Introducing auto-update for DataTables

New Release: Introducing Auto-Update for DataTables

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We’re pleased to announce a new feature release for the GravityView DataTables layout: Auto-Update!

Enabling the new “Auto-Update” feature means your DataTable will refresh its data automatically on a schedule that you set (e.g. every 5 minutes).

This is game-changing if you’re looking to create live-updating applications that display new entries as they’re added without the need for a page reload or a user action.

The possibilities are endless! For example:

  • Display donations on a live-updating leaderboard
  • Create a dynamic business dashboard
  • Show new contest entries as they’re submitted

Previously, new data would not show up in the table immediately unless the user performed an action that forced the DataTable to fetch data from the server (such as performing a search).

How to Enable Auto-Update

To enable the new Auto-Update feature, click on the DataTables tab in the View Settings and check the box that says “Enable Auto-Update”. After that, you’ll see a new input box appear allowing you to set the auto-update interval.

The default value is “5”, meaning that every 5 minutes, the DataTable will reload its contents based on the current filter and search configuration.

The new "Enable Auto-Update" checkbox on the DataTables settings.

We’re excited to keep improving our DataTables layout to help you build live-updating tables and dynamic applications with GravityView! 🙌

To learn more about this new feature, check out the article on our docs site.

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