GravityView version 1.11.1

(And we fixed that auto-update thing)

Written by Zack Katz

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Hi everyone!

Katz Web Services and GOMO together in Lisbon

Me, Luis and Fred together in Lisbon

This week, I got back from a two week trip to Portugal where I (finally) got to meet Luis and his business partner Fred. We had a really nice time and had good discussions about the future plans for GravityView. Lots of neat stuff coming up! And for those of you who have never been to Lisbon, it’s wonderful. It has lots of hills and bay views like San Francisco, but the streets and sidewalks are covered in limestone patterns called calçada. Very relaxing, beautiful city.

We just released an update that fixes translations in Extensions and some other nice tweaks. Here’s the rundown:

1.11.1 on July 20

  • Added: New filter hook to customise the cancel Edit Entry link: gravityview/edit_entry/cancel_link
  • Fixed: Extension translations
  • Fixed: Dropdown inputs with long field names could overflow field and widget settings
  • Modified: Allow Genesis Framework CSS and Javascript in “No-Conflict Mode”
  • Updated: Danish translation (thanks @jaegerbo!) and German translation