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Ultimate guide to the top 10 WordPress business directory plugins in 2024

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Are you looking to build a business directory for your local town or an internal directory for your company? You’ll need a WordPress business directory plugin!

Business directories help customers find products and services that they need.

Real Estate companies use directories to showcase their property listings, Yelp helps customers find local businesses nearby and other directory sites connect people with specific services such as plumbers or electricians.

In this post, we look at the top 10 WordPress business directory plugins and review each one by looking at its features, price, and available add-ons.

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What is a business directory?

A business directory is a website that contains an index of companies that are categorized based on industry, location, and services. Business directories help users find specific goods and services they need, either online or in the area that they live.

Think of a business directory like an online version of the Yellow Pages!

How to choose the best WordPress business directory plugin for your project

When choosing a business directory plugin for WordPress, much of the decision depends on what kind of directory you’re planning to build. For example, do you want to charge businesses for creating a listing? If so, you’ll need a plugin with payment support.

Are you looking to build a directory that can scale over time? In that case, you’ll need a flexible plugin with a robust codebase. At the end of the day, you have to identify your needs and then choose the most suitable plugin for your project.

Having said that, there are some general features that you should always look for in a business directory plugin. We’ve listed some of the most important ones below.

  • Options for allowing businesses to edit their own listings
  • Payment gateway integrations to charge for listings
  • A rating and review system
  • Support for images and videos
  • The ability to mark certain listings as “featured”
  • An intuitive search feature for sorting and filtering listings
  • Google Maps integration for location support
  • Shortcodes for easily adding listings to your website
  • Customizable submission forms for creating different types of listings

With these features in mind, here are our picks for the top 10 best WordPress business directory plugins.

1. GravityView

Turn Gravity Forms entries into anything

GravityView is an add-on for the popular Gravity Forms plugin that allows you to display form entries on the front end of your website. In other words, Gravity Forms helps you collect business information, while GravityView allows you to display it.

Gravity Forms is the most powerful and trusted form plugin for WordPress, making it easy for you to collect all kinds of data. This includes media (such as images), contact details, and location information.

GravityView makes building powerful business directories easy thanks to its intuitive drag and drop builder. There is also a range of pre-set layout options. This allows you to display business listings in a table, a list, or even on a Google map! With this plugin, you can build member directories, Yelp clones, real estate directories (like Zillow), and more!

If you’re looking for a flexible, no-code framework for building custom directories that look amazing on the front end, GravityView is a great option. Furthermore, there are a variety of extensions available that add additional functionality to GravityView (see below).

Key features

  • User edit – Allow businesses to edit their own listings.
  • Advanced filtering and sorting – Sort and filter listings based on conditional logic.
  • Presets/templates – Get your directory up and running in minutes thanks to GravityView’s powerful presets and templates.
  • DIY layout – Build your own custom directory layout.


GravityView starts at $99 per year. However, you’ll also need Gravity Forms which is a further $59 per year.

Add-ons & extensions

  • Advanced Filtering – Filter your directories using conditional logic. This allows you to display listings based on parameters that you set. Only show listings created by the logged-in user, restrict listings to a specific date range, and more.
  • Ratings & Reviews – Adds a rating and review system to your directory allowing users to rate businesses using a star rating or upvote system.
  • A-Z Filters – Allow users to filter listings by letter. This extension adds links at the top of your directory going from A to Z.
  • Social Sharing & SEO – Add social sharing buttons to listings and integrate your directory with Yoast SEO for advanced SEO optimization.
  • Featured Entries – Mark certain listings as “featured” so they are highlighted and show up at the top of the listings page.

Who choose GravityView?

If you already have Gravity Forms, or you have prior experience using it, then GravityView may be the best business directory plugin for you! Not only can you leverage the power and flexibility of Gravity Forms for data collection, you can build custom directories using GravityView’s drag-and-drop editor. You’ll also have access to an expert support team and a vast library of tutorials and guides.

2. GeoDirectory

the GeoDirectory website homepage

GeoDirectory is a plugin that allows you to build location-based business directories on WordPress.

The plugin is compatible with popular page builders like Elementor and Divi, and it also works well on multisite installations. The search functionality looks great and the plugin also integrates with Google Maps, allowing you to show location-based listings.

