Floaty’s Holiday Adventure ♬

Floaty loves the holidays Hello there! Why don’t you put on a fire, pour yourself a cup of hot astronaut cocoa (get Floaty’s recipe here) and listen to an instant holiday classic – “Floaty Loves the Holidays”: The GravityView Team (in order of appearance): Julie in France Juniper in Denver, USA Pica the… Read more

GravityView version 1.15.2

Mint is fresh. So is version 1.15.2!

This release is minty-fresh! Version 1.15.2 fixes issues where drop-down, radio, and checkbox field searches were not being matched exactly. “Urology” shouldn’t return a match for “Neurology“! Gravity Forms made a change to their Entries table layout which caused some strange display behavior with GravityView. We’ve fixed this issue. Version… Read more

Version 1.15.1 Released

With Version 1.15.1, we’re adding a cool new feature: you can pass URL arguments to the GravityView shortcode using the {get} Merge Tag. That means you can do this: And then in your URL, pass the View ID you want to show, like so: The shortcode will then render… Read more

GravityView version 1.14

Wait a minute… A customer sent us a support request wondering why they weren’t able to sort by time in GravityView. We checked it out, and indeed: it wasn’t working. Then we tried sorting by time in Gravity Forms itself. Nope: Gravity Forms doesn’t support sorting by time. It took some… Read more

GravityView version 1.13

Version 1.13

This is an important update to keep expected functionality with Gravity Forms 1.9.12 or newer. Gravity Forms 1.9.12 changed some things related to fetching entries, and this caused issues with our A-Z Filters Extension (fixed in version 1.0.6) and the core GravityView plugin. Version 1.13 of GravityView resolves these issues.… Read more

GravityView version 1.12

A release with many fixes We’re working on a new Math extension that allows for calculating entry and column values. Stay tuned for that release! Until then, may I present: Version 1.12! Version 1.12 focuses on fixing some issues that users have reported. No new features to report, just an… Read more



WordPress has been abuzz with #wpdrama over the past few weeks. Now that it’s settled down, we asked Jonathan Mann to break down a great summary of the issues on Post Status into something that makes a bit more sense. And is catchy. We present to you: #wpdrama

July 24: One Year

July 24 is a day for pioneers. Some days are destined for greatness. July 24 has a recurring theme of exploration. At 15:01 Mountain Time Today makes one year of GravityView. To celebrate our one year anniversary, use discount code JULY24 for 20% off, one day only.