Version 1.13

GravityView version 1.13

Turning up the power to the shortcodes.

Written by Zack Katz

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This is an important update to keep expected functionality with Gravity Forms 1.9.12 or newer.

Gravity Forms 1.9.12 changed some things related to fetching entries, and this caused issues with our A-Z Filters Extension (fixed in version 1.0.6) and the core GravityView plugin. Version 1.13 of GravityView resolves these issues.

New shortcode power!

You can now display the number of entries in a View using [gravityview detail="total_entries"] in your Custom Content fields. Learn what other new information you can display.

Let’s say you want to display “FLOATY LOVES CATS” above an embedded View, but you only want to show it when looking at a single entry. It wasn’t easy until now: [gvlogic context="single"]FLOATY LOVES CATS[/gvlogic]. Want this functionality? Learn about the new context parameter.

There’s a lot more that is in this update; read the full changelog below!

Full changelog:

  • Fixed: Wildcard search broken for Gravity Forms 1.9.12+
  • Fixed: Edit Entry validation messages not displaying for Gravity Forms 1.9.12+
  • Added: Number field settings
    • Format number: Display numbers with thousands separators
    • Decimals: Precision of the number of decimal places. Leave blank to use existing precision.
  • Added: detail parameter to the shortcode. Learn more
  • Added: context parameter to the [gvlogic] shortcode to show/hide content based on current mode (Multiple Entries, Single Entry, Edit Entry). Learn more
  • Added: Allow to override the entry saved value by the dynamic populated value on the Edit Entry view using the gravityview/edit_entry/pre_populate/override filter
  • Added: “Edit View” link in the Toolbar when on an embedded View screen
  • Added: gravityview_is_hierarchical filter to enable defining a Parent View
  • Added: gravityview/merge_tags/do_replace_variables filter to enable/disable replace_variables behavior
  • Added: gravityview/edit_entry/verify_nonce filter to override nonce validation in Edit Entry
  • Added: gravityview_strip_whitespace() function to strip new lines, tabs, and multiple spaces and replace with single spaces
  • Added: gravityview_ob_include() function to get the contents of a file using combination of include() and ob_start()
  • Fixed: Edit Entry link not showing for non-admins when using the DataTables template
  • Fixed: Cache wasn’t being used for get_entries()
  • Fixed: Extension class wasn’t properly checking requirements
  • Fixed: Issue with some themes adding paragraphs to Javascript tags in the Edit Entry screen
  • Fixed: Duplicated information in the debugging logs
  • Updated: “Single Entry Title” and “Back Link Label” settings now support shortcodes, allowing for you to use [gvlogic]
  • Updated: German and Portuguese translations