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Gravity Forms is the best WordPress form plugin, but sometimes you need to display form entries on the front end. That’s where GravityView comes in. 

GravityView is a powerful add-on for Gravity Forms that allows you to display Gravity Forms entries on the front end. Display your entries using a variety of beautiful layouts, filter views, allow users to edit their own entries, and much more. Here you’ll learn about configuring new Views, how to display entries on a map or calendar, how to display user profiles, and more.

How to build an application review system for grants, research proposals, jobs, contests, and more

How to build an application review system using GravityView

Whether you’re overseeing grant applications, evaluating research papers, or managing job applications, having a defined workflow and review system is key.  While dedicated software platforms and SaaS solutions exist to address this need, they are often overly expensive and limited in functionality. In this tutorial, we’re going to show you… Read more