Feature highlight: The [gv_entry_link] shortcode

Feature Highlight: Using the [gv_entry_link] Shortcode

Written by Casey Burridge

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Welcome to Feature Highlights! In this new series, we’ll be exploring exciting features of GravityView and our related add-ons to help you get the most out of our plugins.

In this edition, we’ll be focusing on one of those powerful, yet often overlooked features of GravityView – The [gv_entry_link] shortcode! 

The shortcode allows you to display a link to view, edit or delete a specific entry. You can use it anywhere on your website, including inside existing Views. 

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How to Use the [gv_entry_link] Shortcode

To use the [gv_entry_link] shortcode, all you need to do is construct the shortcode with the required parameters and paste it where you want the link to appear.

You can use the shortcode

  • Inside a GravityView custom content field
  • Inside WordPress Shortcode block
  • In your sidebar
The  shortcode inside a WordPress Shortcode block


The shortcode requires the following two parameters:

  • entry_id (the id of the entry) 
  • view_id (the id of the View where the entry resides)

To change the function of the link, you can use the action parameter, which takes three possible values:

  • read (generates a link to view the entry)
  • edit (generates a link to edit the entry)
  • delete (generates a link to delete the entry)

Here’s a basic template:

[gv_entry_link entry_id=“22” view_id=“34” action=“edit”]

💡 Pro tip: To see a full list of accepted parameters, check out this article on our docs site.

Use Cases for the [gv_entry_link] Shortcode

The [gv_entry_link] shortcode is versatile and there are many ways you can use it. Here are some examples:

  • Linking to a specific entry from a blog post
  • Displaying a link to an entry inside another entry in GravityView
  • Displaying a custom “edit entry” or “delete entry” link on your website
An arrow pointing to an 'Edit Entry' link underneath a personal profile

Get Started With the [gv_entry_link] Shortcode!

In this edition of Feature Highlights, we looked at the powerful, yet often overlooked [gv_entry_link] shortcode for GravityView. The shortcode allows you to generate a link to view, edit or delete a specific entry. You can use the shortcode anywhere on your site, including inside your Views!

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