GravityView vs Entry Blocks: Chosing the right plugin for your next project

GravityView vs Entry Blocks

Choosing the right plugin for your next project is crucial and we want you to have the best information possible in order to do so.

GravityView vs Entry Blocks: Chosing the right plugin for your next project


Looking to display Gravity Forms entries on the front end? This page compares two possible solutions – GravityView and Gravity Forms Entry Blocks – to help you make the right choice. We’ll also highlight some valuable features that you’ll only get with GravityView.


GravityView is an add-on for Gravity Forms that allows you to build powerful web applications using your form data.

GravityView is a flexible solution that includes a range of powerful layouts and templates along with a drag-and-drop View editor, allowing you to build robust no-code apps on WordPress.

Entry Blocks

Gravity Forms Entry Blocks is a “perk” offered by Gravity Wiz that allows you to display form entries on the front end using the WordPress block editor.

Entry Blocks is limited in functionality, with limited layouts and few options for customization. Entry Blocks is a WordPress “block” and can only be configured using the Gutenberg editor.

What’s the Difference?GravityViewEntry Blocks
PricingStarts at $129Starts at $59
Display Entries in a table
Display entries in a list
Display entries in a DataTable
Display entries on a map
Build your own, custom layouts
Sort entries by specific fields
Filter entries based on conditional logic
Display entries based on the logged-in user
Search bar widget
Social sharing buttons
Display data from mutliple forms
Create “featured” entries
A-Z Filters
Yoast SEO integration
Drag-and-drop editor
Add custom content (shortcodes, HTML, etc)
Export entries to CSV
Export entries to TSV
Export entries to Excel
Export entries to PDF
Multiple shortcodes for embedding content
Edit entries on the front end
Column sorting
Ability to restrict entries by approval status
Restrict editable fields
Control field visibility

Why Choose GravityView Over Entry Blocks

Here are 5 reasons why site builders are choosing GravityView to display Gravity Forms entries on the front end

Intuitive and easy to use 

GravityView’s drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to create sophisticated web apps without writing any code.

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Fully customizable layouts and templates

GravityView includes a range of preset layouts and templates. Display data in a list, table, or on a Google Map. You can also build your own layout using the DIY option.

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Flexible and innovative

While Gravity Forms Entry Blocks is more rigid in its implementation, GravityView is flexible and versatile. With GravityView, you can build a directory, database, membership site, productivity tracker – literally anything!

Build powerful web apps on WordPress

Hooks in all the right places

Customize GravityView with hooks and filters! Our extensive developer documentation will help you succeed.

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Unrivalled Support

At GravityView, our mission is to engage as partners in our customers’ success. That’s why customers praise our expert support team for their patience and fast response times.

What Are Customers Saying?

“GravityView just keeps getting better at a rapid rate… I can’t imagine not using GravityView on a WordPress site that collects any amount of data at all… I would recommend GravityView to anybody!”

Dan Muhlenkamp, founder of Arena Success Group

Dan Muhlenkamp

Entrepreneur and business owner

We love working with GravityView! Some of our clients wanted directories, and that’s where GravityView offers the perfect solution, as it allows users to edit their listings right on the front end.”

Bet Hannon

Owner of Bet Hannon Business Websites

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