If you’re looking for a lightweight business directory solution that you can scale as you receive more traffic, then GeoDirectory might be a good option for you. The only downside to GeoDirectory is that you need add-ons to enjoy the full functionality of the plugin. Buying a license is also quite expensive.

Key features

  • Drag and drop listing editor – This makes it easy for businesses to edit their listings.
  • Shortcodes and widgets – The plugin comes with over 15 different widgets.


GeoDirectory core is free to download from However, if you want access to add-ons, you’ll need to pay for a membership which starts at $99 for four months.

Add-ons & extensions

  • Google Analytics – Add Google Analytics tracking to your business directory and access basics stats from the details page using a shortcode or widget.
  • Location Manager – This add-on allows you to extend your directory by adding unlimited locations for your listings. You can also prepopulate location data using the Google API.
  • Advanced Search – Add search filters for custom fields.
  • Custom Post Types – Manage multiple different listing types and combine different listings to create diverse directories.
  • Pricing Manager – Allows you to monetize your directory by charging businesses to place a listing.
  • Events – Adds custom fields and sorting specifically for events.
  • … And more!

Why choose GeoDirectory?

If your site utilizes Divi or Elementor, consider using this plugin as it is already well integrated with these tools.

3. Sabai Directory

Sabai Directory

The Sabai directory plugin is great for local business, restaurant, and store directories. When building your listing form, you can manage custom fields using a visual editor. The plugin also includes maps support for displaying geolocation data.

Sabai Directory allows you to choose whether your listings display on a map or a grid layout. You can also add a search bar for filtering by category, location, or keywords. 

This WordPress member directory plugin is unique in that all of the features are included in the base price. That means Sabai Directory is a great solution for anyone looking for an all-in-one plugin that they can use to build simple directories. 

However, Sabai Directory has limited design and customization options and is lacking in support documentation.

Key features

  • Ratings – Users can rate listings based on quality, price, or other factors.
  • Search filters – Use interactive filters to search listings based on ratings, price, date, or location.
  • Review content – Users can upload images as part of their reviews.
  • Fully responsive – Your WordPress business directories will look good on any screen size.


Sabai Directory costs $29.

Add-ons & extensions

There are no add-ons for Sabai Directory because all of the advanced features are included in the basic plugin.

Why choose Sabai Directory?

If your goal is to build a simple directory without needing to install multiple plugins, try Sabai Directory as it may offer the functionality you’re looking for.

4. Directory Pro

Directory Pro demo

Directory Pro is a full-featured directory plugin with a sleek look and feel. The plugin is perfect for international or local business listings and comes with inbuilt Stripe and PayPal integrations.

There’s a rating system, a sign-up module, and a pricing table. The plugin also includes emails and AJAX search functionality. The listing page is fully responsive so it looks good on any screen size.

Directory Pro also works well with popular tools like Mailchimp and WooCommerce, giving you the ability to enhance the functionality of your WordPress business directory.

Key features

  • Favorite listings – There are buttons allowing users to favorite certain listings that they are interested in.
  • Bidding system – Make money by allowing companies to bid for a higher spot in the directory.
  • Badges – This extension adds badges to new listings .


Directory Pro costs $39. This includes 6 months of support from the author.

Add-ons & extensions

All plugin features are part of the core offering.

Why choose Directory Pro?

Do you want to charge money for directory listings? Consider using Directory Pro as it makes this easy thanks to its built-in payment integrations.

5. Advanced Classifieds and Directory Pro

Advanced Classifieds and Directory pro WordPress Directory plugin

If you’re looking for a flexible business directory solution to integrate with your existing website, Advanced Classified and Directory Pro is a great option. 

The plugin supports unlimited listings and locations and the basic plugin is free to download from This means you can get up and running for no investment other than your time.

Add-ons and extensions allow you to add features to your directories such as PayPal payments, and WooCommerce support. While the add-on library is smaller than some other plugins, there are a lot of features packed into the core plugin itself.

You can add unlimited custom fields to your listings including radio buttons and text inputs. You can also categorize listings making it easier for users to search through your directory on the front end.

Key features

  • Email notifications – Merchants get an email then their listing expires or when they receive a payment.
  • Advanced search – The plugin comes with an advanced search widget, allowing you to search by category, keyword, location, and more.
  • Image upload support – Listing pages support the uploading of images and videos.


