GravityView Gravity Forms DataTables Extension


Display Gravity Forms data in a live-updating table with extended sorting, filtering and exporting capabilities.

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

Data management and reporting made easy

Add buttons to your table for exporting entries to CSV, Excel or PDF. You can also print your data; nicely-formatted results look great when printed. Choose which columns to show or hide, making it easy to zoom in and out of the data you want to see.

Intuitive to use (like a spreadsheet!)

Browse, filter, and sort your Gravity Forms entries in a responsive table the refreshes automatically! Drill down into your form data using powerful filtering tools. DataTables integrates with Math by GravityView to show live-updating calculations in the table footer!


At GravityView, we believe developers should be able to override anything they want. That’s why, with our DataTables layout, you’ll find a range of hooks for customizing various aspects of the output.

Frequently Asked Questions

About the GravityView DataTables Layout

Will the table automatically update when a new submission is added?

DataTables includes an option called “Auto-Update”. Enabling this option allows you to set a timer (e.g. every 2 minutes) for how often the table should update its content.

Does the GravityView DataTables Layout support any DataTables extensions?

Yes. We’ve integrated with many DataTables extensions, including FixedHeader, FixedColumns, Responsive, Scroller, and Buttons.

Does DataTables support multiple languages?

Yes, all of the DataTables Internationalization plugins (60 languages!) are supported out of the box.

What hooks are available to modify the DataTables Layout?

There are plenty of hooks to modify the DataTables experience, including the gravityview_datatables_js_options filter to modify the full JS object that’s passed to DataTables. See some example Gists.

Guides and Tutorials

See what you can do with the GravityView DataTables layout