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GravityExport Lite

Share data using a secure URL

When you configure a new export, the plugin will generate a secure download URL that you can share with anyone who needs the data (no need to log in!). Your reports update automatically as new entries are added.

Export directly to Excel (.xlsx)

Export your entries directly to .xlsx format. No more wasting time importing your CSV files into Excel and re-configuring columns. You can also export data from multiple forms to a single Excel workbook!

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Customize your reports

After enabling the download URL, configure your report by including/excluding fields, adding a custom filename, filtering by date range, and more; set it up once and forget about it.

Analyze, format and share your Gravity Forms data

Download reports using a secure link

Easily share or limit access to downloads

Share data using a secure link (no need to log in!). GravityExport Lite also allows you to secure your reports by resticting access to logged-in users.

Download reports from multiple forms at once

You can export entries from multiple Gravity Forms to a single Excel file (workbook) with multiple sheets.

Customize your data reports

GravityExport Lite includes several options for customizing your reports. Transpose your columns, include entry notes, add a custom filename, change the ordering, and more.

Attach reports to email notifications

When new form entries are submitted, you can share them automatically by attaching them to existing Gravity Forms email notifications.

Frequently asked questions

About the GravityExport Lite plugin

Can I exclude certain fields (like entry meta) from my reports?

Yes. You can select which fields should be included in your reports.

I need to export my Gravity Forms data to an Excel Workbook without converting it first from a CSV file, can I do that?

Yes! With GravityExport Lite you can export your data directly to Excel, without having to first convert it from a CSV file. You can also export entries from multiple forms to a single file (workbook) with multiple sheets.

Can I split fields with multiple values into separate columns in Excel?

Yes! You can choose to enable this feature when configuring your report. This is helpful if your form includes a List field or a GP Nested Form for example, and you want values to appear in separate columns.

Can I schedule daily/weekly/monthly reports?

No. GravityExport Lite does not allow you to schedule reports that repeat on a schedule.

Can I attach reports to email notifications?

Yes. You can attach single entry reports to Gravity Forms email notifications.

Can I export my data to an XML file?

You can’t export data to an XML file. GravityExport Lite allows you to export data to CSV, and .xlsx (Excel).

I want to make more advanced customizations to my reports. Is there a way to do that?

It depends on what you want to do exactly, but there are plenty of hooks available that allow you to customize different aspects of the output. Check out our documentation, or contact our support if you have questions about this.

This is really, really very good! Does exactly what it has to do. Install, configure and … forget about it! From now this is part of my GF ‘toolbox’.

Amazing support and plugin!

The plugin support is just amazing! GravityExport is exactly what I needed.

A must have extension for Gravity Forms.