The basic plugin is free but does not include payment support. For this, you’ll need to purchase add-ons which start at around $20.

Add-ons & extensions

  • PayPal Standard – Accept payments using PayPal.
  • Stripe Payment – Accept payments over Stripe.
  • Listings Slider – Showcase your directory listings in a slider/carousel.
  • WooCommerce – Create paid plans and charge users using WooCommerce.

Why choose Advanced Classifieds and Directory Pro?

If you want to build a business directory quickly, and you’re on a budget, consider using Advanced Classifieds and Directory Pro as it requires no upfront costs to get started!

6. Connections Business Directory

A directory built using the Connections Business Directory plugin

The Connections Business Directory plugin was built for maximum flexibility, which means you can use it to build large business directories or small address books.

Listings are fully responsive and there is a range of features available through paid add-ons. This includes CSV import, extra widgets, and enhanced listing forms. Using one of the premium templates on offer, you can get up and running in no time. This is helpful for those who are less skilled when it comes to design work! 

Connections Business Directory is also compatible with the Gutenberg block editor, allowing you to build custom layouts for your listings. Lastly, the plugin provides great developer support, with a range of actions and filters for you to tap into.

If you’re looking for a flexible WordPress business directory plugin that won’t break the bank, consider Connections Business Directory.

Key features

  • Customizable – The developer hooks and APIs allow you to customize the plugin to your liking.
  • Custom fields – The plugin offers a range of custom fields.
  • Save birthdays – You can save anniversaries and birthdays to keep track of special days.


The basic plugin is free to download. Premium extensions range in price from $5 to $15.

Add-ons & extensions

  • Authored – Display a list of blogs published by the author on the listing details page.
  • Contact – Add a contact form to single listings so users can contact businesses in your directory.
  • CSV Import – Import listings from a CSV file.
  • Custom Category Order – List categories in a specific order instead of the default alphabetical order.
  • Enhanced Categories – Add featured images, breadcrumbs, and other features to the category pages.
  • Custom Entry Order – Apecify the order in which entries should be displayed.

Why choose Connections Business Directory?

If you have a project that may require frequent design changes, or added functionality over time, consider using Conections Business Directory.

7. Toolset Directory

Toolset Directory - WordPress business directory plugin

Toolset allows you to build your own WordPress business directory without writing any code. Furthermore, Toolset integrates with other popular WordPress plugins like WooCommerce, Elementor, and WPML.

The plugin includes a training guide and onboarding program showing you how to get set up and start building a successful directory. Layouts are responsive and work well with popular themes.

If you’re new to WordPress and directory sites, you may find Toolset overwhelming at first because it contains so many different options. One upshot of Toolset Directory is that it integrates with the Gutenberg block editor allowing you to customize your layouts using a visual drag and drop interface.

Key features

  • 30-day refund – Toolset has a 30-day no-questions-asked refund policy.
  • Custom post types – Includes support for custom post types, fields, and taxonomies.
  • Payment acceptance – Includes support for payment gateways allowing you to charge businesses for listings.


Toolset costs €69 per year for one site. For unlimited sites, you’ll pay €299 per year. (Note: prices are in euros!).

Add-ons & extensions

There are no separate add-ons as all features are included in the plugin itself.

Why choose Toolset?

If you’re a WordPress veteran or developer, Toolset may provide the power and flexibility you’re looking for when creating a business directory. Consider using this plugin if you’re a more technical user.

8. Name Directory

Name Directory

The Name Directory plugin allows you to build simple directories and glossaries on your WordPress website. 

While this plugin doesn’t come with sophisticated functionality or a range of powerful features like some of the plugins above, it’s still a great solution if you’re looking for something simple that works out of the box.

The plugin works with shortcodes, allowing you to embed your directory anywhere on your site. If you’re wanting to build an internal directory for your company containing a glossary of terms, Name Directory is ideal.

However, if you’re looking to build a full-featured business directory that can scale, it’s best to choose one of the plugins reviewed above.

Key features

  • Lightweight – The plugin is lightweight and won’t slow down your site.
  • Multi directory support – You can create as many different directories as you want and display them using shortcodes on different parts of your site.


