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Floaty’s Holiday Adventure ♬

Floaty loves the holidays Hello there! Why don’t you put on a fire, pour yourself a cup of hot astronaut cocoa (get Floaty’s recipe here) and listen to an instant holiday classic – “Floaty Loves the Holidays”: The GravityView Team (in order of appearance): Julie in France Juniper in Denver, USA Pica the… Read more



WordPress has been abuzz with #wpdrama over the past few weeks. Now that it’s settled down, we asked Jonathan Mann to break down a great summary of the issues on Post Status into something that makes a bit more sense. And is catchy. We present to you: #wpdrama

July 24: One Year

July 24 is a day for pioneers. Some days are destined for greatness. July 24 has a recurring theme of exploration. At 15:01 Mountain Time Today makes one year of GravityView. To celebrate our one year anniversary, use discount code JULY24 for 20% off, one day only.

Launching GravityView

And we're live!

been working on GravityView for over 8 months, and we’re so thrilled to be able to share it with you today. Please buy the plugin, try the demo, and follow us on Twitter @GravityView. Update 2021: To see how far we’ve come over the last 7 years, check out: 7… Read more