Using Gravity Forms to collect numerical data? Now you can perform advanced calculations on that data. Display the number of form submissions, calculate the average age of your respondents, build a front-end calculator, display the total amount donated, and more!

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

Uncover game-changing insights

Your Gravity Forms data is a veritable treasure trove of information, so why let that go to waste? GravityMath integrates with Gravity Forms to help you extract important insights from the data you collect. Build a mortgage calculator, analyze your business data, create product reports, work out the ROI of your marketing campaigns, and more!

Display calculations anywhere on your website

Using the powerful [gravitymath] shortcode, you can output calculations anywhere on your WordPress website. Embed your calculations inside Gravity Forms confirmations, notifications, widgets, pages, posts – literally anywhere!

The GravityMath shortcode
A table displaying numerical data, with the average and highest value displayed for each column.

Build dynamic applications

Already got GravityView installed? You can use [gravitymath] inside a View to add footer calculations to your table layouts (like average, sum, max, min, etc), create calculated columns, perform calculations for all visible entries, and more.

Perform advanced calculations on your Gravity Forms data

Powered by Hoa Math, the best open source math library

Complex calculations made easy

Using GravityMath, you can perform advanced calculations without breaking a sweat. Need to calculate the logarithm, cube root, or arc tangent of a number? No problem! GravityMath also supports mathematical constants such as ‘pi’ and ‘e’. Gravity Forms is not required.

Build automated calculators

Build mathematical apps with Gravity Forms and impress your clients by automating manual processes. Calculate the total cost of an order, the average age of your respondents, the highest order amount, the monthly payment on a loan, the value of an insurance quote, and more!

Easily debug errors

You know that feeling when things should work but for some reason, they don’t? GravityMath includes built-in debugging so you know when something goes wrong, and why.

Output calculations with a shortcode

Perform simple arithmetic operations in WordPress or take things further with complex calculations. GravityMath makes this easy using the intuitive [gravitymath] shortcode. If you get stuck, simply consult our extensive user documentation.

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

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Frequently asked questions

About the GravityMath plugin

Does GravityMath allow you to perform calculations inside a form?

No. GravityMath allows you to perform calculations on existing Gravity Forms entries. However, you can add calculations to Gravity Forms confirmation messages.

Does GravityMath support advanced functions, like logarithms?

Yes! The [gravitymath] shortcode supports a range of mathematical functions including sine, cosine, log, square root, and much more.

Can I use GravityMath to build a loan calculator?

Yes. Although GravityMath doesn’t work inside a form, it can be used to display calculation results inside the confirmation message once the form has been submitted. Check out this tutorial for more information.

Can I perform time calculations using GravityMath?

GravityMath allows you to calculate durations (hh:mm:ss) including fastest time, slowest time, and average time. However, GravityMath cannot calculate dates and times (e.g. dd/mm/yy h:m:s + dd/mm/yy h:m:s).

Can I use data from different forms in one calculation?

Yes! You can use data from separate forms in a single calculation by nesting multiple [gravitymath] shortcodes. Read this article to learn more.

Excellent interfaces, concise documentation, and a year later I still have the “Math by GravityView” song stuck in my head!

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

  • Billed once per year until cancelled