GravityView version 1.5.4

Yep, you heard that right: Version 1.5.4

Written by Zack Katz

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Version 1.5.4 added some sweet new stuff

'Hide View data until a search is performed' setting

Hide data until a search

The new setting allows you to hide the View results until a search has been performed. All that will be displayed is the Search Bar widget.

Custom content widget being selected

Custom Content Widget

Custom Content widgets allow you to add HTML, text, and shortcodes in the header or footer of a View.

Clear existing search button setting

Clear existing search values

Allow users to easily clear existing search values with a “Clear” button.

Learn about the Clear button

Changes in 1.5.4 (Full List)

  • Added: “Hide View data until search is performed” setting – only show the Search Bar until a search is entered
  • Added: “Clear” button to your GravityView Search Bar – allows easy way to remove all searches & filters
  • Added: You can now add Custom Content GravityView Widgets (not just fields) – add custom text or HTMLin the header or footer of a View
  • Added: gravityview/comments_open filter to modify whether comments are open or closed for GravityView posts (previously always false)
  • Added: Hook to filter the success Edit Entry message and link gravityview/edit_entry/success
  • Added: Possibility to add custom CSS classes to multiple view widget wrapper (Read how)
  • Added: Field option to enable Live Post Data for Post Image field
  • Fixed: Loading translation files for Extensions
  • Fixed: Edit entry when embedding multiple views for the same form in the same page
  • Fixed: Conflicts with Advanced Filter extension when embedding multiple views for the same form in the same page
  • Fixed: Go Back link on embedded single entry view was linking to direct view url instead of page permalink
  • Fixed: Searches with quotes now work properly
  • Tweak: Moved includes/css/, includes/js/ and /images/ folders into /assets/
  • Tweak: Improved the display of the changelog (yes, “this is so meta!”)
  • Updated: Swedish translation – thanks, @adamrehal
  • Updated: Hungarian translation – thanks, @Darqebus (a new translator!) and @dbalage