entries column not displaying when clicking Forms > Entries link in admin menu
  • Fixed: Field Settings gear no longer showing for widgets without options
  • Fixed: Added Gravity Forms minimum version notice when using < 1.8
  • Fixed: Column “Data Source” content being displayed in other columns


  • Added: DataTables integration Created a new view type for existing forms that uses the DataTables script.
    We’re just getting started with what can be done with DataTables. We’ll have much more cool stuff like DataTables Extensions.
  • Added: “Add All Fields” option to bottom of the “Add Field” selector
  • Added: Per-field-type options structure to allow for different field types to override default Field Settings
    • Added: Choose how to display User data. In the User field settings, you can now choose to display the “Display Name”, username, or ID
    • Added: Custom date format using PHP date format available for Entry Date and Date fields
    • Fixed: Default setting values working again
    • Fixed: Field type settings now working
  • Added: search_field parameter to the shortcode. This allows you to specify a field ID where you want the search performed (The search itself is defined in search_value)
  • Added: Using the Shortcode help article
  • Added: Data Source added to the Views page
  • Fixed: Field labels escaping issue (It's an Example was displaying as It's an Example)
  • Fixed: Settings “gear” not showing when adding a new field
  • Fixed: Sorting issues
    • Remove the option to sort by composite fields like Name, Address, Product; Gravity Forms doesn’t process those sort requests properly
    • Remove List and Paragraph fields from being sortable
    • Known bug: Price fields are sorted alphabetically, not numerically. For example, given $20,000, $2,000 and $20, Gravity Forms will sort the array like this: $2,000, $20, $20,000. We’ve filed a bug report with Gravity Forms.
  • Improved: Added visibility toggles to some Field Settings. For example, if the “Show Label” setting is not checked, then the “Custom Label” setting is hidden.
  • Modified how data is sent to the template: removed the magic methods getter/setters setting the $var variable – not data is stored directly as object parameters.
  • Added many translations. Thanks everyone!


  • Added: Sort by field, sort direction, Start & End date now added to Post view
    • Note: When using the shortcode, the shortcode settings override the View settings.
  • Fixed: Fatal errors caused by Gravity Forms not existing.
  • Added a setting for Support Email – please make sure your email is accurate; otherwise we won’t be able to respond to the feedback you send
  • Fixed: Custom CSS classes didn’t apply to images in list view
  • Improved Settings layout
  • Tweak: Hide WordPress SEO, Genesis, and WooThemes metaboxes until a View has been created
  • Tweak: Field layout improvements; drag-and-drop works smoother now
  • Tweak: Add icon to Multiple Entries / Single Entry tabs
  • Tweak: Dialog boxes now have a backdrop
  • Fixed: Don’t show field/widget settings link if there are no settings (like on the Show Pagination Info widget)
  • Fixed: Security warning by the WordFence plugin: it didn’t like a line in a sample entry data .csv file
  • Fixed: Don’t show welcome screen on editing the plugin using the WordPress Plugin Editor
  • Tweak: Close “Add Field” and “Add Widget” boxes by pressing the escape key
  • Added: Hungarian translation. Thanks, @dbalage!
  • Added: Italian translation. Thanks, @ClaraDiGennaro
  • If you’d like to contribute translations, please sign up here.


  • Added: Show Views in Nav menu builder
  • Fixed: “Add Fields” selector no longer closes when clicking to drag the scrollbar
  • Fixed: Issue affecting Gravity Forms styles when Gravity Forms’ “No Conflict Mode” is enabled
  • Fixed: Footer widget areas added back to Single Entry views using Listing layout
  • Changed the look and feel of the Add Fields dialog and field settings. Let us know what you think!


  • Added: “Getting Started” link to the Views menu
  • Fixed: Fatal error for users with Gravity Forms versions 1.7 or older
  • Fixed: Entries in trash no longer show in View
  • Tweak: When modifying the “Only visible to logged in users with role” setting, if choosing a role other than “Any”, check the checkbox.
  • Tweak: gravityview_field_visibility_caps filter to add/remove capabilities from the field dropdowns
  • Added: Translation files. If you’d like to contribute translations, please sign up here.


  • Liftoff!


Upgrade Notice



  • Added: “Getting Started” link to the Views menu
  • Fixed: Fatal error for users with Gravity Forms versions 1.7 or older
  • Fixed: Entries in trash no longer show in View
  • Tweak: When modifying the “Only visible to logged in users with role” setting, if choosing a role other than “Any”, check the checkbox.
  • Tweak: gravityview_field_visibility_caps filter to add/remove capabilities from the field dropdowns
  • Added: Translation files. If you’d like to contribute translations, please sign up here.


  • Liftoff!