What's the difference between GravityView and Gravity Wiz?

What’s the Difference Between GravityView and Gravity Wiz?

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Not sure what the difference is between GravityView and Gravity Wiz?

People often ask us whether GravityView and Gravity Wiz offer similar solutions and whether they should invest in both or just one.

The truth is that GravityView and Gravity Wiz are both members of a thriving developer community, working hard to provide top-notch add-ons and resources for Gravity Forms users. 

In this post, we’ll dive deep into GravityView and Gravity Wiz to help you better understand the difference between the two. 

A Quick Overview

Here is a brief summary of the similarities and differences between GravityView and Gravity Wiz:

GravityViewGravity Wiz
✅ Gravity Forms Certified Developer.✅ Gravity Forms Certified Developer.
🧰 Toolkit of essential Gravity Forms add-ons focused on displaying, editing, exporting, and importing entries.🧩 A suite of 36 “perks” (plugins) that add enhancements to Gravity Forms.
👨‍🚀 Build front end web apps using your form data.🧙‍♂️ Add a variety of upgrades to Gravity Forms.

Let’s delve deeper into the difference between GravityView and Gravity Wiz 👇

Should I Get Gravity Wiz and GravityView or Is One Enough?

It totally depends on what you’re trying to accomplish! GravityView plugins and Gravity Wiz Perks allow you to extend Gravity Forms in different ways. If you do decide to get both, you won’t end up with overlapping features (if that’s what you’re worried about!).

Can I Use Gravity Wiz and GravityView Together?

Yes, absolutely. GravityView plugins and Gravity Wiz Perks are fully compatible with one another. In fact, many of our customers use GravityView and Gravity Perks on the same website for a variety of use cases.

For example, using Gravity Wiz and GravityView, you can display entries assigned to a specific user.

Let’s have a look at GravityView and Gravity Wiz in a little more detail 👇



GravityView is a Gravity Forms Certified Developer. We build robust and user-friendly premium add-ons for Gravity Forms. Our suite of plugins offers the best solutions for displaying, editing, importing, and exporting Gravity Forms data.

GravityView is also the name of our flagship plugin that allows you to build sophisticated web apps using your form data.

What Is the GravityView Plugin?

The GravityView plugin allows you to display Gravity Forms entries on the front end of your website and build powerful web apps. Using GravityView, you can build databases, business directories, memberships sites, and more!

GravityView includes a visual, drag-and-drop builder making it easy to create apps with “low-code” or “no-code”!

What Can You Do With GravityView?

Our plugins allow you to create dynamic, front-end systems. Here are some examples of what you can build using our toolkit of essential Gravity Forms add-ons:

…And much more!

📝 Learn more about what GravityView can do for you

Who Uses GravityView?

Our customers include web designers, developers, nonprofits, educational institutions, agencies, and end-users!

GravityView Pricing

GravityView includes three licensing options (billed annually). You can also purchase plugins individually.

  • GravityView – $99
    Includes the GravityView plugin.
  • GravityView Pro  – $249
    Includes GravityView + all premium Extensions and Layouts.
  • GravityKitAll Access – $499
    Includes everything we offer (all plugins, extensions, and layouts).
  • Individual plugins (from $99)

Now that you have a better idea of what GravityView is and what we offer, let’s turn our attention to Gravity Wiz.

Gravity Wiz

Gravity Wiz is a Gravity Forms Certified Developer dedicated to providing helpful plugins, snippets, and tutorials for Gravity Forms. Gravity Wiz offers a suite of add-ons called “Gravity Perks” and each one adds a small enhancement to Gravity Forms.

What Is Gravity Perks?

For the best explanation of Gravity Perks, it’s best to hear from Gravity Wiz themselves! 🧙‍♂️

Here’s how they describe “Gravity Perks”:

Perks are plugins, powered by Gravity Perks, that add new features for Gravity Forms… Gravity Perks is a platform and delivery system for “perks”. Install Gravity Perks and then activate whichever perks make Gravity Forms more awesome for you. It’s like JetPack but specifically for Gravity Forms.

By installing Gravity Perks, you’ll be able to enable and disable individual perks from inside your WordPress dashboard. This allows you to pick and choose the functionality you need.

What Can You Do With Gravity Perks?

There’s a lot you can do with Gravity Wiz’s suite of “Perks”. Here are some popular use-cases:

  • Use the Populate Anything Perk to dynamically filter and populate field choices or values with posts, users, databases, Google Sheets entries, and more.
  • Use Nested Forms to create “child” forms grouped with “parent” forms where entries are attached to the parent form on submission.
  • Manage inventory for products, resources, or events using Gravity Forms Inventory.
  • Improve the file upload process using Gravity Forms File Upload Pro.

…And much more!

Who Uses Gravity Perks?

Like GravityView, Gravity Wiz serves a diverse range of clients from agencies and site builders to end-users!

Gravity Wiz Pricing

Gravity Wiz offers the following three pricing tiers (billed annually):

  • Basic – $59
    Includes one perk for use on one website.
  • Advanced (3 perks) $149
    Includes three perks for use on three websites.
  • Pro (unlimited perks) – $299
    Includes unlimited perks for use on unlimited websites!

Let’s sum up what we’ve learned about GravityView and Gravity Wiz.

Summing Up

GravityView and Gravity Wiz are both Gravity Forms certified developers. We are both known for our unrivaled development work and first-class support.

Whether you decide to buy GravityView, Gravity Perks or both will depend on what you’re trying to accomplish. Many of our customers use GravityView and Gravity Perks to create custom solutions for clients.

Both GravityView and Gravity Wiz allow you to:

  • Save on development costs 
  • Improve business operations 
  • Optimize your workflow
  • Add powerful functionality to your site
  • Get the tools you need to go after larger and more complex projects
  • Write less code and win more clients

Now that you know the difference between GravityView and Gravity Wiz, you can make a more informed decision about which one best suits the needs of your project 🚀