Name Directory is free to download on

Add-ons & extensions

There are no add-ons for Name Directory.

Why choose Name Directory?

If you’re looking to build a glossary, or a very basic directory that doesn’t require many features, then consider using this plugin.

9. LDD Directory Lite

LDD Directory Lite

LDD Directory Lite is a free plugin that’s simple to configure. It’s a solid solution for anyone wanting to add a directory to their WordPress site.

Displaying the listing page is as easy as pasting a shortcode into your page or post. This will generate the directory, making LDD Directory Lite one of the more lightweight solutions listed here.

LDD Directory Lite has a modern look and it’s easy to customize the design if you wish to do so. If you’re looking for a WordPress business directory plugin that is easy to use and doesn’t contain an overwhelming number of options, this might be the plugin for you.

Key features

  • Google Maps integration – This plugin integrates with Google Maps allowing you to display listing locations.
  • Email notifications – The plugin contains customizable email notifications.
  • Front-end editing – Merchants can update their listings from the front end.


LDD Directory Lite is free to download from with optional add-ons available at a price.

Add-ons & extensions

  • Directory Reports & Exports – Allows users to create reports and export listings to different formats.
  • Directory Import – Import listings to your directory from a CSV file.
  • Directory Reviews – Adds a user review system to your directory with star ratings and comments.
  • Directory Social Login – Gives users the ability to log in using popular social networks.
  • Directory Social Share – Gives users the ability to share directory listings on popular social media platforms.

Why choose LDD Directory Lite?

If your priority is lightweight plugins, and you need a plugin that works out of the box, then consider using LDD Directory Lite.

10. Business Directory Plugin

The homepage for the Business Directory Plugin for WordPress

The Business Directory Plugin is a well-rounded solution for building business directories on WordPress. 

The core plugin allows you to customize your listing forms and take payments through your site. The Business Directory Plugin is lightweight, easy to configure, and contains most of the core features you’d need to get a business directory up and running on WordPress.

You can build directories that are mobile-responsive and SEO optimized using Yoast SEO or another WordPress SEO plugin. The Business Directory Plugin also comes with built-in CSV import/export functionality.

To integrate payment gateways or scale your directory for more users, you’ll need to purchase one or more add-ons.

Key features

  • Payment acceptance – Payment support comes with the core plugin, allowing you to charge for listings.
  • Form field customization – The listing form submission fields are customizable so you can build forms with different field types.
  • Spam prevention – The plugin integrates with Google reCAPTCHA allowing you to prevent spam submissions.
  • Widgets – There are multiple widgets for things like featured, latest, and random listings.


The core plugin is free with a paid version starting at $99 per year.

Add-ons & extensions

  • File upload – Allow users to upload PDF files, text files, and images as part of their listing.
  • Zip code search – Search listings by ZIP code and proximity search.
  • Google Maps – Display the geolocation of listings in your directory.
  • … And more.

Why choose Business Directory Plugin?

If you’re looking for a lightweight directory plugin that also supports online payments, then this plugin may be a good choice.

Our top picks

One thing to keep in mind when choosing a WordPress business directory plugin is the amount of support that it receives. For example, if a plugin was last updated 6 months ago, that might be a sign that it’s not very well supported. If you’re building a directory that you want to scale over time, it’s important to find a solution that isn’t going to fall into disrepair!

If you’re looking to build professional business directories for WordPress that can scale, Gravity Forms together with GravityView is the perfect solution. Both plugins are well supported by a dedicated team of developers and support staff. Moreover, GravityView contains a range of powerful features including plenty of developer hooks for advanced customization.

Geodirectory is another solid option if your goal is to build a local business directory. Business Directory Plugin and Sabai Directory are two other popular choices that both include a range of impressive features.

If your goal is to create a glossary, rather than a business directory, then checkout Name Directory as it may be the perfect solution for you.

Start building your WordPress business directory

There are a variety of WordPress business directory plugins available that allow you to create professional directories that look great.

Whether you’re looking to build a Yelp competitor or a small, local business directory, there are plugins that can help. We wrote this post to help narrow your search so you can find the ideal plugin that includes all of the features and functionality that you need to build a successful listing directory.

If you found this post helpful, read how to build a directory website with WordPress next!

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