Do More With Your WordPress Website Using GravityView 🚀

Collect information from Gravity Forms; Configure content layout using GravityView; Display the information on your site.

Ever Wanted to Show the Content Gathered by a Form? GravityView is for You.

Display all entries on a map at once

GravityView displays the data collected by the Gravity Forms plugin. Front-end editing of entries, searching, sorting, Google Maps integration, and much more. There are a ton of features and most importantly: great support.

You can display data in different, customizable layouts. You can display each submission in a row of a table, or on a map using Google Maps. All done using a neat drag-and-drop interface.

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Here’s a Flow Chart to Help You Decide if GravityView is Right for You

Sometimes it’s easiest to look at a chart. If you love flow charts like we do, we hope you like this one!

Flow chart with questions that help guide you to determining whether GravityView is right for you. Short answer: if you want to display any data on your site that you collect with a form, yes. Long answer: yes…especially if you use WordPress and Gravity Forms. If you use a screen reader, we do our best to support accessibility; get in touch with any questions.

GravityView is for you? Try it out (20% off, just for you!) You won’t regret it.

Cookie!We Have a Fast and Easy 30-day Refund Policy

If you don’t like GravityView, we want you to have your money back! We want all of our customers to love GravityView. If you don’t like the plugin or change your mind after buying, we’ll refund your money.

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