My Pal Floaty

A GravityView Anthem

Written by Zack Katz

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I’m a huge fan of Jonathan Mann. The theme song for my favorite podcast is by him (Accidental Tech Podcast). His songs are joyful and funny, while always having hooks and melodies that get stuck in your head.

I wanted to work with him, so I sent him an email about GravityView. A week later, he presented me with an awesome song. I rewrote the bridge (the “take the data that you’ve got / design using drag and drop” part), and a few days later, he presented me with the final song and the complete video. I had no input into the video — and it came out amazing. For anyone interested in working with Jonathan, I highly recommend him!

Having a song and video for GravityView makes the plugin come to life. I present “My Pal Floaty”:

Fun tidbits

  • In the form that is filled out in the beginning of the video, Floaty’s first name is “Floaty” and last name “The Astronaut”
  • When the lyrics talk about taking data and designing the View using drag and drop, Jonathan is on screen dragging and dropping the word “Data”. Amazing.
  • Jonathan’s mini-me guys all watch Floaty as he flies across the screen