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A Holiday Release :-)

Then we are released for a quick break!

Written by Zack Katz

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A note from Zack

This has been an amazing first year for GravityView. Luis and I started working on GravityView as we know it in December of 2013. It’s been an exciting year, and a great start for the GravityView project.

Some stats:

  • Made 26 releases, from 1,239 commits to the code
  • Released five extensions and a free plugin
  • Fixed (and then broke) auto-update three times
  • Have much more in the works!

Thank you to:

  • All of you who helped beta test the plugin
  • Every customer who purchased GravityView and supported the project
  • All the awesome translators! GravityView is now (at least partially) translated in fifteen (15!) languages. It’s awesome.

I’m committed to improving GravityView. 2015 will be an awesome year for GravityView! Happy Holidays, Zack

We’ll be on break from December 23 – January 5

The GravityView support team may be able to answer questions during this time, but we’ll likely be sitting by the proverbial fireplace.

A few updates

We’ve released some updates before we take a week or so off for the holiday season.

GravityView, Version 1.5.3

  • Fixed: When adding more than 100 fields to the View some fields weren’t saved.
  • Fixed: Do not set class tickbox for non-images files
  • Fixed: Display label “Is Fulfilled” on the search bar
  • Fixed: PHP Notice with Gravity Forms 1.9 and PHP 5.4+
  • Tested with Gravity Forms 1.9beta5 and WordPress 4.1
  • Updated: Turkish translation by @suhakaralar and Hungarian translation by @dbalage. Thanks!

DataTables Extension, Version 1.2.1

  • Fixed: Cache issues with the Edit Entry link for the same user in different logged sessions
  • Fixed: Missing sort icons
  • Fixed: Minified JS for the DataTables extensions
  • Fixed: When exporting tables to CSV, separate the checkboxes and other bullet contents with ;
  • Confirmed compatibility with WordPress 4.1

Advanced Filter Extension, Version 1.0.6

  • Fixed: Entries were being shown for users who were not logged in