Welcome to Ink

Welcome to Ink: GravityKit's quarterly newsletter

Ink, GravityKit’s new quarterly print newsletter, was inspired by our love of receiving good mail.

In Ink, we’re going to highlight our customers, introduce you to helpful features or tricks you may not have known, feature a cute pet, and provide you with fun games, both for you and any young ones you may have.

I hope each edition of Ink brings you a smile, teaches you something, and inspires you.

I love checking the mail. I check the mail every day.. it’s often the only time I get outside! I put on my shoes, I go down to the mailbox and I open the mail. And when there’s something good in there, I get really excited! And so I wanted to bring that excitement to the GravityKit customer base.

Zack Katz, founder of GravityKit

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Matt Medeiros interviewed GravityKit founder, Zack Katz on Breakdown (a podcast from Gravity Forms) to discuss Ink. Give it a listen!

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