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What GravityView Can Do for You

Written by Casey Burridge

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New to GravityView? Stick around because, in this post, we’ll blast off into the stratosphere for a bird’s eye view of the GravityView toolkit and the many benefits our plugins have brought to our customers.

Here at GravityView, our customers include educational institutions, nonprofits, web design agencies, WordPress developers, and end-users.

As you’ll find out, GravityView can help you save on development costs, improve business operations, optimize your workflow, and much more.

Let’s get started! 🙌🚀

The GravityView Toolkit

The GravityView “toolkit” as we like to call it, is a suite of essential add-ons for Gravity Forms. Included in the toolkit is the GravityView plugin which allows you to display your form data on the front end and build powerful web applications.

Many of our customers use GravityView to build directories, job boards, databases, and other front-end applications – all powered by Gravity Forms! 

With GravityView, Gravity Forms becomes more than a form plugin 😎

Here are some of the real-life benefits that our customers have reported after building with GravityView plugins.

Save on Development Costs

GravityView provides a comprehensive solution for agencies and small businesses seeking to build WordPress-powered web applications. GravityView removes the complexity associated with traditional development allowing you to build systems that remain stable over time.

The design team at Dragonfly, a video production company based in London, came to GravityView after seeking out a way to modernize their internal database of talent. As their database grew, Dragonfly’s original system was becoming difficult to maintain, and as their most important business asset, it was time for an upgrade.

They needed a new, searchable front end that would allow them to categorize and manage their talent network in a more efficient way. As their original system was full of bugs and errors, the Dragonfly team anticipated a lengthy and difficult upgrade process.

However, after finding GravityView they were blown away by the ease at which they could construct a brand new database!

Being able to use a pre-built tool helped us to lower costs as we built our database, and also ensured that our new system was ‘future proofed’.

Dragonfly team

Indeed, Dragonfly found that not only did GravityView save them time and money, but it helped them to improve their business operations in a meaningful way.

Using GravityView has saved us a huge amount of time — and money — both from a development point of view, and in terms of our day-to-day operations.

Dragonfly team
The Dragonfly agency's database of talent, built with GravityView

GravityView is the most impressive plugin we’ve used by a long margin — we would recommend it without hesitation. This couldn’t be more genuine — any new website we build in the future, GravityView will be our go-to.

Dragonfly team

Thanks, Dragonfly! 🙌

Make Your Clients Happy

GravityView is flexible and extensible, making it perfect for WordPress/web design agencies that provide solutions for a diverse range of clients.

Combining GravityView with our range of add-ons, extensions, and layouts, allows you to bring your ideas to life and blow your clients away with customized solutions.

Bet Hannon Business Websites is a full-service WordPress agency that works with nonprofits, startups, and small to medium-sized businesses. After a client came to them wanting to build a directory, they found GravityView and never looked back!

GravityView was clearly the best option for displaying Gravity Forms entries, especially when we needed to start sorting and filtering them.

Bet Hannon, founder of Bet Hannon Business Websites

The team at BHBW has now built multiple business directories for a number of different nonprofits in the US. As you can see, the below directory, built for Messy Church USA, utilizes the GravityView Maps layout to display church locations on a Google Map.

A Google Map with location pins

Not only does GravityView allow you to build powerful directories, but you can also use it to display donations and fundraisers on your website!

We love working with GravityView.

Bet Hannon, founder of Bet Hannon Business Websites

GravityView is a powerful solution for nonprofits because it’s affordable, easy to use, and well-supported! Using GravityView, your organization can:

  • Keep a database of your staff, volunteers, donors, and board members
  • Display and filter donations by amount, date, and other parameters
  • Manage fundraising campaigns
  • Edit and delete entries directly from the front end of your website
  • Display entries based on the date they were created

Are you part of a nonprofit seeking solutions to extend Gravity Forms? Contact us for a discount on GravityView plugins.

Optimize Your Workflow

GravityView’s advanced functionality allows you to build complex systems with ease. That’s one of many reasons why more and more educational institutions are adopting GravityView as their go-to solution for building front-end applications.

When New Mexico State University needed a way to collect and share feedback about their activities and initiatives, they began searching for a way to display data collected with Gravity Forms. They tried several solutions but none of them quite fit the bill.

We tried several plugins and some coding… we also tried using third-party integration services, such as Zapier, but this was a complicated multipoint solution that was difficult to bring together.

Adam Covotta, New Mexico State University

After settling on GravityView, they were able to build a successful system and complete the project on time. 

Once I noticed that we could do everything we were looking to do, get support for the product, and get access to additional add-ons, like the Import Entries add-on, I was sold.

Adam Covotta, New Mexico State University
The New Mexico State University logo

The team at New Mexico State University now uses GravityView to power 10 of their internal applications, including a database of boards and committees and an accreditation and recognition system. NMSU found that GravityView improved their internal operations making the management of information less laborious, more consistent, and more transparent.

New Mexico State University's research projects database, build with GravityView

GravityView helps schools, colleges, universities, and other educational institutions by making it easy to:

Do you represent an educational institution? Contact us for a discount on GravityView plugins!

Build Powerful No-Code Solutions

While most corporations and enterprises have in-house development teams and large budgets, small businesses are limited in terms of their technical capabilities.

GravityView empowers startups and small businesses to create websites and applications without having to write a single line of code. GravityView’s intuitive drag and drop builder makes it easy to build and launch a new application with limited resources or technical knowledge.

Farm and Market Trail, an organization that helps to promote farmers and vendors of fresh produce, wanted to build an interactive small business directory but didn’t have the budget to hire a team of designers and developers. 

After looking around for potential solutions, they found GravityView.

I started working with the GravityView plugin a few months ago. In that time, I have been able to build a map-based website that, short of spending a small fortune on coding, would not have been possible. For a web developer, the combination of Gravity Forms & GravityView is very empowering. And the support I have received from the GravityView team is quite simply outstanding.

The Farm and Market Trail team
The Farm and Market Trail directory showing locations on a Google Map where you can buy fresh and local produce

When Matt Hayter decided to build a hotel bed review system, he approached a developer who recommended Gravity Forms and GravityView. After starting work on the website, they were both blown away by how easy it was to bring their ideas to life.

The minute I installed the plugin I was sold, it was so intuitive and easy to use.

Matt Power, developer
A front end table showing hotel bed reviews, built with GravityView

GravityView is the ultimate code-free solution for building WordPress-powered web apps. But don’t let the words “no-code” scare you off if you’re a developer! GravityView includes hundreds of actions and filters allowing you to easily modify all aspects of the output. 

Start Building With GravityView

At GravityView our aim has always been to provide value to the Gravity Forms community and engage as partners in our customers’ success. Our toolkit of essential Gravity Forms add-ons allows you to build powerful web applications with ease.

Our customers include web design agencies, WordPress developers, educational institutions, and nonprofits. GravityView’s drag and drop builder is intuitive and easy to use, making it simple to build custom solutions with limited resources or technical knowledge.

Interested in giving GravityView a try? Learn more about the plugin now or contact us with any questions you have!

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