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“GravityView has changed the way I work”

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Written by Zack Katz

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When we receive GravityView support emails, we’re consistently amazed at how our customers are using GravityView.

I just received this testimonial from Leon, a customer who uses GravityView to run his order management system. On a private page, Leon uses GravityView to search orders, preview designs, assign order status, and more:

As a designer my job is to create personalised word art. I use customers words to create prints, canvas prints and wall stickers. We sell across multiple platforms in lots of different countries. Organising and dealing with orders in the right order was tough. I’ve always wanted to create a bespoke system to deal with my orders but I never had the necessary time or programming skills.

After a bit of Googling I found GravityView and I’ve never looked back. It has literally changed the way I work. GravityView and the support I’ve received has been brilliant from start to finish.
Leon Berry, FeelCreative

Thanks for sharing, Leon!